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The Boyz and More

I’m at the office so I thought I would send the email from the desktop… I just sent pictures of the Boyz. We hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Year’s!

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I took up crochet for the holidays and knocked out a few scarves for gifts. Opus is sooo funny. He runs up and throws himself across the back of the couch, like a cat. When he is comfortable and settling in, he grinds his teeth!  Occasionally, he will wrap himself around my shoulders and snuggle in. He is definitely the pack animal, and will pile on Winchester, or any one of us when it’s time to wind down. He is not light-footed, ever. When he drops on the bed, you’d think a gorilla just fell from the attic.

For the New Year’s holiday, we booked the two for Camp Bow Wow, and awesome group-play doggy resort. I became nervous about Winchester, because he hates  fireworks, so we bought a Thundershirt and thought he would be fine at home. I received a call from the “Camp Counselor” that Opus was snarling, showing his teeth and refused to play. Soooo we brought Winchester in an hour later and Opus was fabulous again. I’ll tell you, these guys are fascinating. Everyone played well together, survived the night and came home exhausted from all the fun they had with their camp buddies.

 Sending (((Hugs))) your way. ~Melinda