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Charlie Mae and Murphy

Hello OwyheeStar!

I just had to drop you a special note that we had a GREAT camping trip this weekend which was topped off by my first ever Weimaraner that swam without me having to throw them in 🙂


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Warm Lake Idaho

We were at Warm Lake, and just messing around on the beach and started trying to throw a stick and the next thing I knew, Charlie Mae was swimming to get the stick!  Included are some of the camping pictures and a couple links to YouTube videos of Charlie.  One of them has Murphy jumping in, but I truly believe it was just an accident, he forgot it was water and jumped after the stick.. As much as we tried we couldn’t get a repeat performance..  The Springer there is a friend of ours named Gracie.. she’s a swimming champ!


Video 1: Murphy jumps in by accident, and Charlie is doing the “I’m going to die” swim back to shore with lots of splashing..

Video 2: Charlie swimming much more cleanly