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~Loves the Water–No Reservation Whatsoever

We are off to a great start with summer! This picture is a great one of my Toby enjoying some boating!  I’ve never had a dog who likes to jump like this but nothing is stopping him from getting his toys!  

He’s probably the most athletic dog I’ve ever had.  That skill set can be a bad thing considering he scales a new fence as well as a new hot wire at the top….eeek I didn’t get a picture of Lucy but she even jumped off the boat too to come after me while swimming and even though she’s the nose and doesn’t retrieve, she manage twice to get the floating frisbee and bring it back:)

Breeder Comment

Hello Jeff–so kind of you to think of us and to send along the great photo. Your loyalty is much appreciated–it has been quite a few years since we first connected — what a journey–thanks for all you have done–all the many updates, etc.

We swam Bernie’s litter yesterday–

Water and the Weimaraner

The Stand Up Paddleboard

            and Your Weimaraner

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The Weimaraner is water friendly despite the fact that some Weim parents cannot seem to get theirs in the water. Yesterday, on the blog (Swimming OwyheeStars ), Cliff shared some pointers on achieving the water retrieve.

There have been others who have interacted, and ridden on the SUP. Please check out these links:

Dock Diving and Sailboats

There are other (than the SUP) OwyheeStar water pastimes. Most water Weims are swimmers, or water retrievers; however, there are those that dock dive. Click here and see and Idaho pair of dock diving Weimaraners. Sunny grew up on a sailboat. He still spends time on charters to the delight of some who sail choose to sail with Rod.

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