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Looking for a Find

~Willow in Search

UKC Best-In-Show and High-In-TrialChampion Sunstar Willow of OwyheeStar, CGC, TKN, URO1, UAG1, TDI 

Digging out in the wild or on the beach is a fun activity. Digging in our garden or the yard is not desirable. Digging–its a thing.

Positive Thoughts

For A Lovely Earth Day 

Sunday — April 22, 2018Stackhouse-4964-2 11.08.45 AM 11.08.45 AM

Earth and the Weimaraner. There is a picture. They love dirt, digging, and rolling in dirty substance–to our chagrin. Then there is this…



Gopher Getter


Stackhouse-4964-2Well, we have way too many gophers in our hay fields. Some have moved towards our house and lawn area. That is never as good thing. Cliff and Stackhouse have been working on an eradication process. Sorry, for those that don’t understand, we cannot relocate gophers. As with any vermin, they multiply in quick order. Cliff said they caught at least twelve this morning. Then at four o’clock when they went back out to change the water, they caught another 3 or 4. The Gophers had been actively digging where Cliff was irrigating, and this forced them to come to the surface. Whatever helps, it is a good thing to knock the numbers back.

Featured Weimaraner — Emma Blue

Emma is good at a lot of things...

Emma is good at a lot of things…

Unique and Individualized

Glad to know that Emma remains unique and individualized 😉 We always knew she was special….(I am referring to your comments from the last Emma Blue update)

I see you watching

I see you watching

Less Digging….

Since that last email, Emma’s digging has improved tremendously. She still doesn’t have unsupervised time, but at least she is off the leash free to roam 🙂

She has expanded her vocabulary and bug-focus…

She still hunts beetles but has learned that mom only gets mad when she uses her paws…so she just goes in with her nose lol. And she has graduated to all sorts of other bugs….the worms being my least favorite 😦

 Where are my night vision googles?

We thought we were going to have a secondary problem when Emma started bug hunting at night. Anything that was moving caused her to pounce and chase and point (so wish I could be quick enough to get a pic of her pointing at a mosquito eater…so cute!) The only reason we were concerned was because she would go outside needing to go to the bathroom…but she would get so excited over all the bugs out she would forget to go! Thankfully, she has learned to pee while hunting so we are good now 🙂

Thanks for all you do, have a great day! ~Emma Blue’s Mom

Featured Weimaraner — Emma Blue

If you don't believe it, I will not believe what I hear about you either...

If you don’t believe it, I will not believe what I hear about you either…

She is a master world-class beetle hunter!

We couldn’t quite figure out why she all of sudden started digging in our yard…she had previously pawed around a bit (our yard is definitely not what it used to be), but she had never really got down to the mud or done any damage…until recently.

Who would have believed?

After watching her, I figured it out. She sniffs them out, digs them up, kills them, rolls around on them, then carries them around…much to my dismay :). We really are at a loss on how to stop it….she has lost her small amount of independent time in the back yard (which she had just earned) because we have to watch her every second to make sure she doesn’t dig. I’m sure we will figure it out soon enough though, not the first behavior we have overcome 🙂

Breeder’s Comment: Digging is a problem, but beetle-hunting is a new obsession. We have never heard of this before. Dusty was a weed-aholic digger. That is until he ate a rock which lodged in his gut and ran up a $2,000 vet bill. That is a lesson-learned. The college of hard-knocks is expensive. We have known many a Weim that dug for the sheer pleasure of the activity. They took no notice of rocks, weeds, beetles, or anything. The dirt would just fly through the air, and soon there was an underground parking garage. (Oops)

Emma’s parents are doing everything right, but even then the inquisitive, concrete-thinking, obsessive, manipulative behaviors, ( ………….and the list goes on) can suddenly appear out of thin air.

Freedom is earned, but even then (like Emma’s parents are doing) you must monitor the Weimaraner. We are forever telling people that these are not your typical throw-in-the-backyard dogs.