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Going On Vacation?

~Is the Weim Onboard?

Hey, Karen, are you forgetting something? –Like Me!

Separation anxiety is real and palpable –and the consequences are sometimes staggering. We have received notes from people who suffered the worst of outcomes–a loss. Others, and more frequently this is what happens, come home to destruction. The rock-solid trustworthy Weimaraner didn’t handle the absence as expected. Anyone who loves this breed has most likely seen reports outlining shocking Weimaraner behavior. We are positive that many of you have experienced this phenomenon firsthand. (Ouch)

Ideally, we need to help our Weimaraner learn how to adapt and adjust to change. For people new to this breed, this can be a foreign concept. Possibly they equate the Weimaraner separation to what they experienced with another breed–somehow, I highly doubt it. Maybe, but more than likely, this person is going to be caught short–shocked at what can happen. This separation anxiety thing is one of the reasons so many Weimaraner end up being rehomed. It is a sad reality. Nonetheless, many Weimar-addicts walk into the relationship eyes-open knowing about this trait and the other quirks and quandaries they might face.

The Amazing Lucy

Lucy and her toyToys that Last

Wow I didn’t know that about the Weims destroying their toys and babies!! Of the two Luigi (our Golden) has been the most destructive of his babies or digging in the yard. Every once in awhile we will see Lucy starting to pick at a stuffed baby and we just take it away from her. But I have left them both in the house for a few hours and run errands and such and everything is fine when I come home. All babies and toys are intact.

Shela's Toy

Shela’s Toy

We also have some tennis balls and kong toys in the yard all the time when we are at work and they never even seem to play with them or touch them. Years ago when we had Baron he had very few toys. Mostly tennis balls but the toys he would get at Christmas from Grandma and Grandpa were always OK. As a matter of fact Lucy still has her stuffed baby that you gave her to travel home with on the Airplane. I think you told be that it had Molly’s scent on it. Bob and I call it her Shela baby. It is kind of worn and ugly now but believe it or not it still squeeks!!! LOL!!! I’ll take a picture of it and send it from my phone. The baby is over 8 years old!!!

Caught on Camera

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Ok the first pic is of the kids with Lucy’s stuffed Shela Baby between her feet. Next of course is the poor baby. It’s pretty worn and she no longer has any eye’s!!! Then the last one Luigi stole it from between her feet just as I was going in for a close up of Lucy and her baby!!! Right after I snapped it he ran out in the backyard with it!!! Too funny!! They knew something was up I think!! They are so smart!! I hope the pics put a smile on your face today!!

Breeder’s Note: Lucy is amazing. Much of this is due to diligence on the part of Bob and Idelle. These are their kids. Yes, it put a smile on my face. I had to share this with our audience. We know they will enjoy it as well.