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She is  Beautiful and Treasured

photo 3Hello you guys!

We are loving Daisy. She is becoming difficult for Roger to train. We’re thinking about maybe calling in a professional. She’s still a wonderful girl. We just need to work on the biting &/or chewing.

The kids love her too. It’s hard to capture her. She moves around allot. These are the best pics I could capture. She’s healthy and her coat is beautiful. Daisy is a treasured part of our family:)

Thank you again for our beauty 🙂   ~ Alisa

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Breeder’s Comments: We are glad you love Daisy. You mention it is difficult for Roger to train her; we hope that the two of you are equally involved–presenting a united front. We have discovered if there is one of the two who can be exploited or manipulated–the Weimaraner will find a way. Raising these wonderful family members can pose many challenges, but as you well know the benefits are many. Nonetheless, they are manipulative (and beyond cunning). 

A trainer might be the answer. The right trainer can be very helpful with learning how to manage these behaviors. More than anything, the best trainers, are training humans to manage the situation in a positive manner. Honestly, not everyone’s approach is equally successful with this breed. Some trainers (and their methods) work better for different people. In general, all trainers have their style–and a bias. This can work in your favor, or against you. We have some pointers (which Jan shared) we hope to post in the (not-so-far) future. 

The methodology should be fun, and upbeat. That doesn’t mean there are no corrective measures ever, but the emphasis should not be on giving a correction. This is about good leadership skills. The best leaders lead by example, and inspiration. Again, that doesn’t mean a cookie-bribe approach is going to get rock-solid performance. Knowing when, how, and what kind of reward to use is something a good trainer can help you discover. If things are not going perfect, take a deep breath. This too shall pass if you don’t overreact, and move past the obstacle. Sometimes this means going back a step, and repeating a success. Build one success upon the other. Remember to keep it upbeat, fun, and positive. Always stop the current activity with a successful moment–not a correction, or disapproval.

 We hope this will be helpful. Frustration, or focusing on the problem is not the recommended method of getting past the problem.

Daisy and the Red Chevy Pickup Truck

Hello Cliff and Shela 🙂Daisy and Vintage Chevy Truck

Daisy is a very loved addition to our family. I can’t believe how big she’s getting. This photo was taken June 7th.

Take Care and thank you again for our beautiful Daisy-Girl ~Alisa


Our Daisy and OwyheeStar Comments

Dear Cliff & Shela,

We once again want to express how sorry we are for your loss!Standing Pretty

Daisy has been such a blessing to our family!

Daisy’s only had one accident and it was because I hadn’t put her away while I was getting the kids ready for bed ;-/ We have LOVED every dog that’s been in our lives but are so impressed with how good Daisy has been!!!

Thank u for the reminder about the chip. We did it 🙂 I’ll try to be better with updates in the future lol 🙂 ~ Alisa

Granddad and Luke_1702

Granddad and Luke on his old 4-Wheeler

Breeder’s Note: For those who don’t know, Cliff’s father passed on earlier this month (May 6th). We have found ourselves embroiled in all the normal, plus that which concerns what once belonged to dad. It is now entrusted to us. It is hard not to turn and think about what dad would want done, or how he would do something. Cliff moved on this far just six days shy of his first birthday in 1952. His earliest memories are associated with the farm, and helping to farm. Cliff served his father, and helped him keep this place going on these years. Now it is entrusted to us to keep this magical place running smoothly, and continue the development. We can only hope our son will want to do the same when we depart this world.

Here is a link that show you a tiny bit of the magic ==> Three Cliff’s Sanctuary — for the birds, and for the family!

We are blessed with an ideal setting to raise, train, and run our Weimaraners. It requires more than a bit of physical labor to maintain, but anything that is worth doing involves a deep level of commitment. This is not the end of the story. Cliff is working to improve, and restore things that have gone by the wayside. A few years back the grass was abandoned in the sanctuary. We are planning to replant orchard grass. There will be new trees added–some to be cut later for shop firewood, and others to replace those that had to be taken out. Some dead trees will be left for the birds. Cliff has been working (for some time) toward getting a sediment pond at the bottom end of the property. This will benefit the environment on every level–it will be great, especially for the birds.

Finally, if you missed the blog on our microchip information–click here!