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Maybe This

~ When Shela runs out of Updates and Words

Dear Friends, I am positive I have a little something tucked here or there, but it alludes me. I will check again to see what I have for the coming week. I hope something. (Haha) Today–I thought you might forgive me for taking the more natural approach–puppy faces are typically welcome.


~ We are ever so Grateful

Dear OwyheeStar Friends, Fans, and Followers,

We want to take this time to send a heartfelt note to everyone who reads our blog. Of course, we are all thankful to those who have contributed a story–I believe we can all agree that we love hearing about the Weimaraner. Especially those related to ours. (Haha)

With Cliff’s recent illness, you folks upheld us with your prayers and positive vibes–Wow, we are ever so thankful for that too. We would be hard-pressed to write a short-list of things for which we are grateful. Our kids, our grandkids, and our great-grandkids would definitely top the list.

We continuously tell anyone that will listen that we have met some of the best folks on planet earth–all because of the Weimaraner. It never ceases to amaze us –you people are the BEST.

Thank you for the trust you share with us–for your loyalty and for sharing so much with us. Our OwyheeStar Community makes us smile every day.

And, let us not forget a little Puppy Fix from this week’s bit of business.

Puppy Faces

~ Again–the Quick Snapshots

All We Can say

I am so happy to report that the pups are doing well. We are short on blog material, and I thought most of you would not mind seeing puppy faces today. No one seems to complain. (Haha) It is good-Mojo!

The Hoopla Continues

4july003The Fabulous Fourth of July Four

fireworks-01-juneThe Best Noise was made when Mousse presented us with four tiny babies. We had hoped to get 7 or 8; however, we will rejoice in what arrived. The big focus is to get these four raised, and ready for their “forever families.”  They are all blue. They are super tiny. There are not enough to go around. That means leaving Mama and babies to the business of doing what they do best. Our job is to (for the most part) take care of Mama, and help her have a calm (super undisturbed) environment in which to do her thing. We have a very private location for her in our bedroom. Nonetheless, I did intrude upon the solitude to capture a short video and a few photos.

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Noisemakers of every kind

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american_bombThe words sensible, sane, and considerate are not always associated with the Fourth of July. We are certainly not the only ones running an empty sleep-tank. Poor Rupert wishes they lived out in the sticks away from the folks who are celebrating. Nonetheless, they will make it through. Being considerate, and safe should be commonplace, but sometimes it eludes us.

The most important facet of this holiday is to remember what we are celebrating. Please pause for a moment, and  consider the cost. Amid the food, fun, and fireworks, it is easy to forget patriotism. Our nation as a whole, is removed from what the last generation knew all too well. Freedom costs dearly. Thank you everyone who (fought from the original Independence Day), until now, to keep this country safe, and free. Sometimes we don’t understand what that means, or the price tag attached. Thank you to all the serve, and protect.fireworks-02-june fireworks-01-junewaving-flag