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Sunday Photos

~ Atti X Martee Pups

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Sunday Photos is now a thing–even if we don’t have current babies, we have many archived photos. We should be able to post something every Sunday for 2021. We have gotten so many comments and requests to keep this coming–we hear you.

After Christmas Cheer

~ Faces For You!

Dear Friends–we hope you more than survived Christmas and Boxing Day, Hanukkah, (or any other holiday you might be celebrating this December). Here are the faces of the week –the last Sunday of December 2020.

Positively Poised

~ Healing, Inspiration for your Sunday

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Another Sunday of Puppy Photos to make you smile. I tried to choose ones that made my heart leap–as I scrolled through each pup’s photos from this week. The overall winner was from the firstborn puppy–and this photo is featured at the top. If that doesn’t make you laugh, I feel bad for you.

This litter is Martee’s first — (and it is Atti’s last litter). We have five pups, with only one gray in the group. I chose three snapshots of each pup–they are on the page in the birth order. So, in the first row, it puppy one, and then so forth–but puppy one is also featured at the top here. Cliff and I hope this brings you a smile and maybe a little joy, too.

Tiny Faces

–Sunday Tiny Faces seem perfect

Faces Make Me Happy

~ At Least these faces do!

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This litter is a very busy and driven group — as we would expect. A couple of exceptions, but even those will find ways to get into trouble. (OMG) We cannot tell a lie–it is why the Weimaraner is too much for some people. It is why the why Weimaraner is perfect for others.

Sunday Sunshine

~ Of A Different Kind

Faces at Three Weeks

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More puppy faces–people seem to like them. It makes my life easier, too. (Haha) And doesn’t the last pup look like it is smiling? I think it is too young to smile, but some Weimaraner’s smile.

Eyes Opening

~ More Sunday Faces to Warm your Heart

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The eyes are just opening–they don’t yet see at this stage, but between about 10 -14 days, the eyes start to open. Eyesight develops over time–in a week or so.

Sunday Faces, Again

~ For Your Enjoyment


For a few weeks, we have been sharing an array of photos on Sunday. I have toyed with the idea of just pictures on Sunday–one less blog to write or figure out, you understand. (Haha) Of course, I have thousands of archived photos, but it might be more challenging to figure out an array than I think. We will see what the future holds–I have a couple of ideas. You seem to like the photos–and it is a pleasant break from everyday 2020 life.

No Politics

~ Just Happy Thoughts and Faces

Seriously thinking that puppy faces might be good for the soul–and always preferable to whatever political news you follow. Well, that is my thought–more happy faces this Sunday.