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Rain or Snow

~Ready to Go!

Walk or run–we usually do about 2 miles walking and up to 4 ish running. They love getting out although want to chase squirrels . This is usually in addition to the dog park. They have two different cold weather jackets and then their rain jackets. And yes, we try to get out every day otherwise the house becomes a race track/ jungle gym, lol!

This is our coats for cold with a chance of rain and we always wear the glow in the dark collars.

Cheers, Erika

Breeder Comment

We are so happy the boys love helping you stay exercised. We get it–you do it for your sanity more than your health. (Haha) We love their glow in the dark collars. It is essential when you are out for the early or late runs.

When does the Weim need a coat?

Shelli writes: This is my older dogs’ reflector jacket. It was so cold and the wind chill didn’t help either that I decided raein needed some warmth.  She was shivering so I took that as a hint. Ha Normally I don’t use a jacket but I will next time it gets that cold. Hope you like the pic. 🙂

Mama it's cold outside!

Mama it’s cold outside!

Breeder’s Note: A lot of folks use coats. Most of the time the coat is not a need; however, if the Weim becomes used to the idea, they will want it. Regardless, there are times when the coat affords much-needed protection. A Versatile Hunting Weimaraner needs a coat is when they are duck hunting. Sitting in the blind between ducks, can be very chilling for a Weim. Most duck hunters use a neoprene coat of some sort. However, for those hunting in temperate weather, they may not use a jacket at all.

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