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Need I Say More?

Hartung's Koda_1436

It’s crazy to see how much Koda has grown in the 4 months we’ve had him.  He used to fit on my lap with no problems and now… well not so much. LOL!  He’s doing great.  Typical 6 months old.

Hartung's Koda_1435

You Know What I Mean

Ornery, loveable, too smart, counter-surfer and a huge cuddle bug!!!  Every day I’m reminded why we added another Weim to the family.

Hartung's Koda_1119

Weim Mentoring

Koda has taken on several behaviors from our 13-year-old, Gabriel.  He drools while waiting for you to put the food in his bowl, has to be with one of us constantly and thinks the couch/bed is their property just to name a few.  They are truly incredible animals!!!  Thanks again for adding so much to our family!


Breeder Comment

Thank you, Chris, for the glimpse into raising your Koda. We know there have been challenges of the sort you would expect. Nonetheless, you have dug deep and accommodated the new fur-family-member. You are in the thick of adolescent behavior issues, but here you are working at the keyboard with your new kid helping you (tongue-in-cheek humor). The rewards are many, but we understand what it takes to make all this happen. Keep up the great work, and we appreciate your frequent updates on the process–as do our readers.

Shelli Reports

Cookies and Rosie




What are you looking at Mom? I am not really in the kitchen…

20621844_10212893962519225_7186283693976040662_nI made cookies this evening. Rosie is not supposed to be in the kitchen. Note where she is. She is just WAITING for me to go back to binge-watching West Wing so she can sneak in and eat the entire batch. Pain in the butt.


She knows I know, too. That is why she is refusing to look at me in the second picture.      20621123_10212893962479224_6538919637964364362_n




Breeder Comment

I always say if you are looking for a perfect dog–and you define perfect as one who would never manipulate or trick you, keep looking. The Weimaraner is not for you. People who have other breeds imagine that you could just get after them and the behavior will stop. They don’t understand at all.

Weimlovers are those who enjoy the antics for the most part. Some actually encourage them a bit too much. To us it is laughable that they divert their eyes and make certain faces–it is human-like. They hook our heart in ways we could never imagine happening, and there is no explanation. Even we can laugh at ourselves and mostly at the Weimar antics. Rosie is great! Many of us can identify with the missing pan of cookies; the pot roast went missing, etc. Despite the fact that the Weimar is middle age, this situation doesn’t change. Obedience is relegated to the leash, the recall, and other primary disciplines.


Making Mischief

I Spy Pizza!

The Weimaraner is the ultimate Counter-surfing wonder dog. (Oops did I say dog? Forgive the slip).

Don’t be deceived. Maverick is being very good. Many agile light-footed Weims could bound up on the counter or over the gate with ease.


More than a Word, or Idea

There is no cake on my lips...

There is no cake on my lips…

Opportunistic is a good word to describe the Weimaraner. They will exploit the moment, and make the most of it in ways we may not always appreciate. Read these statements, and imagine the story as it might unfold…

  1. The garden’s gate is left open.
  2. The pot roast in on the counter.
  3. The birthday cake is on the dining table.
  4. The car window is open.

Any of these opening statements could be the starting phrase to a story featuring your Weimaraner. You may be arriving home from a quick trip to the market to discover the Weimaraner who was normally safe in the yard has enjoyed a feast in the garden. The long-awaited ripening watermelons have been gutted. Carrots are dug, and the cucumbers have been sampled. The green flecks on the Weim’s teeth are probably cucumber skin, but it could be anything.

Not Every Cake is for The Weimaraner

              Some are though…….


The Weimaraner doesn’t know (or care ) that your daughter’s birthday cake was meant for the family celebration.

(Oops) We love London Broil. Cliff has prepared a large barbecue roast for us; he placed half for our dinner on a plate, and the rest sat on the platter around the corner in the kitchen. Have we ever mentioned the Weimaraner’s stealth, and ability to clean a platter as if dishwasher clean? While we enjoyed our meat, salad, and a baked potato Dash skulked into the kitchen and devoured the entire remaining meat platter. He left it immaculate. You could not tell it had ever held meat.

Anything left on the counter is considered fare-game. Unfortunately, some of what we might leave there is not only just a loss. It can be dangerous–chocolate and raisins are a case in point. Bread, sandwiches, salad, various vegetables, and peanut butter might attract their attention. Snatching the peanut butter sandwiches is a Weimaraner’s game. They are so disappointed you are not entertained, and delighted with their ingenuity. The human-like expression when caught is funny. Though these behaviors are frustrating, most folks living with the Weimaraner take it in stride. The Weimaraner has acquired labels–cunning, shrewd, manipulative, and clever to mention a few. While you might say they stole your muffin, they prefer to think of it as serving their self, because you forgot them.

Food for Thought

The Weimaraner will do almost anything for a hot dog. Regardless, they are equally amused by other activities. Learning to unlatch a gate, bailing out the car window to chase after a dog (or squirrel), or digging a new basement for their humans can be intriguing to the Weimaraner. Those of us addicted to this breed, also realize their potential to push the envelope.  For this reason, they require not only strong leadership, but an engaged human. They are not going to thrive if we fail to give them the attention they need, but they also need guidance. They are best suited as part of a team. Simply-put, they are not a leave to their own wile’s dog. The Labrador may relish their time to roam the yard, and the house doing whatever. The Weimaraner will chew their feet, and contemplate their anxiety. They can worry their little heart sick about where you are, and how you forgot to take them with you. This can lead to digging under the fence, climbing over the fence, or bounding it as if it doesn’t exist. Who can say what they might do, should they suddenly feel abandoned? This is a breed which needs a human that is not only engaged, but who is ready to out-smart them on occasion. Otherwise, they will win the mental chess match.

Necklace Signs

Should the Weimaraner be wearing a sign when their human left the cake on the table? It is debatable. Dash (the London Broil culprit) was trained to leave a burger on the plate. He would not take food from a stranger; however, he could not resist stealing the set-aside meat. We left the temptation calling him with scent, as well as staring him in the face. When the opportunity presented, he succumbed. I think we should be the ones sporting a sign–Shame on Us!



Sad News Again

Breeder’s Note: We were beyond ill after receiving this note. We have withheld information about the pup’s identity, and anything that would lead back to the owner’s identity. Having a Weimaraner means being vigilant, and sometimes making big changes to your lifestyle. Failure to do so, might lead to tragedy.2_Mousse X Benton 5Wks  (15) - Ccr

Here is the edited note we received…

All 3 dogs were adjusting and getting along much better. I had many different thoughts about the future of all our weims, but, i never imagined that our OwyheeStar Weim would pass away so young….. all our hearts are breaking, the pain is almost unbearable. We had only known him for a few months — he was smart, he could retrieve balls and a frisbee, he barked the most often and the loudest in the neighborhood (pissing off our next door neighbor no end). he was a delightful dog and we loved him with all our hearts and souls. We miss him so much! Our house and the entire neighborhood is silent since his passing — no barks from any dog can be heard — they must know he is gone.

 Counter Surfing

This pup had a bad habit of counter surfing, which we were not able to break him of. He recently grabbed a piece of uncooked meat I was preparing for dinner from the cutting board — he was so fast, none of us could catch him, and he consumed it before i could get him.

 The final Counter Surf

Anyway, he got a hold of some blood pressure pills from the counter (he had the cap in his mouth when I came into the living room) so we never knew how many he took. The vets did their best, but to no avail. He died at home on Saturday afternoon with his mom and dad and Tony.

A sad ending

I thank you for selling us him. I am most sorry for this dreadful sorrowful ending.