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Cookies and Rosie




What are you looking at Mom? I am not really in the kitchen…

20621844_10212893962519225_7186283693976040662_nI made cookies this evening. Rosie is not supposed to be in the kitchen. Note where she is. She is just WAITING for me to go back to binge-watching West Wing so she can sneak in and eat the entire batch. Pain in the butt.


She knows I know, too. That is why she is refusing to look at me in the second picture.      20621123_10212893962479224_6538919637964364362_n




Breeder Comment

I always say if you are looking for a perfect dog–and you define perfect as one who would never manipulate or trick you, keep looking. The Weimaraner is not for you. People who have other breeds imagine that you could just get after them and the behavior will stop. They don’t understand at all.

Weimlovers are those who enjoy the antics for the most part. Some actually encourage them a bit too much. To us it is laughable that they divert their eyes and make certain faces–it is human-like. They hook our heart in ways we could never imagine happening, and there is no explanation. Even we can laugh at ourselves and mostly at the Weimar antics. Rosie is great! Many of us can identify with the missing pan of cookies; the pot roast went missing, etc. Despite the fact that the Weimar is middle age, this situation doesn’t change. Obedience is relegated to the leash, the recall, and other primary disciplines.


Making Mischief

I Spy Pizza!

The Weimaraner is the ultimate Counter-surfing wonder dog. (Oops did I say dog? Forgive the slip).

Don’t be deceived. Maverick is being very good. Many agile light-footed Weims could bound up on the counter or over the gate with ease.

My computer ate my homework

or the Weimaraner ate the book report.1966199_10203333113431874_354793422_o (1)

It makes perfect sense ….

I knew I should have eaten every morsel--I got full!

I knew I should have eaten every morsel–I got full!

Sometimes it is not the school work that is devoured. Dog beds seem to be shredded about as often as toys.

I can attest to the fact that what hurts the most is they love to target our cherished things–our favorite shoes, the quilt we love, and just about anything that has our scent can become the choice (of the day). When the deed is done, they know guilt. Opportunity knocks, and the Weimaraner opens the door. What can we say? Do not give them opportunity–especially with something you treasure.

Deniability works, right?

I don't see what you are talking about..

I don’t see what you are talking about..

They will go to great lengths to get something they want, or feel they need. The guilt-ridden look can also take the shape of denial–you cannot pin this on me. These incidents often occur after the Weimaraner has their feelings hurt; they are not exclusive to a reactive behavior. They seem to be drawn to getting into a bit of trouble. When they don’t find it in front of them, they can be very creative.

Counter-surfing is an art

countersurfingThey can also climb the fence, leap to the dresser top, and think of ways to get what they want. Unfortunately, some of their exploits are life-threatening. The Weim-parent must be vigilant. They are not a train-in-three-months dog; and then glide along in uneventful bliss. Nevertheless, we love them. Weim-addicts cannot account for their addiction, but they often state nothing else will do.

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The Counter Surfing Weimar

IMG_0249The Weimaraner is not the only counter surfing dog; however, it may well be the most dogged (pun-intended) surfer around. They have been known to steal food from every conceivable location, but a favorite location is the counter (seconded only by the trash can). The fare is usually better from the counter, but it doesn’t have to be. This year a Weim died from ingesting their owner’s heart medication. Weims are opportunistic by nature, and it is amazing what they can eat. If it smells like you, it is fair-game–this includes your leather shoes.

Kekoa eyes the bacon sitting by the range

Kaekoa's got it covered!2The best approach is not to let it happen. That is sometimes easy to say, and in the end difficult to accomplish. Beating the Weimaraner is not an option–it would break their spirit. Other breeds might take that kind of correction and bounce back, but the Weimaraner has a sensitive spirit. So, what can a person do? First, never leave food unattended. Secondly, even when you are standing there making the kids peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, if you are distracted, the Weim may well count them self among those having a snack–and in turn, help their self to one or more sandwiches. This habit can be nearly impossible to break. So, it is best not to let it get started. Some people will have to resort to using the kennel (or crate) during food preparation, and meal time in general. There is no leaving a cake on the counter or table. You will not want to forget the bag of raisins on the counter (they can be deadly). The sponge, dishcloth, and other food-scented items are open for discussion (as well as ingestion). Some Weims have eaten a bar of soap–you don’t want to imagine the mess that leads to.

Keep Accessible Items to a Minimum

Have a system where snacks are stowed away, bread is kept in the refrigerator (or the bread box). Have lids on the trash can, or pullout bins. The old adage is it is better to be safe rather than sorry applies here.