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I have a title for your blog! OwyheeSTARS and STRIPES!! Not sure if there is anything to the dark stripe on the weim but Hazes is very prevalent. Just a thought don’t know if you have other dogs out there like this or not.

Breeder Comment

I think that with the blue color this is more noticeable. There is typically a different pattern down the backbone–and some variation in color. As the Weimaraner ages, this is also true across the crown of their head.

When does the Weim need a coat?

Shelli writes: This is my older dogs’ reflector jacket. It was so cold and the wind chill didn’t help either that I decided raein needed some warmth.  She was shivering so I took that as a hint. Ha Normally I don’t use a jacket but I will next time it gets that cold. Hope you like the pic. 🙂

Mama it's cold outside!

Mama it’s cold outside!

Breeder’s Note: A lot of folks use coats. Most of the time the coat is not a need; however, if the Weim becomes used to the idea, they will want it. Regardless, there are times when the coat affords much-needed protection. A Versatile Hunting Weimaraner needs a coat is when they are duck hunting. Sitting in the blind between ducks, can be very chilling for a Weim. Most duck hunters use a neoprene coat of some sort. However, for those hunting in temperate weather, they may not use a jacket at all.

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