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The Man Behind OwyheeStar

~ 70 Candles Who Needs the Oven?

I hope you get the joke–70 candles would bake a cake. Well, probably not, but it is a funny idea.

For as long as I can remember, Cliff and I have been raising pups–all our married life. My parents raised a few when I was growing up in the 50s–the world was very different back then. Patti Page was singing her hit tune, “How Much For That Doggy in the Window.”.

The man, the legend, and his expertise are essential to OwyheeStar. Since I field the inquiries, keep up with the social media, the blogging, the website posts, etc., people forget that this would be impossible without him.

And the reasons are many–he is a Weim Whisperer. How many times have Christina and I tried to get a Weimaraner to do something, and along comes Cliff, and boom–they just do what seemed impossible moments ago. He is the team’s technical expert–more than once, a pup has been born that didn’t seem viable. He would calmly take measures to breathe life into them, and they would live and thrive. I am constantly in awe of him–from the moment we first met until 50-plus years later.

Beyond breathing life into pups, he keeps all our equipment running, keeps up the farm, trains Weimaraners, and competes in the North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association (NAVHDA) events. Recently he took two OwyheeStar Weims to an event (Martee and Hope)–both prized.

He consoles me when I am totally overrun or overwhelmed with my side of things. When he can, he helps clients who need assistance–but as you might guess, he is not sitting around waiting for a request. He has to fit these things in around his schedule.

Above, he is preparing for a puppy swim in the Nielsen Farm Pond. When the weather permits, pups swim before joining their families. This swim is a top-rated event. The pond is not the usual farm pond –we have to fill it for each puppy swim.

This blog doesn’t begin to cover all the things Cliff does to keep us going. Those things that allow us to raise the Weimaraner. It does give you some insight as to what goes on behind the scene. Thank you for helping me celebrate Cliff’s 70th Birthday. ~ Shela

Happy Father’s Day

~To the Father of Of Our Children

I want to honor Cliff for all he does to make happy moments for me, our family, and everyone of you who live with the OwyheeStar Weimaraner.

Without him–and his very special abilities none of this would be possible. Of course, that is only a small part of his greatness in my eyes–the list would be long.

I have been honored to share 50+ years with him. The journey has been incredible –sometimes challenging, but here we are together. I am sure you can agree he is amazing. Thank You

This Week’s OwyheeStar News


3_Zula Blue X Blue  D & P  (269)We are in the midst of preparing for puppy exits! This is “Zula Blue’s” first litter, and we are very pleased with her, and the pups she had that were sired by “Blue.” Whenever we have puppies, they must come first. Most of you realize we may every effort to answer inquiries, and varied emails in a timely manner. Regardless, if we are in the midst of something that requires our attention, we are focused on that event. Currently, our focus is on doing what the pups need to be ready to leave to join their forever families.

Puppy Testing

1_Zula Blue X Blue  D & P  (66)We have a method we use to make discovery regarding a pup’s potential, and personality. There are people who make a living doing this kind of thing. It is important to identify the pockets of strength, as well as those that might lead to a pitfall. That being said, most pups are going to be manageable, as long as you understand this breed. No matter how many times we share with people to forget their Labrador experience, they bring that mentality to the process. This can produce a lot of bad habits, and end up causing issues. If you have a character flaw, these wonderful little creatures are going to exploit it. 7_Zula Blue X Blue  D & P  (59)They want to dominate, and get the upper-paw. Even the most laid-back Weimaraner will try to mouth you, and to find ways to manipulate their environment. Two aspects to our test include getting them to retrieve (or at least chase something), and to present them with moving target. In our situation, we use a wing attached to a fishing pole. We can learn a lot about a puppy by how they engage the wing. Yes, this is good information for our hunters, but it tells us other things such as coordination, intelligence, and drive. These can all be directed toward other than hunting, but are all important for the person wanting a hunting companion.

This coming week….

The focus on the pups will continue. We have puppy-walks, and swimming. These unfold as time, and opportunity presents during our normal week. It is always and exciting time.

Here are the links for this week’s blogs….


Looking Forward…..

There will be a whirlwind of events surrounding the puppy exits slated in the next week-plus. Regardless, our blog will be published. We have some wonderful new updates. Some of these are from people who have had their current OwyheeStar Weimaraner for a goodly number of years. We truly appreciate these on-going updates. 
We appreciate every update, and we are working toward using everyone if possible. Sometimes an update times-out, but when we can we find a way to work it in even if it is a bit later than we expected. Anyhow, we have several excellent blogs in store for you this coming week. :O)

Many blessings and warm wishes from Shela and Cliff–(and the OwyheeStar Weimars too!)

~Thank you for being a part of our lives!