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Charlie Mae

~Christmas at the Spight Residence

Charlie Mae Every Christmas –Yup!

A Bit Revised….

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas
Everywhere you go;
Take a look in the five and ten glistening once again
With candy canes and silver lanes aglow.
It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas
Charlie Mae all wrapped up
the prettiest sight to see is her face looking at me
And right in front of the family Christmas tree.

From Will and Jill some time back..

You can tell it’s Christmas time at the Spight house!!

🎄. We got Charlie Mae 5 years ago just before Christmas and she wouldn’t leave the lights alone when I was trying to fix them and I wrapped her up. Been a traditional activity ever since!

Click these links to read more about living with Charlie Mae –>

Princess Charlie Mae and Charlie Mae and Murphy

Breeder Comment

Will, I still remember when you asked if we had a Weimaraner available thinking smooth coat. We had Charlie Mae not promised, and when those two gals met her– we know the rest of the story. Many years later you have three Weims–two Longhairs. I suppose that speaks volumes about Charlie’s effect on your Weim addiction. Thanks for your loyalty to us as well as your friendship.

Smoke Stack


15025523_10207746673048127_4673714632523623857_oDuties include the neverending list of things such as lap warming. My latest achievement is making sure I spread Christmas Cheer.

December Means

Wendy, Rupert, and Santa


How cute are these three? Terri Jacobson and your Santa–you work Christmas Magic. It is just fabulous, to say the least. Click on the link to visit Terri’s Photography Facebook Page and get a treat.

Annual Christmas Photo

12244766_1270760769608103_8655584337857133904_oMaybe you are not going to opt for the professional photo shoot. You have your own family tradition that includes the Weim. Charlie Mae (above) indulges her family and poses draped in lights. This was her in 2015. This photo brings new meaning to Weim inclusion. Don’t you agree? We are not sure every Weimaraner would agree to this wrap but this lovely gal does.

Kissing Santa

A Girl Must Do What She Must

10259138_971897622858499_4710122485038049911_o“Let’s get this right Santa. The package has my name! You spell it G O L D E E –(double “e”) got it? Love you Santa. Yes, we cannot have any mistakes or misprints– the toys, cookies, and laundry are for me.” With a bun in the oven I cannot be sharing with Autzen you understand? Like they say, what is mine is mine. What is Autzen’s is also mine.

Breeder’s Comment

We want to say thank you to Terri and Santa for their work behind (and in front of ) the camera. Holly and Joe are more than great sports. We appreciate all the photos. Each one is amazing! Maybe we should say breathtaking.

Pet Photos with Terri is a must for those who live in Western Oregon. Check her out sometime!

Lighting up the World

 Or Charlie Mae

Charlie's First Christmas

Is this happening every Christmas?

Is this happening every Christmas?

It’s hard to believe it’s been a year since we got our first Weimaraner from you just over a year ago this Christmas!

Our little Christmas Tree..

Here’s a picture of Charlie Mae 1 year ago (above); and then the one year update is posted to the left. Charlie Mae (or our first longhair) has such a huge personality! We just love her to pieces. Of Course, we also have

Murphy–the Blue Boy.

He is our most recent addition; and he is much-loved too! Below is a slideshow with some other recent family photos. We hope you, and the OwyheeStar fan club enjoy these. 🙂

                 To say that we love our fur children                           ………is an understatement.

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