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Christmas Cards

~ This One Features Salty

I’ve been racking my brain–and wondering if I could figure out who Salty’s parents were. I am fairly certain the litter sire was Dusty, but I cannot be sure. Mr. Salty is getting some age on him–it was a very long time ago when his parents came to our home to pick him up. It is funny how some moments stand out. Possibly, the name they chose made me always remember this Weimaraner–there have been a lot since he left OwyheeStar. But, it may well be the annual Christmas Card.

A couple of days ago, we got our first Christmas card. It is a doozy. (Haha) But every Christmas, we receive a card from Salty’s parents, and he is always front and center. This year he is solo. I wanted to share the lovely card with you readers–and say that I hope Salty is doing well.

Waiting For Christmas

~With Chester

Winchester’s first Christmas.

Chester has been such a good sport during this holiday season. He seemed a bit confused about the tree in the house at first he gave me that “I’m not allowed to bring my stick in the house but you get to bring in the whole tree?” Lol. But he has been a very good boy for the most part. He even posed in front of the tree with his Christmas sweater and hat! He will be so excited to get his presents on Christmas day! I can’t wait for his first Christmas.

Breeder Comment

How you delight in everything Chester makes our heart happy. We are glad for your beautiful friendship. You make it all magical–thank you. Merry Christmas –enjoy every moment. We know you will.

Questions Answered

?? Have You Been Naughty or Nice??

Mesquite says, “give a minute and I will show you naughty.”
“I’ll eat this darned Santa Hat and we will be done with it.”

Lyle Writes

Mesquite is a fun dog, and we enjoy having fun with her! She is the smartest dog I have ever had. She is the only dog I have owned that doesn’t bother while your eating at the table. She lays on a rug behind my chair, when I am done eating and slide my chair back she gets up.

Breeder Comment

Honestly, this breed is the worst about surfing the counter or the table. So, you are beyond fortunate that she is not a beggar. 

The photo is fabulous even though Mesquite is not impressed that you would not let her pass on it. (Haha)

This Week’s OwyheeStar News

We are in the thick of December

B DustyIt is ten days until Christmas Eve. I always order our Christmas with a side of snow. The snow has been beautiful; however,  the cold has been extreme. You know it is cold when we are glad that it got up to twenty degrees. Today, it might get above freezing. The thaw brings its own special yuck with it. As humans, we are hard to please. It is too hot. It is too cold. There is too much rain, or not enough. The Treasure Valley is a four-season region. These seasons often bring the extreme, but in the winter, the extremes are more severe to the north, and in the winter, the temps are a lot higher looking south. For all the seasonal changes, we find there is still moderation. Extreme (outside the norm) conditions are short-lived. In the midst of the bitter cold, we long for warmer temps, and in the midst of the blistering hot summer, we ask for a cooling trend. The Weims seem to take most of this in stride, or make it sport. The exception would be the rain-hating Weims. I suspect they have humans that feel much the same about the weeping sky syndrome.

Our December has been too cold for our liking. Regardless, that should not put a damper on the holiday spirit. Light the fire, and prepare some food. Gather everyone around and celebrate the Christmas holiday in style. Dusty wasn’t sure why I wanted him to put on a different collar. He usually sticks with his rolled leather necklace, but he was a good sport.

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Saturday means……

Cliff is getting ready to load up. He is making the trip to Pendleton. This has been in the works for about seven weeks. It is hard to believe we are here, and Cliff is bringing the precious cargo west. We are fortunate the trip was not slated for last weekend. The snow was plentiful, and would surely have caused some delay. Today, the roads are supposed to be in good condition. It appears, we are going to have some good luck.

Take notice and embrace the moment…

Whatever you find yourself doing today, be safe. Have fun, and embrace the moment. One day, all too soon we will look back upon this holiday season. Someone who shared this moment with us, may not be here next year. Whether this is a fur family member or those of the human persuasion, they will be missed. If you are suffering a recent loss, our prayers and thoughts go out to you. Take care of yourself.


Many blessings and warm wishes from Shela and Cliff–(and the OwyheeStar Weimars too!)

~Thank you for being a part of our lives!