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~ Olympic Class Chewer

I wanted to send you a few photos of Bisbee. He is such a handsome and comical boy. He also chews up and spits out everything in sight!  The highlights are portions of 3 handmade quilts, a retainer, a section of carpet in the middle of the room, and a small fruit tree in the yard! He is also very cuddly.

We try to get him as tired as we can which helps a lot with the chewing. Our two neighbors have a one year old Burmese mountain dog and a two year old cattle dog so we do play dates every week. He also goes to doggie daycare twice a week and hikes on the weekends. He certainly gives us a run for our money but we love him dearly. 

Breeder Commentary

Thank you for updating us on Bisbee. All we can say is habits take hold quickly with this breed, and once they do, they are nearly impossible to change. What some excuse as puppy behavior become a lifetime of this and that. (OMG) Thanks for loving him and facing the challenges.

Say What?!?

Our Boy, Duke

     ~Who Did That?!?FB_IMG_1538060132357

**This turd turned 1 yesterday! We love him so much, but there is this!FB_IMG_1538060112180
He also loves chewing on ginormous logs, rocks, the siding of our house, our deck and our walls. Oh and every. single. dog bed. 🤷🤦 In the life of a Weim! ❤️**
As I knew it would be, it’s been difficult to train him with us and the kids not being consistent with commands, expectations etc. But, he has really changed (better) the last couple months.

At The End of the Day

~This How It Looks


Breeder Comment

We love these folks–they are dedicated Weimlovers. Nevertheless, we would prefer everyone to avoid this kind of behavioral issue. I am so very glad they shared it though. And, they were kind enough to allow me to make a post that might help someone else avoid having this kind of situation.

I can only guess what lead to this–but the best way to avoid having this type of situation is to follow through with constant supervision at the early stages. If you are not watching them, all kinds of bad things can and do happen. Duke is not the first, nor will he be the last Weim to much on the sheetrock. The exterior siding, flower pots, carpeting, dog beds, wood posts, and just about anything they can get their lips on is a target.

The trick to avoiding it is not to let the behavior start. The crate-training is essential. It only takes a moment for the Weimaraner to get into trouble. My mantra is freedom is earned. Just remember that habits (good and bad) are quickly ingrained, and then nearly impossible to change in the concrete-thinking Weimaraner.

Also, you have to consider the separation anxiety factor. People often spend 24 X 7 with their Weimaraner puppy and think they are doing a fabulous thing. Then, they leave for an hour to run to the grocery and come home to something like this or worse. It is the same for the yard–you cannot just leave a Weimaraner home in the yard–that is unless they have become adapted to that situation. So, that brings me to the point, even once they have earned a measure of freedom, it is essential that they also learn to be somewhat flexible. It is a lot better when they learn how to adapt to schedule changes–or being left behind when necessary.

Finally, can I mentioned that Dusty, back in the day, ate a $2,000 rock. Another time it was an $ 800 rock. One required major surgery, the other not. Rocks are hard on the teeth, and if ingested, they pose a life-threatening issue. Yes, the Weimaraner is not for the weak of heart. Even people who have the best intentions can get into trouble.


What’s For Dessert?19059879_10211639464535180_225255309384331367_n


It begins from the day you bring them home. Chewing and mouthing everything the pup challenges you to keep them away from your household and personal items. After all, they all contain your scent and what do they love more than you? Nothing!

Many people are frantic to find something that occupies their young Weimaraner and at the same times satisfies their need to chew. Flavored Chews are popular. While we never use rawhide, a lot of folks swear by it. You might ask why would use the all Natural USA Pig Ears for a young Weimaraner but refuse to incorporate the rawhide. Both are made of the outer hide so to speak; however, the pig ears are digestible. They are primarily fat. In our experience, the Weimaraner often has a tender gut. Bits of rawhide can cause irritation leading to diarrhea or even a bloody stool. Worse yet, these can lead to an intestinal blockage.

If you opt to use the rawhide for your voracious chewer, there are things you ought to do.

Monitor them when they are chewing to make sure they are not tearing big chunks off and ingesting them.

  1. Make sure you get the product of USA–this doesn’t guarantee they are chemical free. If fact, there is no such thing when it comes to rawhide.
  2. If you have children and your dog is guarding their food and bones, only allow them to have them in their crate. You need to work on getting them to allow you to pick up their food, etc., however, never take a chance with your children.
  3. Be alert! If they are vomiting or lethargic put the rawhide aside and keep a vigilant watch. Go to your Veterinary office if this doesn’t pass quickly.
  4. Rawhides are not the only concern — socks, trash finds, shoes, stuffed toys, and the list goes on and on.

Weimar Parents Know

Extracting a bit of fabric from their bum is not our idea of a good time. Nonetheless, you cannot have the Weimaraner dragging that disgusting bit around the house. (Ewe) Shoes are expensive–they like designer leather, but a good tennis shoe works as well. These carry your scent which is a huge plus if they miss you, but they also can carry the Parvovirus and other bacteria, etc. that can be ingested. The trashcan is choice shopping. A paper that smells so chicken–yum. My personal favorite was a discarded artificial Christmas Tree limb. Fortunately for Turbo Mama was in tune with him and caught the issue in time. It required surgical removal. Other extractions included bits of a rope bone, rocks and part of a Kong toy. Even those heavy duty rubber toys eventually crack–toss them when they start to wear. As you see, we are not limiting the concern to the rawhide items; however, they are something we don’t recommend with a clear conscience. Yesterday, we saw a post where golf balls were removed. The list is endless.

Please note that although Waylon escaped his crate and got into things, nothing was destroyed. What a good boy!



Recycling Made Easy

Who Knew?

     ~ In the beginning



Innocent until proven guilty; then forgiveness


Sometime Later

Zeus: (tries to steal catalogue)
Me: No, that’s Mommy’s.
Me: (looks through catalogue, orders a couple things from it online, puts it back on the table)
Zeus: (tries to steal catalogue)
Me: No, that’s Mommy’s.
Zeus: but but but…
Me: Okay, Mommy’s done looking at it.
Zeus: yay! (takes catalogue and proceeds to “recycle” it)

What It Looks Like!

Breeder Comment


Make no mistake this destructiveness is not an exclusive Longhair trait. It is an equal opportunity situation. We get notes from people telling us that their Weimaraner chews on the woodwork, counter surfs, eats the house siding, tears up the miscellaneous paper, etc. Once a behavior begins, it ‘s hard (and sometimes nearly impossible) to stop.

A segment of Weimlovers celebrate this fact as well as endorse it. They buy things that the Weimaraner can tear up. Honestly, we don’t suggest you do that. The best approach is to get ahead of this (and other unwanted behaviors) from day one of their arrival. Our mantra is simple–freedom is earned. It doesn’t mean it is easy to avoid the unwanted behaviors; however, finding a way to limit the developing Weim’s freedom to get into trouble is important. Many Weim owners utilize the crate. Some tie them to their waist–using a light line or a leash. The latter approach is still hard to manage when you get on the phone or are engaged in an activity. Taking your eyes off them for a moment can end badly. Even the best of Weimlovers can get caught short. (oops)

You might be one that finds this behavior amusing. You might assume it will pass with the puppy stage. You might be totally frustrated. Ultimately, you are the gatekeeper. What can you do? You can limit their freedom until they can be trusted–which is very demanding. (This is even truer when we are talking about an older pup or adult.) Remove their bedding from the crate. Only give them things that they can chew on without supervision–in the crate. Otherwise, you can prepare to have nibbled bedding and bits of destruction. This infringement might only occur when they are stressed, or it might be habitual in nature. It can be spontaneous–for example, in response to feeling abandoned. More than likely, the puppy segment teething segment (which goes on for quite some time) is when the destructive incessant chewing behavior takes root. Keep in mind that the concrete-thinking Weimaraner may become a lifetime chewer. We wish you all the luck with avoiding this scenario, and at the same time, we also know it is hard (unless it was a prized possession) to not chuckle at their antics. The uncontrollable destructive behaviors are one of the primary reasons the Weimaraner ends up finding a new home. That is a sad fact, but the owner’s frustration fuels the problem. It is a pressure-filled cycle that grows until only relief will work. It is then we pray the Weimaraner finds itself returned to the breeder or the Weimaraner rescue and not on Craig’s List. That is an unthinkable situation that often ends in endless passing off (from home to home) or worse. Even with the best of situations, this can haunt a person.

Celebrating Charlie Mae and Mace–the journey thus far!

Charlie and Mace sharing a tasty stick...

Charlie and Mace sharing a tasty stick…

Mace sitting in the smallest chair at the camp fire!

Mace sitting in the smallest chair at the camp fire!

Our two Owyheestar Weim’s are amazing!  There’s no question that they have fully rooted themselves into our lives and each is so unique in their disposition it’s constantly making us smile…

Charlie on the Bean Bag chair.. this is now her upstairs dog bed.. much more cushion than the "normal" dog bed...

Charlie on the Bean Bag chair.. this is now her upstairs dog bed.. much more cushion than the “normal” dog bed…

Although it’s been several months since any potty training accidents by either of them (YEA!!!), we continue to have to monitor them both as they still seem to find various ways to be devious…  Mostly now, it’s the constant need to still chew on something despite the plethora of dog toys that are available to them!  This last weekend it included a baby bottle nipple, a brand new toy of my nephue’s, and 6$’s (a 5$ bill and a 1$ bill they ripped apart)…  About the time you think they are out of the phase you hear a disturbing crunching sound that shouldn’t happen with any of their toys… ARG! 🙂

We found Mace to be much harder to potty train than Charlie was, but not sure if that’s normal for Males/Females or just our particular situation.

They still like to dig in the dog yard on occasion.. My solution to this (albeit kind of gross) is to fill any freshly dug holes as soon as I can with a bunch of their poo.. They don’t go back to that hole at least….

A few observed Behavior differences with my from their perspective (at least as I observe it)..

Camping a couple weeks ago on a hike with the pups!

Camping a couple weeks ago on a hike with the pups!

Greeting Strangers/People:

Mace – I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU, I love YOU!!  I’d like a scratch here.. and here.. and here.. and perhaps if I nibble on you, you will love me more??!!  Mind if I lean on you a little???

Napping together on the way home from camping!

Napping together on the way home from camping!

Charlie – I don’t think I like you.. but I will bark to see what you do.. I have to Pee… You’re a man wearing a hat?!?!  I hate you.. I will bark at you until you take it off (I need to pee again on the spot)..  I see my dad!!  I LOVE YOU and I must PEE right now on the spot..  Hey wait.. what’s all this wetness on the ground.. I need to sniff it…  Oh wait.. that’s my pee…

RC (remote control) Cars my Daughter and I play with on occasion in our driveway:

Charlie – I want to Play/Chase these things, this is FUN!

Mace – Kill me now.. I’m SCARED TO DEATH and I’ll see you inside the house where they can’t get me!


Charlie – Yea.. I’ll be inside if you need me..

Mace – Wow this is cool, I’m in for a front row seat!!!


Mace – Bedtime you say!?!?!  I’m into my crate as fast as my feet can carry me.. WHERE’s MY TREAT?!?!?  TREAT!!  Ok, now I can lay down and sleep.

Charlie – Bedtime means I get to curl up in bed between mom and dad right?!?!.. If I make myself really small perhaps they won’t notice..  I LOVE the bed.. The crate is for dogs!!  (not me!)

Eating Dog Food:

Charlie standing in the biggest dog water bowl ever!!

Charlie standing in the biggest dog water bowl ever!!

Charlie – I’m a lady.. I’ll take my time and enjoy my dinner…

Mace – I’m going to pretend I’m the new Dyson Vacuum cleaner 3000, let’s see how fast I can suck this up.. ready.. set.. GO!

Mace having a nap in a camp chair

Mace having a nap in a camp chair

Eating Sticks/Weeds/anything else we can find:

Charlie/Mace – I just can’t get enough of these delicious sticks/weeds/etc.. oh wait.. I think I ate too much.. time to barf….

Open Water:

Mace – I’ll pass.. unless it’s a drink!

Charlie – This is kind of cool, I like to wade a little, just not so sure I want to get my flowing locks all wet.. I’ll get back to you on this in time…

Car Rides/Camping/Being with the family:

Charlie/Mace – LOVE IT!  Can we do this all the time?!?!

Charlie and Mace with their tail's in view.. Charlie is so proud of her fuzzy flagpole tail!!

Charlie and Mace with their tail’s in view.. Charlie is so proud of her fuzzy flagpole tail!!