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Murphy Swims as well

Will and Jill’s Two Water-savvy Weims


You might remember these two Weimaraners–they are the Longhair Charlie Mae, and Murphy, who is a Blue. You might also remember on June 23rd that we reported that Charlie Mae was now swimming.  (Click here to read, or review, that blog post.)

Breeder’s Comment:  We are so very pleased that both Weim kids are swimming. It is a fabulous way to get safe exercise, and at the same time to burn off a lot of excess energy. We all know who has the latter in abundance.

A solid retrieve to hand is a good foundation for achieving the swim. The water retrieve is not usually a five-minute process. It takes some patience, and a few deep breaths. When you can relax about the process, and see it through to the end you will achieve your desired results. Usually, the process is thwarted by a lack of human-belief that it can happen. Secondly, the wrong environment (and especially the lack of patient follow-through) will undermine your success. Pressing too hard often proves counterproductive. The Weim might become afraid of the water. Some swimming Weims hate their bath, but love the pond-swim. Once they have crossed over to embrace the water-retrieve it is a beautiful experience for all concerned. Congratulations are in order, and sent toward Murphy for achieving the much-coveted water retrieve in such good style. His swim style is a very nice one for a beginner.


Congratulations all around!

Murphy at One

Murphy the Smurfy

Here are several pictures from the past year…

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Murphy was with us for the last camping outing of last year (Cucumber on his eye) and then one from our first camping of this year.  He did GREAT on both!  He likes to sleep in my sleeping bag tho…..

On May 31st our little blue boy turned 1!!!  Murphy (or as I call him “Murphy the Smurfy” (Cause we all know Smurfs are ….. blue… hehe)..


We feel so blessed to have 2 OwyheeStar Weims in our house!!  As everyone always posts, they always get lots of attention when we are out, some of the pictures included are from a 5K walk (heart walk) we did last weekend ON Murphy’s Birthday and the Weim Duo got LOTS of comments! At least one of them took down your info after asking us some questions!


Murphy has grown up to be a big sweetheart!  He’s so full of life and wants nothing more than to be under our skin about all the time..  He’s learned any tricks I’ve taken the time to show him, unfortunatly my work has been a real bear the last 6 months so my time to really work with him has been minimal.  He mastered shake within a few days and as much as I’ve tried Charlie Mae REFUSES to shake!  It’s so funny, but I continue to try to teach her and keep Murphy practicing!  Overall he’s getting more and more obedient respecting the yard boundaries we have, mostly stern talking to is discipline enough.


We are constantly getting comments about how striking the blue color is!  My only complaint about his color is that he’s almost like a stealth dog.  He’s impossible to see at night, he blends in almost perfectly with our car’s interior, he’s about the same color as asphalt..


Thanks for the awesome Weim Duo!  WE LOVE THEM!





Hank is my Name

This is Hank, my new Weimaraner puppy!

My name is Hank, and I have friends.....

My name is Hank, and I have friends…..

Dagny was first

Dagny was first!

Hank spent his first 9 weeks in Ontario, Oregon with his family but he’s getting used to life in the North End (Boise, Idaho).

He has already made some friends, and the cat is intrigued.

                                               ~ Teresa 

Play-Date with Charlie Mae and Murphy

One of my new friends (Will) reported : “Charlie Mae and Murphy had a friend over yesterday for awhile to play!! Hank is a new best friend to our two :)” Here are some photos of their play-date.

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Hank says, “I think I am going to be needing my own Facebook Page sooner, rather than later.” 

Charlie Mae our first longhair

1507723_10202297340546804_1818660634_nShela and Cliff asked me to write something about our experience with our first longhair Weimaraner. I was happy to do that, because this has been a pleasant surprise on so many levels.

When we were first on the hunt to add another Weim to add to our family, our only thought was on a grey female to help fill the void left by Chloe.  We did a fair amount of research/looking and landed on Owyheestar primarily due to your close proximity and puppy availability (little did we know how much more was in-store for us joining the Owyheestar family!!!).

When we first met Charlie Mae’s sister being placed Jill and Elle (Wife and Daughter) fell in love right away with the little fuzzy puppy…  I thought.. A Longhair??  My immediate reaction was more hair and a long annoying tail.. NO THANKS!!  After meeting the first longhaired puppy I softened some, but honestly I was overruled by the girls in my house and we got Charlie Mae who was ready to place immediately.

Now that we have had Charlie for over a year, I can honestly say I have NO regrets..

In bedLet’s start with the hair.. Charlie is SO soft, we get comments ALL THE TIME on how soft her fur is and she loves to snuggle with us..  I can curl up next to her and hold her next to me and it’s like having a big giant soft plushy toy!  I’ve noticed NO more hair than with our previous Weims.  Charlie (Spoiled rotten) sleeps right between my wife and I in our bed and there’s no big fur mess in our bed so the shedding issue is just nonexistent for us (at least no more hair than we noticed with previous Weim’s).

Now on-to the tail..  Charlie’s tail is no bother at all, I’ve been around dogs with long tails before and swore I’d NEVER have one smacking stuff off the table or smacking kids in the face.. etc..  Charlie’s tail is so feathery with the fur hanging down, it really hasn’t bothered me at all.. she wags it, but mostly it just sails high like a flag in the sky saying look at my beautiful long tail, I’m wearing it with pride!

As to other longhair observations, I think Charlie fits the mold you’ve talked about.  She’s much more comfortable in water (although not really into swimming yet), she has no hesitation in going wading at all (which is different from our shorthair experience).  She does seem to stay warmer in the chilly weather also (which makes sense I guess), so if she’s outside a little longer I don’t worry about her.  Almost always when I let Charlie and Murphy outside in the below freezing weather, Murphy is at the door in short order wanting back in and often I have to call Charlie inside…

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toe hairOther than that, Charlie is all Weimaraner in all other ways, she’s mischievous, loving, velcro dog, devoted, and still thinks she’s a lap-dog!  We couldn’t love her more!  And as a last note.. the fur that sticks out from between her toes!  LOVE IT!  SO CUTE!

Breeder’s Comment: We cannot thank this family enough. They are great Weimlovers; this now includes the Longhair Weimaraner. We love how they describe Charlie Mae as having a huge personality.

The longhair receives mixed reviews. Most people doing the reviewing, have never met one. It is hard to wrap yourself around the truth surrounding the longhairs. They are not messy; one Labrador creates more cleanup than 2-4 Longhair Weims. Their tail is not a weapon. They do require a little more grooming, but it is minimal. They tolerate the cold well; some duck hunters prefer them for a hunting companion.  

Lighting up the World

 Or Charlie Mae

Charlie's First Christmas

Is this happening every Christmas?

Is this happening every Christmas?

It’s hard to believe it’s been a year since we got our first Weimaraner from you just over a year ago this Christmas!

Our little Christmas Tree..

Here’s a picture of Charlie Mae 1 year ago (above); and then the one year update is posted to the left. Charlie Mae (or our first longhair) has such a huge personality! We just love her to pieces. Of Course, we also have

Murphy–the Blue Boy.

He is our most recent addition; and he is much-loved too! Below is a slideshow with some other recent family photos. We hope you, and the OwyheeStar fan club enjoy these. 🙂

                 To say that we love our fur children                           ………is an understatement.

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