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~We Made the Trip Home

Thank you so much for the gift of Luke. 
He had his first paw dip in the John Day to stretch his legs, and made it home having slept the entire way 😉 

He fell asleep on AJs cowboy boots on the drive. He’s such a sweetie. THANK YOU.

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We hope this little guy brings you great joy–and maybe a few birds. You are off to a beautiful start.


~Lives in Central Oregon

Finns first time at the coast. He’s doing well.

He is definitely a handful but I think he’s doing pretty good. Him and Gunner love to tease each other with the ball. Jealous boys.

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For those that don’t know, Gunner is a rescue this family acquired a few years ago. They had contacted us about a puppy then, but Gunner came up locally and in need of a placement. Many years later–they came back to get Finn from us. Now, they are a Two-Weim household. Isn’t that excellent?


~Inside or Out

Not so long ago we brought Finn home

So, Finn is doing really well. Here are a couple of recent videos

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Thank you, for the photos and videos–as well as the newsy notes letting us know that things are going well.


Not Short on Adventures

      ~ Digging for Sportimage3

I think Stella’s about nine months old now and we just moved into our brand new, very own home!   That’s some good news.  The bad news is that we are working on our backyard.  Of course, Stella thinks it’s awesome because she has a lot of dirt to bury bones in. She is so silly and dirty.

Running Free and Swimming

Another piece of good news is that Stella’s been on lots of adventures with her dog pals!  Here are some pictures from our last trip up the Deschutes River.  There’s no bad news to that.  Stella runs free and happy through the woods and eagerly swims in the river!  She’s also ‘almost’ stopped jumping on all the people she meets.  Maybe that’s some bad news….

Snacking on the Stairsimage6

Anyway, the worst news is that on the day she was contained in our new dog run and had access to our garage in case of rain…. she opened (or we left open) the door to our new house. There were builders in the backyard putting up the new fence.  Anyway, long story short…SHE ATE A STAIR!  She’s never chewed anything!  Yikes!  I included a picture!

Looking Pretty or Contemplating her next Anticimage5

Anyhow, through that whole adventure, we love our beautiful girl still.  That’s the best news.  I attached a picture of her posing.  Or maybe, she was contemplating her next move!  Hahahahahaha.
That’s the scoop from our family!  We hope your family is doing well.
Jill, Timothy, and Stella
Oh, Shela!  Our daughter is enrolled at TVCC (Treasure Valley Community College0 there in Ontario and playing basketball.   She’s loving Ontario!  Hooray!  Go, Chukars!

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Relocating a Weim can be laden with pitfalls. They don’t do change well, but it seems Stella is adapting well. The most significant concern may be that she is developing the habit of digging. The concrete-thinking Weimaraner is tough to retrain once they get the idea that something is the norm. (oops) This way of thinking can carry over into all areas. Well, such as chewing the stairs could transfer to fencing, etc.

It is outstanding that she is water-friendly–swims in the river. Jumping up on people she greets is not pleasant for those being welcomed; however, at least she is super friendly. We would Prepare these jumping-up issues rather than dealing with a Weimaraner that is not people-friendly. Thank you, for the great share. We truly appreciate it!

Stella Blue

Busy Enjoying Central Oregon

Misener's Stella Blue4
We sure love our girl!  She’s been enjoying a lot of central Oregon things.  She’s been on hikes, in rivers, dog parks, and breweries.   She’s great on bike rides and trail adventures.  We are keeping her mileage around 3.5 miles since she’s so little, but she can go and go and go.  Here are some photos of her relaxing and adventuring! 👍🏼

We’ve been trying to get her to stop jumping on everyone she meets, but it hasn’t happened yet.  It’s a good thing she’s cute….🤔😜   We’d love a tip for helping with this if you have one handy. Thank you for our four-legged family member. ❤️

I must mention as I type this I can hear her snoring.  Stella might be a dainty girl, but she can snore like a bear!  It’s quite hilarious.
Enjoy the day!
Jill, Timothy and Stella

Growing Too Fast


~ Yesterday you were so tiny

I can’t handle the puppy phase is nearly over 😦 of course, we won’t miss the nipping, biting, and chewing – but the puppy breath, kisses, and sweet puppy snuggles are the best!!!! And those precious blue eyes are also nearly gone (( sigh ))

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Thank you, Cristi, for the email update on Waylon. Of course, you have his antics on Facebook non-stop. There is always something good for a laugh–often at his expense. We do so love seeing his cute face and your staged fun–his reaction to all you do.


At One YearFilger's Henry Special

Question From a Weimar Mom

Okay, so Henry is 1. And I’ve learned that 18 months is when you can start running with your dog. I’m kind of confused by this because “run” is so vague with this breed. When Henry is playing catch, and darts across the yard with the speed of wind, I consider this running. It’s strenuous, fast, he breathes heavier, etc. I’ve taken him on a few short runs with me, less than 2 miles, and my observation, even though I run at a 9 minutes/mile pace, he appears to just be walking fast. Obviously I don’t want to cause health issues for him in the future, so I am wondering if you could give me more information. Are short runs with me, less than 5 miles, going to cause joint issues for him if I don’t wait another 6 months? And do you think a 9 minute mile pace is really considered a running pace for a weimeraner? ~Kiley

Breeder Comment

Knowing when and how to add age-appropriate exercise is hard to define. Being a serious runner means you want to get the maximum benefit from the time you have together. Longer distances and frequent runs will eventually affect their body–just as it does with humans. The extreme athlete typically would benefit from a major medical insurance policy. A torn ACL or ligament can mean a sizeable Veterinary bill. One such injury often leads to another. No one wants to face such a situation. Nevertheless, this type of thing is a reality even if you have done everything right along the way. Insurance–another consideration when speaking of you and the Weimaraner.

Joint development is affected by various things–their DNA, how fast they grow and the amount of high-pact exercise they see before the growth plates close. Typically, we expect the growth plates to close sometime between a year and a year and a half. During this time of development, recommendations are to keep the runs shorter–about 3 miles a day. With the very high-energy Weimaraner, this seems like too little. It is easy to forget the caution when you are trying to achieve a tired Weim pup. In light of this dilemma, we always suggest swimming. The water retrieve is the best and the safest way to burn a lot of energy without causing harm to the developing joints.

Speaking of high impact exercise–things like playing the frisbee is equally hard on the young Weimaraner. Jumping and beating their feet on the pavement should be avoided. The dirt or grass path is much easier, but still, we feel it is wise to hold off on the pounding regime of a long distance runner until they for sure have those growth plates closed. Only an X-ray can determine if the growth plates are closed. So, for the longevity you want, please take to exercising the young Weimaraner with care. Also, we mentioned it earlier–make sure they grow slow. Feeding the large breed (rather than the regular puppy) food is vital to the hips and joints. That puppy chow stuff will fill them out like a butterball and cause them to grow even faster. Slow growth is preferred. Regardless, they grow to adult-looking before the six month birthday. It is shocking!

Rule of Thumb–about three miles should be fine from day one until about a year. From there on out, you have to kind of guess. No one can speak to your exact situation. Of course, the Weimaraner is capable of running more than a nine-minute mile. The biggest concern is the pounding of the pavement or whatever surface on which you run. It is the impact factor because the growth plates are at the end of the bones. Click Here to read a blog on this topic.

More From Kiley

17425926_10155017109079564_5112457838743378612_nPs. I wanted to pass along too how Henry excels at being an active and lazy dog. He loves his walks, loves being outside, but he doesn’t mind being lazy either. Last night I worked and Kevin was out of town, so Henry was in his kennel. I got home this morning, let him out, fed him, and then took him to bed with me this morning. He contently slept with me until 1:30. Exercising him is ideal, but on the days it doesn’t happen, he doesn’t get restless or destructive, he just goes with the flow.
Other than the above questions, Henry has done well with our few runs. He stays to the left, remains mostly focused on me and what is ahead, and doesn’t pull. Henry will be a fabulous running partner for me!!


More Comments from Shela and Cliff


We like to say the Weimaraner has two speeds–on and off. Wiggle your toe while watching TV and they might assume you are getting ready to do something and in turn fly off the sofa.

More than anything the Weimaraner is all about the relationship. If they want to please you and they respect you and you them, it is a beautiful thing. You are off to an awesome beginning. We wish you all the best on your journey.

Featured Weimaraner — Tristan

First Tristan is doing AWESOME!

Waiting in the jeep to head out of town to climb

Waiting in the jeep to head out of town to climb

Tristan (3)We do everything together!

I can thank you enough for such an amazing dog and Friend.

He has been on MANY adventures rock climbing and backpacking into the cascades this summer.

Here are some captured moments……….

At beach house and couldnt go surf

At beach house and couldnt go surf

When are we going Dad?

When are we going Dad?

Looking to get out side

Looking to get out side

Too tired from playing

Too tired from playing

Again, I cannot thank you enough for my best friend. he is an amazing dog.~ Scott

Featured Weimaraners — Ruca and Bennett

Ruca and Bennett enjoy the beach

Ruca and
Bennett enjoy the beach

Dear Shela & Cliff:

I thought I’d send you an update on our puppies  (Ann’s Bennett & my Ruca), who are now a year old.  We took them to the beach for a long weekend to celebrate, and the attached photos are from that weekend.  We all had a really great time, and plan on doing a trip like this with just those two to celebrate their birthdays every year.

Bennett and Ruca enjoy the comforts

Bennett and Ruca enjoy the comforts

Ruca at One Year

Ruca at One Year

As you can see, they’re both show-stoppers in their own way.  Ruca has kept her amazing blue-green eyes, and Bennett’s coat is the silkiest gun metal gray I’ve ever seen.  They have such different personalities, yet get along great.  Best of buddies for sure.



Ruca has turned out to be a very loving gal.  She freely gives kisses and loves to snuggle, which I love, yet she’s also very independent.  She’s extremely athletic with bottomless energy, and is one “tough” chick.  (I call her “Brunehilda” sometimes.)  One of the worst counter surfers ever, I’m sure.  (Yes, I read about the pup that died from eating heart medications that were left on a counter….  We try to never leave ANYTHING on the counter that she could possibly get into, and are working very hard at stopping that behavior.  Any ideas??)  She is very smart and learns easily (when she wants to). And is definitely a chewer.  (Have invested in massive amounts of bullysticks & bones.)  When I’m working, she goes to a doggie daycare.  Expensive, but well worth the money.  It’s helped with both her social skills AND getting her exercised when I’m unable to.  When I’m not working, we have a 2.5 mile walk we regularly go on.  She is my best friend and constant companion.  I rarely go anywhere without her.

Fun-loving Ruca

Fun-loving Ruca

We have a vacation coming up where we’re unable to take her, and it will be the first time I’ve ever left her overnight.  Even though she will stay with her siblings (True & Silas) and my daughter (who she knows very well), I’m not looking forward to being without her for two whole weeks.  I’m sure that with her independence she’ll do great, but I, on the other hand, will miss her greatly.

Hopefully these pictures will come through.  I’m not very technically savvy, sorry.

Hope all is well,

MaryAnn Meets Sage's Silver Female (4)Breeder’s Note: MaryAnn and Ann are best friends. They are both RN’s working in Central Oregon. We have been friends (of a special kind) for many years. MaryAnn’s Ruca is her 4th OwyheeStar Weimaraner. Ann’s Bennett is her 2nd OwyheeStar Weim. 

MaryAnn–counter-surfing is very hard to stop. We won’t belabor the reasons here, but it is most certainly the Weimaraner Olympic Sport of choice. They love other games, but snatch and run from the counter is probably at the top of the list. There are few things you can do to stop this behavior. It is vitally important to keep food and other things off the counter. The Weimaraner is opportunistic. Having said that, there is a trick some old-time trainers use.

The idea is to deter them from digging in the trash or surfing the counters. Cliff and Shela have used this trick once. We do not use it anymore, because we hunt train. Bird-launchers make the same clicking noise as a mousetrap. Once the Weim is conditioned to fear that noise, it is impossible (or very difficult) to undo the conditioning. For those who will never hunt-train, this method may work well–emphasis on the word may. We all know how undaunted the determined Weimaraner can be when they want something. This method employs using new old-fashioned mousetraps, and baiting the Weimaraner so there is something they want. When they go to nab the item, the mousetrap snaps, and in theory they retreat in fear. While this is extreme, it might be life-saving. It also may not work for the Weim focused on nabbing something no matter the cost.

The recent post about the puppy who died from ingesting heart medication has gotten a lot of press. We published that article hoping it would help prevent a repeat occurrence. There are so many things that when ingested could make a Weimaraner sick, or worse. Some of these things are foods we eat–chocolate, onions, grapes, raisins, macadamia nuts, etc. Sugar-free gum is lethal and something your beloved Weimaraner might pilfer from a purse, or other location. Click here to see a more detailed account.