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~Perfect For Us

I have always meant to update you on the puppy we got from you back in Oct 2017.  We absolutely love him.  We lost a pet cat shortly after getting him ( heart failure/diabetes).  It was my daughter’s cat.  We found her a new friend, a little black cat, about 1 when we got him.  The two are such good friends ( Picture above).  They sleep together, bathe each other, and play ( Gunner seems to always lose lol). 

We are going more and more with Gunner.  To rivers, the beach, and even walking trails.  We love his energy, his personality, and his quirkiness.  I think he thinks he’s human though.  I heard my son say “this is the kind of dog I’ve always wanted”.  The play catch, go for walks, and sometimes sleep together.  It’s just amazing how smart he is. 

Breeder Comment

We saw a Facebook post about Zoe (your littermate) yesterday–it was cute. Nonetheless, we are so happy you (Cindy and Kevin) Emailed us your update so that we could share it with the OwyheeStar Community on our blog as well as our Facebook Page. Thank you!

My heart melted when I read your son’s comments. Out of the mouth of babes as the saying goes–truth. Gunner is a dream come true. Thanks for letting us know–can not say that enough.


     ~No Cats Allowed

Ellie loves to rest on the couch by the fire with her blanket covering her.  Unfortunately, so do the cats. The black cat likes to “knead dough” on the blanket, especially if Ellie is under it.  This really annoys Ellie.  In this picture, Ellie is pretending the cats aren’t there.

All the Best,  Bob

Breeder Comment

Thank you, Bob, for sharing Ellie’s dilemma. I am sure she is not the first to cope with unwanted attention in this manner. You’d think though, that she would relish the idea of the kitty-kneading away. What a silly girl she is–and those cats make sure they are never too far away. (Haha)

Our Life With



Azula is growing like a weed.  She went from 10 lbs. last Monday to 13 lbs. today!  She has been sleeping most of the night and has learned come, sit, and down.  We are also working on “crate”, “kisses” and stop (especially when she starts getting too mouthy).

20181005_155402The cats are still wary of her, but our normally skittish cat is actually much more nonchalant about her than the other one.

She has been absolutely delightful unless she is in one of her frenzied teething fits, when she sees us as fair game for chewing on.

While she still doesn’t love her crate, she has occasionally retreated to it for naps.She did have a bout of diarrhea last week, so the vet held off on her parvo shots until today.  I’m attaching a couple of photos for you…

And here is a link to a video from tonight, of our very opinionated baby girl:  Azula Fetching

I hope all is well with you guys! Stay dry and warm, ~Christine

Breeder Comment

We are happy to hear about Azula and her adventures. We cannot emphasize what it means to be hearing from so many of you this fall. We truly appreciate it. In truth, I burn through the updates pretty quickly at a blog a day. (Haha) I am sure Azula’s littermates are thrilled to see her cute face again, too!

What About Cats?

Who Can Say What Will Happen?

IMG_0636Cliff and I rescued two farm cats a couple of years ago. They have lived in the house with all the usual hoopla (and more because we have the Weimaraner). We have been reticent to turn them free thinking they would not be OK. We have quite a few farm cats. They roam the place and find shelter here and there. They mouse, but we also feed them.

Our two rescues (‘Paws’ and ‘Sylvie’) are littermates. Nevertheless, they couldn’t look more different. “Paws’ has the markings of the Siamese, and ‘Sylvia’ is a gorgeous silver-gray tiger stripe. There are other differences too! Paws had always been the more clingy and friendly of the two with Sylvia being fiercely independent.

We procrastinated when it came to moving the cats outside. We feared the worst. A Weimaraner might chase and catch them–it could be a swift end to their life. They two are not farm savvy and instead of avoiding the Weims they were totally intrigued by them. Nonetheless, with Shela’s recent prolonged health situation, the cats seemed to make her worse. That forced the issue and Cliff began making a provision for them in the equipment room allowing for an outside exit. Once they moved Cliff watched closely. ‘Paws’ disappeared and we feared the worst. ‘Sylvie’ refused to leave the equipment room initially. Then, ‘Paws’ made his appearance and began hanging out near out back entrance. Over time ‘Sylvie’ has joined him roaming the backyard. It has been amazing to watch this process unfold.

Cats and the Weimaraner

More than half of the OwyheeStar folks also have cats–some indoor cats and others live outside roaming the field or yard. The Weimaraner that joins a family with the resident cat (typically) views this as the norm. They tend to take charge of the cat as if it is their property. Nevertheless, it is wise to error on the side of caution. This idea of being careful is especially true when bringing home a rescue. Also, keep in mind that a feral cat might not make out the same as a resident cat. The Weimaraner may give chase, and it could end badly for the pursued.


The Best of Maggie

Happy New Year

img_1332Hope all is well in your neck of the OwyheeStar world!  Just wanted to touch base as I try to do every year around Maggie’s birthday.   Love the fall photo of her playing in the leaves (at the top here).

img_1294Things got a bit hectic during that time, so now I will take some time to send some of our “Best of Maggie” photos from 2016.  Maggie and our cat Smokie are now the best of buds.  They even cuddle up together to sleep-and Smokie even crawls into Maggie’s crate with her.

She loves playing catch with anything you toss her way-including snowballs.  Finally, Maggie loves her Christmas sweater.  She even goes so far as to bring it to you when she wants to wear it!  She continues to fill our lives with so much love and laughter.

Love, From The Family of Maggie

Breeder Comment

Thank you, for making it a priority to get us news regarding Maggie. It would be impossible to say what made us smile more. We love all the photos; however, possibly the one of her and Smokie is our favorite. You captured her smiling–that is adorable.

Hope and Bliss

IMG_0063Co-Existing and Sometimes Friendly

I thought you could use this photo of Bliss (Maggie & Zee 2011) and my cat  “Hope” to show that Weims and cats can coexist.  Since Bliss was a puppy she was told “No” and “Leave it” when she showed any indication of chasing the cat.  Of course she received unequivocal training from the cat too.
Thanks for a great dog!
Breeder’s Note: We would never suggest that everyone can have co-existing Weims, that are friendly to felines, etc. Nonetheless, it is quite common among our OwyheeStar Clients. Here are a few photos that have been sent to us. There are more in our files, but you get the point. This is happening, and it happens on a bigger scale than we imagined.

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The Right Approach

A lot of the success has to do with the pup being raised with the kitten–one they deem as their own. At least, they come to some kind of agreement to leave the kitty alone. It would be rare to succeed at bringing home the adult Weim and netting the same level of success.  On a few occasions the resident house cat, and the adult-Weim will become fast friends. One of our retired females (Cindee) went onto a new career with an Oregon family. She and one of her pups reside with this wonderful family, who has an orchard, and rural lifestyle. Both (Weims) are living in the lap of luxury, and have become an integral part in this busy family’s life. Michael wrote about the experience not long ago. Here is a heartwarming excerpt. 
…much to our surprise and great joy, both dogs seem to enjoy playing with the cat.  It’s very strange to me to see a full-grown Weim, a Weim puppy, and a smallish cat playing with one another, but it’s very nice that they get along so well. ~ Michael (Bend, OR)

It Happens 

We would estimate that more than 60% of our Weimaraner families also have at least one household cat. This is pretty interesting; however, it doesn’t mean that you can just throw the Weimaraner and random cats together with a good outcome. These types of things should be approached with caution, and certainly an old ailing cat should not be put at risk. Many times it is not necessary for the cat to escape to safety, but it should be possible. 


Is your Weimaraner at risk?

964455_10151601574701670_1100169408_o[1]We received the following note from Jeanne about Zeus. He contracted Giardia. Some of you may not know about this parasite.

Bing Dictionary Defines Giardia–

As a single-celled protozoan, some forms of which live as parasites in the gut of humans and other vertebrates, causing an infection giardiasis.

Med Dictionary Defines Giardia

A genus of protozoa that infect the gastrointestinal tract of some animals, including humans. Giardia have a large sucking disk which permits them to adhere to the intestinal lining. The species that infects humans (and causes diarrhea) is Giardia lamblia.

  From Jeanne..


It’s been a while since I have emailed you… but I really enjoy your facebook posts!



2 days ago I took Zeus in for his checkup and fecal exam. The vet said he looks great except he is a few pounds overweight (he is 80lbs.) It’s hard to believe since I hike about 6 miles a day with him so I know he is doing more because he runs laps around us at times! LOL!



The doctor called us with the results from the fecal exam and said that he has Giardia. Although he has no other symptoms they said it should be treated and that he probably got it from drinking water in streams or whatever. We are always out in the woods with him and he has just gotten over a bad case of Tape and Round worms! (He finds dead animals and likes to carry them around no matter how hard I try to get them away from him fast!).


My question for you is have you ever had any of your dogs come down with Giardia and if so how often do you take a fecal sample in to be tested? I know your dogs do a lot of field work and they swim so I imagine that may be a main concern of yours? It is highly contagious and my friend took a sample to her vet also because a lot of times they have shared a water dish. Today we started using separate bowls and I sterilized all his dishes at home. He also started on his medication today. I am glad we caught it early.


Well that is about it. Just wanted to get your view on this subject. The doctor said it is pretty common in this area. Also otherwise he is super healthy! I just enjoy him so much…. he has become an awesome hiking companion and a reason to get up and get out in the morning! We just love him so much too… he’s a handful at times and other times he is an angel! I can’t help but adore him!


Thank you so much for such a wonderful pup and a loveable family member! I’m sorry I don’t have any new pictures of him to send you. I know you’ve seen them all on Facebook already! Haha!


Have a wonderful evening! 😀 Jeanne & Zeus 

What you Need to Know…

Giardia can be nasty stuff. It can be difficult to get rid of, and to avoid. If it is in the environment, and the conditions are right, it can spread like a wildfire. Bring you own water when you go hiking, and insist they drink it. Clean their feet, so they don’t ingest the cysts. Sanitize your yard with a garden sprayer containing bleach and water (10% solution). Bleach-water at this strength is not going to harm your plantings (in our experience). We recommend trying it, before using it. Getting rid of Giardia is important enough to give the sanitation serious thought.

It is important to know about this one-celled parasite. It is very opportunistic, and it is especially a problem for the young pups. It can present as if they have Parvo. It is scary. Of course, it is not as deadly as Parvo, but dehydration could be life-threatening. If you are concerned, get a fecal check done. A very loose stool, can be associated with this (or other) parasites. Treatment can turn the situation around very quickly, and early detection is important. Please check out these links: