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Tarmac, Again

~Now a shower

He keeps being more delightful…we have my daughters dog here this week and the two of them just play non stop.

I have a dog washing set up outside, but Alan has insisted from day one on taking tarmac into the shower with warm water….Tarmac now runs into our shower as if to say “ ok, let’s do it”… if only he were this enthusiastic about getting his nails “ done”

Breeder Comment

Many of us wish we had an outside dog washing area–of course, we could not use it very often here. (Haha)

We also use the warm water shower unless they take a dip in the farm pond.

Multitasking Weimar

Welcome to the zoo!

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His nose was wet, hence the dark spot. He had just stepped out of the shower, assisting our cat with his bath time. Our cat takes showers daily. Opus barges in, drinks water and cleans the cat.

He is very talented. ~ Melinda

Dear Melinda,

How are we going to guarantee there are cat-cleaning Weimars available? We have heard of Weims who shower with their family members, but one that cleans the cat is a bit unique. Here is a question for others reading this post. Does your cat take a shower? Inquiring minds want to know; Cliff and I really are speechless. The comments are open.

We are positive everyone will recognize the squeaker pile. They enjoy them so much; therefore, why the need to extract them. These are but a few of the puzzling things that occur on a daily basis.