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Remy Blue

~ Part One

Breeder Comment

We begin with a little preface–so that we can better set the backdrop. Remy Blue is the lovely pup (or the only pup I could also say, born to Deja Vu 04/10/2018). To say she was tiny would be an understatement, but she had another feature which set her apart–a cowlick that ran down the front of her face. Anyhow, we are so delighted to have photos and information on this lovely pup to share with you.

Sahyo Reports

I faithfully read your daily OWNews and am delighted to read all about the many puppies and Weims from your “pack”. I’ll attempt to briefly bring you up to date on “The Wonderful World of Remy Blue”.

Remy Blue is a sweet, loving, and clever puppy. Her cowlick running down her snout is adorable. She immediately eased into our lives and placed her paw right onto our hearts. Her air travel to Carlsbad, CA (as my carryon) was uneventful and she slept through it until the descent. 

Crate training was fine including the initial few minutes of whiny protest, but soon was happily using it as her “home base”. One of her favorite places to rest is a foot pouf. Somehow Remy Blue was able to climb up and find a comfortable spot. Her puppy blue eyes are striking in this photo.

Additional Comment

Sahyo–you so kindly provided us with tidbits of information (and photos) that take her through the first year. We will post this in a few segments over the next ten days. We appreciate you flying into Boise and carrying her home to California, too. We are excited to share more information soon.

For those interested–click here to see an older blog featuring Deja Vu and Boone–Remy Blue’s parents.

So far so good…

Hello OwyheeStar (Cliff and Shela)!

Well! So far so good! Generally speaking. Griffin* has been spectacular with house-training. No accidents, we have a bell on the door he’s already checked-out, and the four stairs leading on/off the porch didn’t stop him once! (yikes!) This is not my first rodeo, however the crate training arena provides hurdles for all of us. We’ll get there. For now, baby spends 20 min howling/ sleeping sitting up/howling until he is liberated from the offensive area. We gave it five tries yesterday-I needed to mop and throw laundry around.

Winchester. Poor boy. He does like the toy, thank you very much. I gave him a treat from the bag and he spit it out. The ride home was positively hysterical. He sat on my lap, and refused to look at the intruder. At one point he managed to squeeze himself through the seat and the door to get into the backseat. Heaven forbid he would pass through the middle and get close to the interloper. And for an hour, his head was wedged facing the back of the car away from all of us. Bella took this photo, a remarkable moment captured before Winchester FLEW across the room.

That’s about all the news from the Rosario’s. I read various blogs about crate training tips through blurred vision at 3 am looking for any new tips. So let me know if you have any thoughts!

puppy kisses,


*My son, Zach, asked that he meet the baby before we settle on Griffin, in case there’s an alternative. He arrives tomorrow!

Breeder’s Comment:  Thank you for choosing OwyheeStar a second time, and going to such extraordinary measures to make everything happen. The photo is very cute! The name is in flux, until your son arrives to make sure he agrees it is a good choice. Crate training is a challenge for you. That probably sums things up, but we know that you will make it through in good order.

Success with the crate comes from not making a big deal about it. Most people worry too much, and want the pup to like the crate. We do the crate-training in a matter-of-fact way, and in most cases the pup will adjust in quick order. Nevertheless, we have more experience than the average person. Adding a Weim to a larger pack is less dramatic than bringing home the new baby. When you have a resident Weim (or other dog) there are additional challenges. For example, if one is running free, and the other is not, it won’t make the crated Weim happy. We know Winchester will adjust. He is miffed, and his actions are comical. Hug him for us.

We thank you Melinda for flying into Boise to carry the pup home. It will pay huge dividends in your situation. They have such cute faces–what a pair they make. :O) (Pedro, thank you for the referral too!)