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Training Update


   ~even though it looks like I’m just holding Loki, he is actually roped in!!!
Aamodt's Loki_5929Just wanted to give you a quick update on Loki’s eventful week! A week ago we got to rappel together for the first time– we train on ski patrol to evacuate the lift, should it ever be necessary, and we wanted to be sure that Loki could also be safely evacuated. For those who might be concerned, Loki and I were both wearing fully load-rated harnesses designed for such activities (that’s why his patrol uniform vest is load rated!). He did really well– he was a little reluctant to leave the security of the chair (a good thing, really), but as soon as I lifted him off, he relaxed, and we were lowered to the ground– no big deal! It’s fun to see training and socialization pay off.

Canine Good Citizen (CGC)Aamodt's Loki_5924

Speaking of such, Loki passed the CGC this weekend! His only difficulty was staying calm while being petted, but he made it and passed the rest of the test with flying colors. For others interested in taking the CGC, I’d highly recommend taking a class focused on the CGC. It really helped us fine-tune and figure out what we needed to work on.
Best wishes, Erica

Breeder Comment

What an achievement to be training at the level you are–impressive! We all applaud your efforts. For those who are challenged by getting the smallest compliance this must seem daunting–indeed, the level of commitment, knack, and whatnot is well beyond novice dog handler.
For those struggling, we suggest you not compare yourself to anyone else. Also, don’t let everyone tell you what to do. This journey you have embarked on with the Weimaraner is a personal one. We are each unique in our abilities. Our lifestyle differs. We sincerely hope you can accomplish the basics–loose leash hell, a strong recall, etc. These are essential components of anyone who finds success with their canine. The desire to please, as well as a respectful relationship, are equally important. Remember it is a journey–one step at a time. It remains to be seen what you can achieve. The process takes as long as it takes. Oh, yeah!

Our Milly

At 6.5 Months

Just wanted to send you a quick update on Milly (Bernie and Boone 18 litter).  She is 6.5 months old now, wow where did time go? She is such a joy and we fall more in love with her every day.  She is in level 4 (out of 4) in obedience training on her way to getting her canine good citizenship certificate.  She does so well in class and we are working hard to enforce all her commands into everyday life.  She is still growing like a weed and I believe is now around 45lbs.  We love this spunky, smart, cuddly girl so much!  Here are some recent photos!
(Milly and her Weim “cousin” Sky are best of friends)
(She is learning to enjoy playing in the rain, she’s a Seattle girl after all! This has taken much coercion but she’s getting used to it)
(Sometimes she thinks she is a cat! Notice her blanket which is spread out that she chose to ignore)
(She has daddy wrapped around her finger)
Thanks again for a wonderful pup!

Breeder’s Comment

Thank you, for your investment in Milly–the work, the training, and all that has gone into her ongoing development. Anyone who has raised the Weimaraner knows the joy and the challenges. Like Milly–there is no dropping the ball. (Haha)
It was great to see you connected with Luna’s family on Facebook. We were happy to hear you plan to get Milly on birds too. All the obedience work will pay dividends in the field–and forward on every level. Again, we appreciate you Emailing us this update.

Bird Dog




Seems he is a bird dog, but I think we need to do more training.

Breeder Comment

Manners count as much or more than retrieving the bird. This time, it is smart that he didn’t get the parakeet. Buck and his Mama have been working hard on everything that counts –the basics. Read on and learn more about Buck’s success.

Canine Good Citizen

14908308_10211457899271088_6658599247991112911_nBuck has passed his canine good citizen class and I plan on putting him thru 2 more that will work him with getting on and off of public transportation and in and around nursing homes. I also am looking into working with him to help my mom with her diabetes, they are together all day and she has had a few issues with her blood sugar.

There are times that he drives me absolutely crazy, well I should say most of the time. He is nothing like my last one. Just when I think he hasn’t learned anything he surprises me.  I wouldn’t have it any other way tho.

    I can’t believe he is almost a year old, where has the time gone?  He goes to trap shoots with me and is always a conversation starter, as no one has ever seen a long hair weim, let alone a blue one.

I will try better to keep you updated on his progress. Thank you so much for the opportunity to have one of your dogs. I know where I will be going when the time comes for another one.

        ~Beth and Buck

Life Changing Experiences

Happy Holidays from Skye & Haze! (and Jean & Nancy 🙂

Sorry it’s been so long since an update! The girls have been doing great, but not without the typical Weim challenges and antics!

1_blogSkye is now 18 months and definitely pushes the bar when it comes to world domination… she maybe small (weighs about 45 pounds) but has no problem throwing her dominant female self around keeping everyone on their toes. At the same time, she is the more cuddly of the two girls. She loves to talk, and is so expressive and intense about everything. She keeps us constantly laughing. She must be in control of all toys at all times, and has to continually be reminded to share. Her favorite thing to do is to run free as fast as she can (within a fenced in area) with a toy in her mouth grunting as loud as she can, trying to get someone to chase her.

Skye has succeeded in achieving her Canine Good Citizen certificate and has completed her Rally novice title. She is about to start learning Agility Basics and is starting a new class called Nose Work at our dog club. Skye also loves to travel… don’t leave home without her!!2_blog3_blog

4_blogHaze is now sixteen months and weighs in at a hefty 75-80 pounds. She’s a big girl! Haze is a big nutty giant, and the mellower of the two.

Her favorite activities are sniffing about anywhere and pointing at anything that flies or moves… too bad we aren’t hunters! She doesn’t like to fetch toys, although we continue to engage her in play with toys. Although she has a big bad tough bark, Haze remains at the bottom of the doggy pole.

5_blogHaze was not initially a real cuddle dog. Even as a puppy she wanted her space. As she has grown older, we have concentrated on a lot of handling and touch, she now loves to be a lap dog and doesn’t mind being loved on.

She also has completed her CGC and has titled in Rally novice. We think she will do excellent as she enters into Nose Work this January.

Both Skye and Haze are an absolute delight to our homes. They are avid car riders and go everywhere with us. We take them into stores and people are fascinated with them. We are so grateful to have found such excellent breeders in Cliff and Shela. These pups are truly part of our families. Our best wishes to all for the New Year!

Zeus at the Nursing Home

Zeus Earned His  Canine Good Citizen

Zeus Earned His Canine Good Citizen

October 13, 2014 — Zeus was a very good boy at the nursing home today. It was his first visit there and he met lots of nice people! Some people enjoyed petting him and commented on how nice his fur felt and some people just enjoyed looking at him! A lot of people wanted to know what kind of dog he was because they had never seen or heard of a Weimaraner before. All in all he had a great time! Hopefully he will be a little calmer the next time we go… everything was all new to him and very exciting! I’d really like to take him to a children’s hospital someday. He just adores children and I know they would like him because he is so full of energy! He was so tired when he was done… it was quite an adventure for him!

Note: We will be posting an update in the next few days. He is a versatile guy–hunting, running, and visiting the nursing home. Go Zeus!


Jan’s Beautiful Willow10152681_10203633976153254_341180685359028595_n

Here is her formal name: My beautiful Willow- UKC Best-In-Show and High-In-Trial Champion Sunstar Willow of OwyheeStar, Canine Good Citizen, United Rally Obedience 1

OwyheeStar wishes to congratulate Jan Magnuson for all she, and Willow have accomplished. We sincerely appreciate her friendship, support, and expertise!

Mirroring your affect

Have you noticed?

395649_2736894675073_1638565640_2508020_538811467_nThose around you, none less than our beloved Weimaraner, respond to our attitude. The Weimaraner is very affected by what we do, what we say, and how we feel. They have extreme ability to read you, and to empathize when you are down. This can be a huge problem if you have the flu and hurt all over. The Weims are jumping on and off the bed, and wanting to lie on top of you.

This principle applies on so many levels. If you are upset, nervous, or excited your Weimaraner will most likely pick up on your underlying concern. Comparing one Weim to another is like comparing your children. Each is unique; expect their behavior to be somewhat strange. They may well do some new behavior to draw your attention. This might not be a wanted behavior. If you are looking for changes, you will surely find them. Most dogs go through with a spay or neuter without incident. Some seem to pick up on their owner’s anxiety (or concern). Giving attention to a negative behavior is never a good idea. It is counterproductive (or will ingrain) it rather than change it. It is better to keep calm, and proceed in a normal manner. Whatever happens, it is always best to continue on–not making a huge deal out of it.

964455_10151601574701670_1100169408_o[1]Zeus was bitten by a nasty little Pug he trusted the other day. It must have been shocking. He will recover because his mama is not going to let that change their walks. They will steer wide of him, and interact with other small dogs. He has never encountered a dog like that before. It must have been shocking. It is best to move on and keep things normal. We are glad Zeus is a good boy, because if he would have retaliated, it would have reflected badly on him. Who could have blamed him? Zeus earned his AKC Canine Good Citizen Award earlier this year. He just earned a bonus point. Whatever happens, keep your cool and take action instead of reacting. Then, get out of the situation and stay calm.

Our beloved Weimaraners are reflective of the atmosphere in which they live. If their owners are happy, (and well adjusted) they will most likely become like that too! Giving attention to whining, and other behaviors make them a tool of manipulations. It is a tightrope walk raising the Weimaraner; and at the same time rewarding on so many levels.