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Oscar continues to be a very healthy and fantastic dog.  He is 10 years old now and still as playful as ever.  He has had no health issues at all and I hope he lives for another 10 years. 

Liana and I have been thinking a bit about getting a companion for him.  We got Oscar when our previous weim was 10 and it seemed to work out good so I wanted to see if you were planning any new litters in the next little while.  I am not sure how the logistics would work for getting a puppy across the border yet but I am sure we can figure all this out as we go.  We would probably stick with a short hair male and are not stuck on colour. 

Breeder Comment

We are happy to hear Oscar continues to be healthy and do well. Of course, we hope he lives to a ripe old age, but as with all living creatures–we never know how many days we get. Each one is precious–and there are never enough days to be had with our beloved Weimaraner. We look forward to working with you again.


~Celebrates Eight Great Years

Jagger recently celebrated his 8th Birthday with me (October 8th, 2012). I just wanted to let you know that he is doing well. I know you were concerned about him coming out to the Canadian West Coast where we get all the rain. He has performed well in all weather conditions and still comes with me to the woods on field work days. He scares off the bears and the squirrels drive him crazy. 

He is a very unique dog where I com from, still amazes me how many comments he gets for his looks and colour.

Breeder Comment

Thanks for remembering us with this update. We genuinely appreciate it. As for adapting to rain–some Weimaraners become oppositional about going outside in the rain, but not all. Others flop in mud puddles, jump in ponds, lakes, or even the ocean. It is always wise to acclimate them to the idea that rain happens–Haha

One of my favorite updates was Jagger’s photo and our blog in the background, where you said you watched the video of some of our pups. There have been so many lovely updates over the years–we cannot thank you enough.

Oscar vacations with his family

Oscar and Liana in Vancouver (August 2013)

Oscar and Liana in Vancouver (August 2013)

Oscar on Vacation

Oscar at the Outdoor Moby Concert

Oscar at the Outdoor Moby Concert

We had Oscar in Squamish and Whistler on a vacation last week.  He had a great time and we took some cool videos and pictures.

Breeder’s Comment: Last week, we talked about the Weimaraner that has to stay home, or possibly stay with someone while you are gone. However, it is much more common for the Weimaraner to join their family on vacation. It still requires having a well-trained, well-adjusted, and social Weimaraner. The more adaptable the Weimaraner the better things will go! 

Pet Friendly Hotels

Jeff also wanted to point out  that there are many accommodations that are pet friendly.  I will forward you a picture of Liana and Oscar in the Fairmont Vancouver (very fancy hotel)  It was a little challenge finding green space for him to do his thing but well worth it. Here they are………Plus a couple other vacation photos.IMG_4008 IMG_4013 Liana and Oscar in the Fairmont Vancouver