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~Reports on his Camping Adventure

We just got home from the best camping trip ever. I remember this place from when I was little mom and dad took my last year when I was just a puppy. But now that I’m bigger it was so much more fun.

We dug in the sand for clams and I got so dirty. I jumped in the water to clean myself off I loved the water. We even ran on the beach. There was water there too. At night when mom and dad are sleeping I love to jump into their cots and hog all the bed. I can’t wait til we do it again.

Love Winchester 

Breeder’s Reply to Winchester

Dear Dude–what a fun place to go camping. At the dirt, the water, and the fun combined to make it a memorable trip. I appreciate you dropping us a note and getting someone to snap the pictures of you, too. You write really well–I should find out where you studied. (Haha)

Something Fishy

About Camping


Mommy and daddy took me to a new place with lots of fun stuff to do and new smells. We went to this place they kept calling the beach it was so much fun. We played in the water and I ran so fast. Daddy even brought my ball so I could chase it. I was so tired when we get back I had to take a few power naps.



Later mommy and daddy took me on a walk to this place with big rocks by the water. It was so cool there, mommy had a long stick with a string at the end and she kept shaking it above the water until finally she got super excited and pulled out what they called a fish. It was so interesting I kept wanting to put it in my mouth but they wouldn’t let me. We had so much fun I can’t wait to go again.

At Six Months

Updating You

     ~Loki’s Adventures

Now that spring seems to finally be here Loki and I are having all sorts of adventures. For the last month or so I’ve been working on introducing Loki to water. First, it was getting his toes wet, then the ankles, and so on. I’ve attached a video from this evening— we headed out to the lake after work. Needless to say, we’ve come a little ways from not getting our paws wet. You may notice the cord on the bumper— sometimes Loki needs to remember that the game is retrieving, not keep away, but the water work has seemed to really help this. Also great insurance in case he doesn’t go for it, so I don’t have to swim.

Aamodt's Loki_3761Other adventures include hide-and-go-seek at lunchtime on a trail system near my office. It’s a great game for anyone to play to help their pup remember to check in on hikes, but with Loki, in particular, we want to develop the idea that he can use his nose to find people. When we’re out on the trail, I wait until he gets just a little too far ahead of me, and I hide in the bushes next to the trail where I can still see him. He is quick to notice that I’m no longer in sight, so he runs back down the trail. He usually goes past me until he hits my scent (in the air), and then he usually works the scent cone back towards me. When he finds me, we enthusiastically play with his favorite toy.
Another new thing is teaching Loki to pull me on my longboard. I keep it short and easy so as to not stress his joints, but it’s a great way to practice verbal directive commands. And to take the edge off the wiggles!
Loki is also turning into quite a camping dog. Last week was his first tent camping adventure in Glacier National Park over Memorial Day weekend.
The two pictures I’m sharing here show our work on the down-stay (he’s not tied in either). You can see the drool starting to come with the cheese! That’s what happens to those who attempt to counter surf. He got no cheese.
Aamodt's Loki_3760As always, we constantly incorporate sit-down-stay-heel-come into our daily routine. The heel is finally taking hold— at least 50% loose-leash on a flat collar, and his off-leash heel is almost better. The red harness he’s wearing in the picture is his working harness and includes a handle to help keep him safe on the chairlift. We are working on associating it with good listening and lots of fun search games.
Anyway, I can’t believe he’s 6 months old already! It has gone so fast. ~ Erica

Breeder Comment

We are so delighted to see all that Loki has learned thus far–in such a short time. The development of his nose–scenting for the human is coming along nicely. The water work, the basic obedience, and all continue to come together. You are doing fantastic with him on every level. Thank you, for the diligent effort you are investing in training for the well-balanced (Search and Rescue ready) Weimaraner. Also, thank you for keeping us informed. We love being a part of the journey. We realize he is a typical Weimaraner in many ways (such as the counter-surfing thing); however, it remains to be seen what the two of you can become. Go Erica and Loki–we applaud your efforts.


Waiting At the Bus Stop

     ~and Whatnot

image-10-03-18-09-04Just a quick update on Remy. She is doing so great! She has a very sweet personality, and she sure is smart. She enjoys getting out for little walks and is getting much better at walking on the leash. Every day she waits with me at the bus stop for the kids to get home and she now starts her excited tail wagging as soon as the bus rounds the corner. She has so easily fit into our family.
image-10-03-18-09-05She is still doing great with potty training and being in the crate. She has also learned to sit, stay, come and even shake. We haven’t worked with her much yet but she picks up the commands quickly. She is getting better with the biting, a few times we have used a little spray bottle to spray a bit of water in her face to stop her, but she usually can be redirected with a chew toy. I cannot believe how much she has already grown! She has a big appetite.😀 She is a joy and such a beautiful dog. We are so happy she has joined our family.
I hope you are all well and we’ll stay in touch!

Breeder Comment

Thank you, Haley, for remembering us with this update. We realize how busy you are with the new puppy and the young family. It means a lot to us. It seems like you are doing well–even with the puppy biting thing. Keep up the consistent training and the relationship building process. You’ve got this!

Celebrating Charlie Mae and Mace–the journey thus far!

Charlie and Mace sharing a tasty stick...

Charlie and Mace sharing a tasty stick…

Mace sitting in the smallest chair at the camp fire!

Mace sitting in the smallest chair at the camp fire!

Our two Owyheestar Weim’s are amazing!  There’s no question that they have fully rooted themselves into our lives and each is so unique in their disposition it’s constantly making us smile…

Charlie on the Bean Bag chair.. this is now her upstairs dog bed.. much more cushion than the "normal" dog bed...

Charlie on the Bean Bag chair.. this is now her upstairs dog bed.. much more cushion than the “normal” dog bed…

Although it’s been several months since any potty training accidents by either of them (YEA!!!), we continue to have to monitor them both as they still seem to find various ways to be devious…  Mostly now, it’s the constant need to still chew on something despite the plethora of dog toys that are available to them!  This last weekend it included a baby bottle nipple, a brand new toy of my nephue’s, and 6$’s (a 5$ bill and a 1$ bill they ripped apart)…  About the time you think they are out of the phase you hear a disturbing crunching sound that shouldn’t happen with any of their toys… ARG! 🙂

We found Mace to be much harder to potty train than Charlie was, but not sure if that’s normal for Males/Females or just our particular situation.

They still like to dig in the dog yard on occasion.. My solution to this (albeit kind of gross) is to fill any freshly dug holes as soon as I can with a bunch of their poo.. They don’t go back to that hole at least….

A few observed Behavior differences with my from their perspective (at least as I observe it)..

Camping a couple weeks ago on a hike with the pups!

Camping a couple weeks ago on a hike with the pups!

Greeting Strangers/People:

Mace – I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU, I love YOU!!  I’d like a scratch here.. and here.. and here.. and perhaps if I nibble on you, you will love me more??!!  Mind if I lean on you a little???

Napping together on the way home from camping!

Napping together on the way home from camping!

Charlie – I don’t think I like you.. but I will bark to see what you do.. I have to Pee… You’re a man wearing a hat?!?!  I hate you.. I will bark at you until you take it off (I need to pee again on the spot)..  I see my dad!!  I LOVE YOU and I must PEE right now on the spot..  Hey wait.. what’s all this wetness on the ground.. I need to sniff it…  Oh wait.. that’s my pee…

RC (remote control) Cars my Daughter and I play with on occasion in our driveway:

Charlie – I want to Play/Chase these things, this is FUN!

Mace – Kill me now.. I’m SCARED TO DEATH and I’ll see you inside the house where they can’t get me!


Charlie – Yea.. I’ll be inside if you need me..

Mace – Wow this is cool, I’m in for a front row seat!!!


Mace – Bedtime you say!?!?!  I’m into my crate as fast as my feet can carry me.. WHERE’s MY TREAT?!?!?  TREAT!!  Ok, now I can lay down and sleep.

Charlie – Bedtime means I get to curl up in bed between mom and dad right?!?!.. If I make myself really small perhaps they won’t notice..  I LOVE the bed.. The crate is for dogs!!  (not me!)

Eating Dog Food:

Charlie standing in the biggest dog water bowl ever!!

Charlie standing in the biggest dog water bowl ever!!

Charlie – I’m a lady.. I’ll take my time and enjoy my dinner…

Mace – I’m going to pretend I’m the new Dyson Vacuum cleaner 3000, let’s see how fast I can suck this up.. ready.. set.. GO!

Mace having a nap in a camp chair

Mace having a nap in a camp chair

Eating Sticks/Weeds/anything else we can find:

Charlie/Mace – I just can’t get enough of these delicious sticks/weeds/etc.. oh wait.. I think I ate too much.. time to barf….

Open Water:

Mace – I’ll pass.. unless it’s a drink!

Charlie – This is kind of cool, I like to wade a little, just not so sure I want to get my flowing locks all wet.. I’ll get back to you on this in time…

Car Rides/Camping/Being with the family:

Charlie/Mace – LOVE IT!  Can we do this all the time?!?!

Charlie and Mace with their tail's in view.. Charlie is so proud of her fuzzy flagpole tail!!

Charlie and Mace with their tail’s in view.. Charlie is so proud of her fuzzy flagpole tail!!