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~Our Gorgeous Blue Boy

I know I expressed concern over Ace’s size – and sometimes loose stools, I think I have been stressing way too much about his growth and the late afternoon loose stools.

He (Ace) by all appearances is healthy, and now that I realize he is probably going to be somewhat undersized (which I don’t care) I am able to breathe a sign of relief. He is perfect in every other way. I can’t thank you enough for your support. You and Cliff do an amazing job! ~Dee

Breeder Comment

We understand that he is your baby and you could be overly concerned about every detail. He looks to be thriving to us–about what we would expect. We didn’t realize he would be smaller–even though that particular lineage does produce small-sized Weims. No one can guess size when the DNA pool draws from a larger grouping of various sized Weimaraners. The pup can take its cue from any number of ancestors–ultimately, health is the essential factor. Thanks for updating us!

We Are Busy

~ Ace of Clubs

Ace busy pruning my wisteria this morning 😬


The vet has agreed to administer the vaccines according to the Weimaraner protocol. He was prescribed an antibiotic for his eyes. We are hoping that his umbilical hernia will close by itself. I think it already looks smaller. His weight was 15 and 1/2 lbs. It seemed to me that he weighed a little more when we got him but he is eating, sleeping, playing and getting longer legs!! He is a beauty❣️
Dee and Mike

Diarrhea, Etc.

~ Not what I thought (whew)!

I just wanted to let you know that all is going very well despite a young puppy’s voracious appetite and sharp teeth!!I believe we are off to a solid start. We have completed the AKC registration and the registration for the microchip. We have adjusted the feedings to 1 cup 3x a day. Unfortunately Ace thinks he needs more. Lot’s more!!You know what happens to a dog when you cross that line. Yep! Diarrhea!! We tried listening to him and that’s what we got 🙃

Just set your mind at rest, I turned in a stool sample on Saturday and it was negative 😊

He is sitting and knows his name. Mostly responds to “Ace come” when called. A terrific pottier outside 👍🏻We are monitoring the umbilical hernia but are not concerned. His eye infections are cleared up but he has to finish 3 more days of the antibiotic.I hope all the rest of his litter mates are doing well❣️🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾
Dee and Mike and Atkins Ace of Clubs

Breeder Comment

Thanks for the detailed updates –we are thrilled to hear that Ace is doing well. Yes, the last minute little hernia appears to be nothing of significance. I am glad you are not worried. Over the years, we have learned that doing as little as possible with these seems to be the best choice–only fix a larger one that is more risky.

We are glad you had the stool sample checked. With young pups it is always wise to check to be sure nothing more is going on–but you have this covered. It appears other folks are doing well–at least that is what we have heard.

Hermosa Beach Welcomes Ducky

Ducky claims his courtyard territory…IMG_0263

The weather has finally started to warm up a bit (67′ today with a high of 72 tomorrow and 74 on Tuesday) and he REALLY seems to be enjoying the sunshine.  He certainly has all the strong traits of a classic Weimie!  I feel so fortunate to have both a front (grass), back and courtyard (both with hardscape and surrounding landscape)  – in addition to the man cave which was converted from the garage.  It really gives him a sense of multiple options and places to play and roam.  He’s growing like a weed – has a V large personality and appears to be quite smart too. I’ll forward on some new pics soon.

I'm HomeWe arrived home safely late Tuesday evening. Ducky is doing great!  I noticed today how much he appears to have grown in just 2.5 days.  He’s definitely acclimated to the house:  loves both the front and backyard!  Very well potty trained and wild for his toys.  Naps for about 30 minutes and then revs his engine up for another 30.

Breeder’s Note: Mindy brought Ducky home on the airplane (as her carry on). It was certainly a better plan than a drive this time of the year, and in general it is best to avoid the exposure to Parvo (which most assuredly affects pet areas, parks, and high-traffic areas). There is a lot that can happen during the flight, and layover time. It can set the stage in a very pleasant manner.