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Training Update


   ~even though it looks like I’m just holding Loki, he is actually roped in!!!
Aamodt's Loki_5929Just wanted to give you a quick update on Loki’s eventful week! A week ago we got to rappel together for the first time– we train on ski patrol to evacuate the lift, should it ever be necessary, and we wanted to be sure that Loki could also be safely evacuated. For those who might be concerned, Loki and I were both wearing fully load-rated harnesses designed for such activities (that’s why his patrol uniform vest is load rated!). He did really well– he was a little reluctant to leave the security of the chair (a good thing, really), but as soon as I lifted him off, he relaxed, and we were lowered to the ground– no big deal! It’s fun to see training and socialization pay off.

Canine Good Citizen (CGC)Aamodt's Loki_5924

Speaking of such, Loki passed the CGC this weekend! His only difficulty was staying calm while being petted, but he made it and passed the rest of the test with flying colors. For others interested in taking the CGC, I’d highly recommend taking a class focused on the CGC. It really helped us fine-tune and figure out what we needed to work on.
Best wishes, Erica

Breeder Comment

What an achievement to be training at the level you are–impressive! We all applaud your efforts. For those who are challenged by getting the smallest compliance this must seem daunting–indeed, the level of commitment, knack, and whatnot is well beyond novice dog handler.
For those struggling, we suggest you not compare yourself to anyone else. Also, don’t let everyone tell you what to do. This journey you have embarked on with the Weimaraner is a personal one. We are each unique in our abilities. Our lifestyle differs. We sincerely hope you can accomplish the basics–loose leash hell, a strong recall, etc. These are essential components of anyone who finds success with their canine. The desire to please, as well as a respectful relationship, are equally important. Remember it is a journey–one step at a time. It remains to be seen what you can achieve. The process takes as long as it takes. Oh, yeah!

Featured Weimaraner — Zeus

Hi Shela and Cliff!Zeus Canine Good Citizen


I just wanted to let you know that Zeus passed his “Canine Good Citizen” test last night! It is a test that passes or fails them on 10 aspects of manners. If they fail one of the tests they do not pass. I am so proud of Zeus! We have been working hard with him and taking him to many obedience classes. We both really enjoy them and I think that they have helped socialize him and made him have the wonderful personality that he does!


Zeus does very well meeting other people and other dogs which is one of the things that he was tested on. He was also tested on some of the basic commands such as “Sit”, “Lay or Down”, “Come”, “Stay” & “Wait”, which he excels in! He also had to heel and do some turns and stop which he has practiced many times in his “Rally Obedience” classes. Zeus loves other people and has no problem with wheel chairs, walkers or canes. I have taken him on “field trips” (as I like to call them) to outdoor fairs and such to expose him to  a lot of different people and situations. I have never seen him not love another dog either. It’s such a joy to have a dog like him!


Zeus was tested on his reaction to loud noises.  He did just fine.  Separation anxiety was the one that I thought he would have the most trouble with…. there were a few peeps out of him but he did well enough to pass which is good! 🙂


We will get an official certificate in the mail  with the option to buy some “Good Citizen” buttons and other things! I can’t wait…of course I will order them! Haha! 😉


Thank you so much for such a wonderful pup! I can’t imagine my life without him. He has been a true blessing in my life!

Breeder’s Note –The Life-Changing Weimaraner!

Much of what the Weimaraner becomes rests in the hands of their family. 🙂 Some people do the minimum, and try to work it around so they can live amiably with this wonderful creature. Others, like Jeanne, go the extra mile. They see how far the journey will take them together. 🙂

A person grows in their ability to handle and train the Weimaraner. At the same time, they experience personal growth and maturity. No matter how old you are, or what your experience might be, when you come to the Weimaraner, they will exploit your weaknesses. They challenge you in ways you didn’t expect.

Jeanne and Zeus have accomplished a lot in their short time together. 🙂 We truly appreciate the efforts. For those reading these comments, Zeus was featured on the blog not long ago for his natural agility ability. Here is a link to the former blog if you want to check it out click here!