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Ready for the Boise State Game

Well, the Boise State Broncos faced the Washington Huskies in their bowl game–there was a huge story behind this match up. I don’t know if I can do this justice in a few short sentences. I will make it brief–Coach Pete was in Boise before joining the Washington Huskies (Pac 12 Team). He is still beloved as well as celebrated in Boise. If the Broncos had to lose a game on the big stage, at least it was to Coach Pete.

Coach Harsen (was on staff with Coach Pete while he was in Boise)–during the phenomenal 2007 Fiesta Bowl upset–it is considered of the games of the century. We follow both teams (Boise State and Washington), but when we must choose, we are going with the Broncos. On this particular night, our beloved Broncos went down to the better (under-rated) Washington State Husky team. Of course, the players wanted this win for the retiring Coach Pete and to set the stage for the next chapter with their new coach. It was an impressive performance.

Waiting for the Game

It is the last game of the season and the last chance for Stackhouse to wear his Blue Boise State Tee. He enjoys these events, but as they go, this was disappointing–because it was extremely low-scoring. He gets a football toss when the Broncos score.

What Else

Stackhouse Ready and Waiting

Well, the Bronco’s offense made Stackhouse pretty darned happy. Every score means a football toss in the living room.

Score More

-I need the ball

Stackhouse loves the Boise State Broncos–only because he gets to play the game of toss and catch the football in the living room every time they score. So, he wags and says, “Woof, Score More!”

But he has a colossal complaint–late-night games cut into his beauty rest schedule. So, it was a nap during the halftime.

Go Broncos


     ~Popcorn and TD’s

IMG_1459Stackhouse loves football season–especially his team, The Boise State Broncos. He could not believe his good fortune when we dug out the special Game Day Tee. Of course, that also meant catching tossed popcorn as well as Touch Down or Scoring celebration–the tossing and catching of his football.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Means This

   ~ Stackhouse Football Ready

Stackhouse Bronco Fan Sept 2, 2017-19

Yes, I just learned this is game day. Does that me we have pizza for dinner or chip and dip? I thought when the Broncos didn’t pull out the win last week it meant I was done being a good luck token. I guess not!

Stackhouse Bronco Fan Sept 2, 2017-21

Do you know it is an Orange-out night? I don’t think I own the right fan attire. Don’t get any ideas about pompoms. I draw the line in the mud a tutu and pompoms. I also am not doing push-ups for scores. That Bronco dude is amazing but I am more of a Go Broncos, and I think I’ll take a little nap unless we have popcorn and goodies.

Join Me

I (Mr. Stackhouse) and some of the Football gang are getting our mugs posted on an OwyheeStar Web Page. Mom is running behind the curve. The new photo of Asher has not been added yet–maybe today.

Do you have an OwyheeStar Football Fanatic in their game attire? Join us–send your photo to Shela ( “Woof!”

For All of Us Who

Welcome Football Season


Stackhouse Bronco Fan Sept 2, 2017-17

Mama, football is boring. I say it is a yawn…..

What is it about this game that is so addictive? It is probably the same thing that causes us to be crazy for the Weimaraner.  Addictions of this sort are different in some ways to the ones associated with alcohol and drugs. One way it differs is there are no treatment programs to help us curb the desire. Typically, this job is handled by our soulmate.


Maybe that is why we torture them with the fan-based attire. Stackhouse sported the Boise State Bronco shirt. We may expand on that, but we are easing him into the lucky-charm job. BTW-he did a good job with the juju juice today. Boise came away with a nice win. The game was exceedingly entertaining for BSU fans. 20374367_10212371794562973_2040857289649523892_n

Waylon donned the Oregon Green to root for the Ducks! That game went extremely well for Duck fans too! It looks like Waylon will be wearing his jersey often.

If you have photos of your Weimar in game day attire, we would love to post a photo or two of them. If we get enough, we can create a Football Fan Page. What do you think?








This Week at OwyheeStar

 Greetings From Far Eastern Oregon

Boise State on the Blue --Photographer Pam Davis
Boise State on the Blue –Photographer Pam Davis

The airwaves are ablaze with football news. Of course, the Boise State Broncos have toasted two teams after getting burned by Magnum and BYU with a magnificent Hail Mary. It was not popular with the Boise faithful for good reason. No one has to perform more flawless than the team on the blue to get somewhere. This loss knocked them off the top twenty-five. Nonetheless, sometimes losing seems to cause a team to come together. They also lost their quarterback (Finley) in the second game. Losing the starting quarterback resulted in the burning of Rypien’s red shirt. Last night–Boise found themselves on grass turf rather than the favored blue rug. They took the big screen with a true Freshmen’s first start. Football fans looked on and saw greatness in the making. Rypien and his team did not fail to perform. As our friend Ryan in Boise posted on Facebook–“Let the Rypien Era Begin.”

The valley is abuzz. Click here to read more. It should be said that it was not totally the quarterback that shined; however, the team needed the offense to come alive–to execute. The defense is top rated–the type no one wants to face. The photo is from last week on the blue turf; Boise wore their all-white uniforms in Virginia while the Cavaliers were decked out in the blue in orange. It was a very strange feeling to watch the team in white put away the blue and orange group. Today, this story pretty much overshadows every other story in the local news. It is good to have something fun rather than tragedy and trouble which permeate news in general.

This Week on the Blog

The blog topics were varied spanning emtional highs and lows. Nothing is worse to a Weimlover than saying good-bye. On Tuesday, we celebrated Clyde’s life. Saying we will see you later is not easy even when there is another resident Weim. Nonetheless, knowing that the beloved Luke is resident is a comfort. Clyde cannot be replaced, but he will never be forgotten. Beyond Clyde’s departure we had a funny lip photo and news of two young pups–the success and challenges a person faces. We rejoiced in seeing Willow in the bath and to hear of Koda filling an empty nest. Here are those links to explore should you choose.

Sunday— September 20 — Read My Lips

Monday — September 21 — Simian

Tuesday — September 22 – Clyde takes an Eternal Nap

Wednesday — September 23 — Koda

Thursday  — September 24— Bath time

Friday  — September 25— Fellig’s Progess

On a very personal note

There have been some challenges this week. They encompass the usual and a weird car issue. It is not like our little transportation car is old or has a lot of miles. It is neither of those things. Something weird is going on with it and it has been to the car doctor most of this week. We have had a couple of loaners. The first, a fairly new black Yukon was totally impractical with us living in the dust bowl. We asked for something else and got the option of the Jeep Patriot. Cliff is driving it today to see if is something we would consider. It remains to be seen what will happen. The HHR configuration is ideal and the mileage is excellent. Cliff is tall. It is not every car that fits our criteria that will work for him. Larger and flashy doesn’t always suit our needs or feel as comfortable to us. I guess we are simple farm folk. 

Our health seems stable and yet improving slightly each week. The crazy gluten-free diet seems to be the cornerstone to this miracle. We don’t care what others think if it works for us that is good enough.


As Always

There is no way we could ever thank you enough for your love and support. That being said, we are especially grateful for those who continually provide us with the material for the blog. Unfortunately, sometimes this is only photos and no script. It is very difficult to write the script for photos. Other times it is only a note and no photos. If we can quickly find some photos, this is not a huge problem. If there is any way possible, it is most helpful to get both–at least three sentences along with the photos. Being stretched thin on every side means we are in desperate to keep enough material available to create the daily blog with minimal effort. Sometimes having to write the whole blog (with all the OwyheeStar Weim interruptions) can mean working it more than two hours–so as you see what you send is so important.  Thank you for your love and support. Keep the puppy updates coming–we need the updates. DSC_0134edit

Featured Weimaraner — Shaydee

Shaydee traveled well!

Shaydee arrived safely at her new forever home–she loves her family, and they love her too!

Hollee reports: We made it home about 6:30 last night. WHEW! what a long trip it seemed. Their were tons of deer and elk along the road, but thank goodness we didn’t pick up a hood ornament on the way home.

Shaydee is our snuggle-bug!

To be absolutely honest with you – I ABSOLUTELY love my Shaydee !!! She has been such a good girl. SO smart and she really traveled well. Then she was a ball of energy when we got home and she met the kids. They adore her! I don’t think any of us wanted to go to work or school today – we just wanted to play with her.

The Farm Store

We ended up going to your favorite farm store (D&B Supply) yesterday and got her same puppy food you have been using. We also happened to pick up a little Boise State Jersey (soooo cute). I included some photos of her in the BSU Jersey. I loved that store! I could have bought a TON of things! 🙂

Shaydee just learned that when you join the family, you take on the political affiliations, religion, and team fanaticism. Go Broncos!

PS: We all love Shaydee, but even the old man Meade (our original Weimaraner) doesn’t think she is too bad. he just gets on the higher couch to get out of her reach. 🙂

Breeder’s Note: OwyheeStar thanks Hollee and Wes for their continued support. Their recent loss of Gracie hit hard and deep, and condolences have been sent their direction. Now, Shaydee has a large set of paws to fill. We know she is up to the task!