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~In Idaho

Thought you might like a 12week (almost 13) update on our out Henry!

He’s amazing. He loves to play fetch and so good at the return. He is learning and listening so well. Still mastering the potty training, but great as long as we are paying attention! He’s such a funny pup and so smart! He is able to play hide and seek with toys and people. He’s catching on so we’ll to words we use. He is obedient to sit, stay, lay down, come and ‘outside’ (our word for potty!) He has even mastered wiping his feet when he comes back in, on the rug…. For a treat of course! He has grown SO much and going to need a bigger bed soon!

Sorry some of the pics are blurry! He’s not still for long! ~Jill and Clint

Breeder Comment

Hello There–we are so happy to hear from you. Just look at what is happening, you are doing great things. We cannot be happier to hear the news and to these photos. Thanks ever so much!


Happy New Year!  Thought I would give you an update on Dunkin…he turns 2 in January.

He is a great family member…he does not consider himself the family ”pet”  ha ha…Smartest family member we have ever had!

He loves water…will launch in after a stick, Frisbee…whatever.  Love pheasants, could care less about quail,  is totally into ducks.  We run into them a lot on our walks but have never hunted them because I would rather go fishing.  He loves fishing in the boat.  

He is great around other dogs; my son has a 6-month-old female pound puppy…she is feisty, pretty aggressive……and the two of them can play for hours.

He is an excellent retriever…loves to play Frisbee…is really good at catching it out of the air…we do this when I get home from work…whether I want to or not…..

I hope all is well with you.  Scott

Breeder Comment

Thanks for the fabulous update. We are so happy to hear that Dunkin is doing well. Sorry, I could not get the video to turn–I hope it works okay.


Celebrating Four Years

Foley's Maggie_1299.jpg

Santa Maggie.

Hard to believe Maggie turned 4 in December!  Thought we would send some photos of her so you could see how adorable she is.

Foley's Maggie_1206

Maggie found Elfie!

We are still amazed by her awesome personality and spunky spirit.  She keeps us young–but she has truly been one of the best dogs we have ever had!  Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Years!

Foley's Maggie_1205

Maggie snuggling with her BFF-our Russian Blue cat(she’s 16).


Foley's Maggie_6780

Bird watching in the summer.

Foley's Maggie-3

Playing ball-her favorite thing.


Phil and Gretchen —  Rathdrum, ID

Breeder Comment

Dear Phil and Gretchen–we appreciate you folks thinking about us. It looks like Maggie is enjoying life and that she helped make Christmas a lot of fun. Yes, we love her photos. We always enjoy hearing about Maggie and seeing her photos–as do others.

Featured Weimaraner — Winchester

Jamie and Chester

Jamie and Chester

Brews and Barks

Yesterday at the base of Silver Mountain Resort here in Kellogg (Idaho) they had a “brews and barks” event. It was a fund raiser for H.E.L.P. which is an organization that helps animals. They had a bunch of microbrew beers too for the adult furparents 🙂 it was amazing.

Winchester Only

Chester went to Barks and Brews, and I stayed home to take snooze... :O)

Chester went to Barks and Brews, and I stayed home to take snooze… :O)

Chester got to go. Pokey had to stay home, she gets much too nervous to have been around that many people and pets. We missed her, but I know she was happier and safer at home!

New Friends for Winchester

Winchester made so many friends! A little Boston Terrier, a Boxer. Attention from SO many people who wanted to know what breed he was. (Aren’t Weimaraners really light and grey usually) so I explained all about blues. How he’s still AKC registered even though they don’t recognize his colors. And how blues are looked down on and thought to have more health problems and not that great of temperaments. Which Chester surely showed them is not true!

Winchester Impressed Everyone He Met

They told me he is the most beautiful weim they’ve ever seen. I was thinking “if only you could see my two lookers together!” I also wrote down your guys’ website on napkins more than I can count. Will probably be bringing business cards to doggy events from now on! 🙂

Chester with his medal croppedBest Tail Wag Contest

I signed my little boy up for “best tail wag contest” and out of about 15 dogs Chester was the only one who had a nub tail! Numerous people said to me “he doesnt have a tail!” People hating on his little nubbin! He ended up placing third! YAYYY Chester! He got a bag of treats, a toy, and a medal! I took pictures of him, he was so proud!!

Things are great here in Kellogg.

Summer has come around, and we’ve been taking full advantage. Pokey absolutely adores sun bathing! Hope everything down there is well, hugs and puppy kisses from Jamie, Pokey and Winchester!225542_10150188866733903_503123902_6910590_3521796_n

Breeder’s Note: The American Standard for the traditional adult Weimaraner calls for about a six inch tail. Winchester has a nice tail. In Europe, the Weimaraner has undocked tails across the board. Around the world, the breed standard for the longhair is the undocked tail.