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~ A Little Story For the Blog

You brought Sophia to live with us on Tuesday.  Wednesday, Thursday and Friday were quiet days in our yard.  Saturday afternoon, the two pre-teen girls next door were out in their backyard and when they were talking loud, Sophia barked and ran a few feet towards their yard, stopped and barked again and then ran a few more feet and then stopped and looked at their yard for less than a minute and promptly resumed play.  

Azura and Sophie

I told you the story of Azura, as a puppy, running and barking towards the perceived threat, so I thought you’d appreciate this one about Sophia.  When Azura barks, Sophia promptly sits, alert, and watches where Azura goes and then runs after her to see what’s going on.  This little girl is such a sweetheart, so smart, so alert and learns so quickly.  Well, except for the biting thing!  

Breeder Comment

Oh, Sophia is a smart one–and again, a shark-toothed girl, too. (Haha) Thanks for the cute story. Secretly I was deeply concerned about the expectations–what we were looking for in Sophia. Who can guess what will happen, but this story was unusual–and yet, here we go. She did the same kind of confident thing. (Hurrah!)

For anyone raising the Weimaraner, click here to read about the puppy biting thing. I highly recommend this read.

This Week at OwyheeStar

Owyheestar Febuary 2015 Notes

3_Bubbles X Boomer 2015 ArrivalThe fabulous 2015 Northwest February is coming to a close. In the next couple of days, we say good-bye to a month that has brought us unseasonably warm temperatures. It is sad when I overhear folks walking into the grocery complaining about forty-plus temperatures. Someone said they missed the sixty-degree weather. February was very kind, and for that I am thankful. I cannot recollect such a February ever; maybe global warming is true. I don’t care. It is one moment at a time–this has never been truer since the cancer visited.

Cliff and I are taking an overview of what must be done in and around our property. It is a bit overwhelming. We must approach the planning, and review like everything–with focus, but in bits and pieces. Some of these things cannot wait; Cliff had tractor work that had to be done immediately. The gopher situation in this county is something to behold. We have never seen anything like it in last twenty-five years. Cliff still has some serious shovel work that has to be done soon. He needs to get his flight pen built for the birds. Then there is the farm house remodel–it is pretty much a gut job. Of course, I would like to move in there eventually. A lot of things must happen before that can be even a good pipe-dream. Cliff will be preparing for hunt tests–they are around the corner. I predict an incredibly busy spring at OwyheeStar.

Of more interest to you would be that spring pups arrived this week. Here is one of the Bubbles X Boomer pup’s moments after birth. We have a couple of pups not promised; we are accepting application. That pretty much sums up our thoughts for this gray OwyheeStar Saturday morning.

The Week’s Blog Revisited…..

We are once again thankful for the updates that make this possible!

Sunday February 22 — In Boise, Idaho

Monday February 23 — Eye Opening Experience

Tuesday February 24 – Lola Brings Delight

Wednesday February 25 — Goodies from Grandparents

Thursday  February 26 — A Crazy Couple of Years

Friday  February 27 — Duck in Norfolk with Abe

On a very personal note……

The actual cancer treatment is behind me; however, the effects (for the both of us) are somewhat ongoing. Exhaustion no doubt tops the list. Once you are engaged with the medical community, they find ways you need to keep seeing them. This is both good, and inconvenient. They already have me scheduled for a repeat mammogram this month. I have had a bone scan–a good thing, but another chunk of a day spent at the hospital, and then more for follow up. These things eat into our schedule, and our effective workflow. In addition, there are (the be-kind-to-and-take-care-of) Shela’s health. I have Lymph-edema massages twice a month, and acupuncture once a month. I will say these are making a difference. I still have a considerable amount of swelling in my left arm, and it might be something I will battle against for the rest of my life. I would prefer it vanished into the background. I decided that I have to change how I view this; I am looking at it like I do this for both of us–cliff and I. It seems like such a luxury to me–that is the way I was raised. Anyhow, I can be nothing but blessed by the whole cancer scenario. Honestly, it might shock you to know that (locally) we have some of the best cancer treatment in the nation. I count myself very fortunate.

As Always…

Thank you for your love and support. Keep the puppy updates coming. They brighten our day; and allow us to have something to share. It has been a great week of various blogs, because some very busy people took time to update us. We are beyond thankful.

This Week at OwyheeStar

Owyheestar Febuary 2015 Notes


Valentine Celebration for Violet and Heather

Here we are planning the celebration of love today. We Weimlovers know what that means. The photos have already started circulating on Facebook, etc. I was looking around for what I had to use for Valentine’s Day–so far I didn’t locate anything. My energy reserves are a bit low to go shopping. Who knows what might happen around here today?

Cliff is traveling to Burns, and I am holding down the home-fort. There is plenty to be done here while i am seeing things don’t go awry. All well I had planned to get the peas in the garden. The weather is perfect–plant when the ground can be worked. What is my excuse for falling flat on my nose–no energy. Maybe I can get out there today or tomorrow. I certainly hope so. Everyday brings the idea of fresh pea pods (in our stir fry) closer to the table. I do love them–Cliff not so much, but he goes along with the idea.

The Week on our blog….

We are once again thankful for the updates that make this possible! The paddleboard posts were by far the most popular, with Duck’s reunion a close second.

Sunday February 8 — Duck at home in Virginia

Monday February 9 — Idaho OwyheeStars Part I

Tuesday February 10 – Idaho OwyheeStars Part II

Wednesday February 11 — Paddleboards and the Weimaraner

Thursday  February 12 — Ghost @ 9-Weeks

Friday  February 13 — Fluffy Paws on Camino Island

On a very personal note……

People who visited yesterday told me they were amazed that I had just finished treatment. It is good to look healthy after completing a round of cancer treatment. I have started the hormone suppression drugs–to prevent a recurrence. I am not thrilled about the idea; however, going through treatment again, or having it spread doesn’t sound like a fun option. In addition, I will keep juicing. I know those enzymes are important–it is better than taking supplements in my way of thinking. It is all absorbed into the system. There was additional good news this week. The bone scan came back normal. Overall, the outcome is about as good as we could have hoped.

Cliff and I are tired, and there is no relief coming soon. Here we are looking at spring–puppies, farming, and all that comes with living in the country. My helper of three years (Ellen) cannot come anymore–her life it too hard. I am going to miss the help she was able to give me. I hope I can find another person, but the likelihood is slim. People think they would want to do this, until they see what is involved. They are just thinking about the fun part. Ellen is a few months older than I am. It is hard work. That is not a complaint, but it is a fact that is hard to realize from the outside looking in. We love what we do, so it is worth the effort.

As Always…

Thank you for your love and support. Keep the puppy updates coming. They brighten our day; and allow us to have something to share. There have been some great ones of late. Thank you; thank you; thank you….

Featured Weimaraner — Opie

Opie did great on trip home.Opie likes his comfort March 2013

Didn’t get sick and slept most of the way. He seems to be settling in just fine, hasn’t whined at all. He has been playing with the kids and sleeping.  Opie is Home and Sleeping