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Winter is coming to an end and we are so excited to spend another spring and summer season with Nix! He loved exploring with us. We learned quickly he isn’t the best fishing partner though as he dives in every fishing hole looking for birds. Any bird, he perks right up. Even the word bird lol! The beach and river walks are still his favorite. Lately he has brought mice in to show off. Typically they surprise me when I roll over on the bed or couch and there he has a friend for me to see. Sticks are the same. I woke to a stick in my bed the other morning! He loves the girls most and swaps from my bed to our daughters every night. We are really leaning towards another one to add to the family. I keep trying to convince myself it’s not a good idea but it comes up in every family conversation so maybe it’s a sign 🙂

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Nixon shares his finds with you, and you are an excellent sport about it. Wow!


~Has Friends and Family

Thor is much loved. Here he is with our 12 year old daughter. He has fur friends and family too.

Here he is playing with neighbor Daisy (an Australian Shepherd).  

Thor playing with neighbor Daisy (an Australian Shepherd).  

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We are so happy to hear that Thor is doing so excellent. Thanks for the video clips and the photo.


~ Dog Park Incident

Just a quick update on Stone. Recently, we were engaged in a puppy playdate at the park – which I’m lucky enough to live two blocks away from. It’s at the bottom of my street, surrounded by trees and usually pretty empty.

There are about five or six puppies around the same age as Stone that live close to me – what luck! Stone was playing with three other puppies when a woman came into the park with her older dog and let her off leash. The dog came over to our pack and then attacked Stone. The lady didn’t say anything and didn’t leash her dog or take him away. I only saw later that Stone was actually bleeding. His bite became infected and we were off to the vet a day later. Needless to say, the puppy network has heard and passed along the story. We are all a little bit more wary. I don’t assume an off leash dog is friendly. The irony is that I avoid dog parks because of this and I only let Stone off leash when I know the dogs. This time I trusted too much. 

All is healed and it didn’t slow Stone down one bit. In addition he is recovering from a yeast infection in his ear. None of this has phased my very happy little guy. Here are some pictures of Stone frolicking at the park where we go 2-3 times a day. And of course his next favorite thing, sleeping with Blue. 

All my best, 

Breeder Comment

We are always happy to hear from you, Victoria–and to learn about the adventures of Stone and those who accompany him. Nonetheless–we are sorry to hear about the attack at the dog park. It is not the first attack we have posted on our OwyheeStar Weimaraner News Blog. Not every dog or owner is encounter friendly–that is a reality we have to consider. Thanks for bringing this topic to our attention.

Miss Alli

She Loves Everyone; Nearly Everything….


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Amazing Alli

I wanted to write you and just Thank you and Cliff again for such an amazing dog. Miss Alli is doing amazing. She shows her stubborn side from time to time (which is not all that often). She goes everywhere with myself and my kids. People comment on what a calm puppy she is and how well she does with the kids.

She loves some things; hates others

She loves everyone and everything…. minus loud noises.  She hates the sound of the tractor, lawn mower, or anything that resembles those sounds. She loves to cuddle and usually has to be by my side 99% of the time. She shares my pillow with me most nights and the nights she doesn’t she sleeping on top of me. (She thinks she’s a little dog) lol She has so much personality and love it’s such a gift to have her around. We adore her. She’s by far the best birthday present to date. 🙂
I hope you enjoy these photos!