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On the Edge


Anyone down for a little Hells Canyon jump? Ilsa was living on the edge!

Breeder Comment

Zimmerman's Pole Dangers8205_nIndi stayed home while Ilsa made the trip to this interesting location (near Culver, OR) with her papa. The sisters are quite a pair but apparently they can be seen separately on certain occasions. 12002056_10207643497916095_6838050307054098955_n

Oh Yeah!


Haffey's Mav Swim One(July 9th) My little water dogs made their way out to the pool for a little Saturday afternoon swim sesh. To say they LOVE the pool would be an understatement, but I’m still not sure who loves it more; me being able to splash and swim along side them or them as they race to get to their favorite water you.Haffey's Mav Swim Two

(July 15) Summer Friday’s have officially turned into Swimming Friday’s for the fluffies!! Apparently, the pool gives my Weims snoozy eyes.

We were at a different pool today, G (Goldee)  didn’t like it as much. I am positive I swam way more than her! Mav (Maverick) liked it, but the entry ramp is at about 1/4 way into the pool, so he didn’t get as much swimming in either. We will be heading back to the big pool for open swim on Sunday.

Breeder Comment

There is nothing better for the Weimaraner than the right kind of exercise. They are difficult to wear out as we all know, and swimming can exhaust them without the typical wear and tear on the joints. For the long distance runner, this activity can set up their companion without undue stress–never truer than before the growth plates close.

Ears are another breed issue. Damp ears can promote ear bacterial growth. A good ear powder after the swim can help thwart the little buggers from taking off like wildfire.

Foster & Diesel

A Boy and his Weim

Foster is so smitten with Diesel!  Foster wants to be Diesel’ s world!

Foster & Diesel @ Home

I am just so excited for Foster and so pleased with Duke’s reaction-he is a good boy 🐾❤🐾

Breeder Note

Foster cozyDuke is the original OwyheeStar (a Blue Weimaraner) that has been a part of the family since Foster was young. He has done everything –hunted, slept with, and hung out with Foster for a goodly number of years. It was a concern bringing home a new baby; however, Sheila reports that Duke is doing well. Last night they both slept with Foster.


In Colorado

Shiny’s first dog show, first rally course & first leg!!!


The Roaring Fork Kennel Club (AKC) sponsored event will see the lovely Shiny for a second time. Yesterday, he completed his leg toward getting his Rally Title. What an awesome achievement! Today, they are back to see what else they can accomplish.

Let’s cheer them on!

Congratulations Julia and Shiny!

Yes–Shiny is a Blue Longhair Weimaraner!

New To The Water



I’m a very happy person today. I haven’t found any safe place to take the dogs swimming until today. Willow is 3 and Ruger 4 so I was concerned I’d be dragging dogs into the water and then having them sink. Silvi (my first Weim) refused to swim but could float for 30 minutes. You can be proud and pass this on to Cliff please, their early training kicked in and they were swimming back to shore over and over again. Willow had to be brought in by her collar still but if I was in the water with her, Ruger came in by himself. I think this will happen pretty fast as he seems to like it and she’s fast getting content in the water.

Ruger rested on the way home, Willow watched the scenery. So different but they LOVE each other very much!

Breeder’s Comment

Sunday’s Blog featured Ellie at Quinn’s Pond near Boise, Idaho. This is a littermate to your Ruger. As you might remember, he was captured swimming (or water retrieving). Click here if you missed that blog or want to review it.


Cliff and Shela,
Time is the most valuable resource we have. When you are young, it is easy to forget that. It seems like yesterday, I was flying to Boise, Idaho to meet Cliff and you for the first time after months of conversation on the phone and email. I was picking up my first Weimaraner, an 8 week old blue male that I had named Zeke. I named him Zeke after a good friend that perished in a car crash. The Weimaraner was my dream dog. I had wanted one for 5 years before I could make it a reality. Finally, it happened and it was not yesterday, it was 9 years ago in July 2007.
Zeke means the world to me. I can look into his eyes and see the love he has for me. In many ways, he is like a little brother. He wants to hang out with me everywhere I go. When I work or write this very email, he lays under my desk. If I glance his direction, he gives me a glance back and he is so happy for my attention. He is loyal through and through. I can unequivocally say Zeke has changed my life.
He is unbelievably smart. Ever since picking him up in Boise, I’ve spoken to him as if he is just another family member. I never degraded him to dog status. He was a dog with all the smarts and characteristics of a human. He is patient and learns quickly. He is eager and energetic to learn new things. People are amazed by his ability to “understand English”. Since I have always spoken to him just as I would another human, he knows words many dogs would never pick up on such as names of rooms, objects and locations. I can tell him to go to a room and pick up a certain object and he will. It is unreal.
People meeting him for the first time believe he is still very young. I adopted another Weimaraner named Jay in 2011 from an oil driller who could not take care of him anymore. Zeke has been an incredible role model ever since. I believe all Weimaraner’s are incredibly smart (especially if trained properly) but Zeke’s abilities go a step further than average. When Jay first came to me, he was in poor shape. He had bad training, bad habits and was not in excellent health either. Zeke took him under his wing and helped me turn Jay into another outstanding companion. Zeke is 4 years older than Jay but does not act like it at all. I think Zeke acts younger and more energetic then Jay.
Anyways, that is a update on my Weimaraner Compound in Oklahoma. The point of this message was that time flies by way too fast. Zeke is getting older but I want him to stay young forever. I had his birthday party earlier this month.
Thank you for Zeke!
Austin Patton, President
Patton & Associates Construction Company
M: (918) 931-8375
W: (918) 456-6666
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Breeder’s Comment

When we first heard from Austin, it made us take pause. He was young, and he lived a long distance from us. Regardless, after a few emails and a phone dialogue we were convinced. As he states, he flew into Boise and carried the pup home on the airplane. Since then there have been many adventures. We have watched him skydiving, get married, run his business with success, and continue to be faithful his the two Weims. We appreciate people who are busy who manage to drop us a note. Who has a birthday son made for the Weim? Well, we hope you got a hoot out of this birthday party.

Close Your Eyes

Luna’s Find

After we got home  (from our SUP adventure) it was time to work on the property, as Bill and I were working on fences Luna was “hunting” … I was watching her thinking how cute she is thinking she can catch a gopher by digging a hole, just at that moment I heard a squeak and Luna had caught her first gopher!

Garin's Luna the gopher

What do you mean when you say, “leave it?” 

This week she has also learned that she doesn’t have to be on my heels nonstop, she likes to pretend that she’s independent but most of the time if you see me you can spot Luna not too far away 🙂 but this week if she wasn’t included in the activity (like working in the fenced garden) she would wonder off and hunt or just find a nice cool place to rest, of course she still needed to know where I was, but as long as I was where I was supposed to be she was good! I’d like to chalk this up to maturity (she’s a year and a half now!) but maybe we just plain wore her out, it was a very active week:)


Breeder’s Comment

For those wanting a pristine and vermin free environment, this can be a mixed experience. The Weimaraner is a hunter. They may find a bird, a mouse, a bug, a frog, a toad, or (like in this case) a gopher. They also might roll in something dead given the opportunity. Keep in mind that they think it smells fantastic.

Sleek and Clean

A lot of folks were initially drawn to the Weimaraner due to the smooth coat. Possibly years of cleaning after the ultra popular Labrador left you wanting less hair. There will always be hair, but this is eyelash length. It is not found all over the furniture, the car, and in piles along the floorboards. Despite this fact, if you are a neat-freak it might be time to pause. This breed can be quite messy and they are attracted to some things you might not want to embrace.

Ewe and Oh No!

They love to raid the trash and play to toads–both could be deadly. Some toads are toxic; they trash may have dangerous bones, glass, metal, etc. For many the shredded paper is not a huge issue; however, the Surprises, Gifts, and Whatnot is not tolerable. It is never a good idea to assume you can train the Weimaraner not to roll on a dead something or the random cowpie. Keeping them being interest in vermin or the occasion Tweetie Pie is not realistic either. Some will simply keep watch while others plot how they will capture them.  The Weimlover must be willing to accept the breed for what it is and to be vigilant to keep them safe–even from their own wiles.




Summer Fun

SUP — No Problem!

Garin's SUP 2Luna had a vacation packed with fun and firsts! Bill and I just got Stand Up Paddle boards (or SUP as those of us in the know say ;)!!) thinking it would be a great activity that we could do with Luna. We set out for the lake for a few days so we all could learn. Luna never disappoints, her “Auntie Linda” (Maizie’s mom) described Luna pretty well she said “Luna is so agreeable … such a good sport …always the best of companions” I was warmed by that comment, that is Luna. I never question “if” she will do something, I just ask her to do it and she does!

Quick Learner

Luna went from shaky on the board one morning to jumping on the board on her own by the next. She also started enjoying the water a little more, she would swim on her own with just a little coaxing.

5 Hour Float

We spent our last day of vacation back on the water only this time it was a 5 hour float, again Luna had a ball, this trip out she learned to step from board to board and if mama’s board got too far away she would just (after she vocalized her displeasure) jump in the water and swim to me. At the end of that float I was waiting by the (in) the water with the babies (Luna & my grand kids:) and Luna started willingly swimming, I had to call her back a few times because she got a little far for my comfort!

Colorado Boy

A Blue Longhair

Shiny is a true Colorado Boy! Here he is on his first “fourteener” (mountain over 14,000 feet) just 2 weeks before his first birthday!

Demo Dog Too!

He also was the demo dog for the local 4H conference today.
As you can imagine, he was a big hit!

Four Years

Then The Two Blue Sisters

Zimmerman's Blue Girl

Thank You — For Adopting Me 

Four years ago we rescued this beautiful girl–a sister to our first OwyheeStar. It was one of the best decisions we ever made. When Cliff and Shela let us know they might get her back, we asked for the first chance to adopt her. We had met her and her mother on several occasions at the dog park, etc. It has been a beautiful, entertaining, and wacky journey.