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~Running Through the snow

Hello Everyone!

We hope you enjoy this video of Dasher, dashing through the snow. He’s a happy pup and a bundle of energy all year round!

Happy Holidays ~ Audrey and Dave

Breeder Comment

Dasher some time ago

This video seemed perfect for our Sunday post. Thank you, Dave and Audrey, for the cute video of your Dasher playing in the snow.

Lyle and Mesquite

~AKA Skeet

Breeder Comment

You might remember Mesquite–she has been on the blog quite frequently. She is a retired Mama who found the perfect Golden Year Placement. Lyle has been faithful to keep us apprised of their journey. Not long ago poor Mesquite had a serious accident–she is alive due to Lyle’s quick response. We cannot thank him enough for the love and all he does for her. Please read on what Lyle had to share with us last week.

A Blue Lady in Waiting

Mesquite waiting for something to come her way!

A beautiful dog.

We are getting snow today!

Later in the Day

Skeet had a ball this morning out in the fresh new snow. She acted like a six-month-old pup.

She has her belly full and is fast asleep.

Snow comes to Port McNeill

Saying Hello from Port McNeill,


I work for a logging company, we use this train to haul our logs to the sorting grounds. It wasn’t moving for the day so I took the opportunity for Jagger to climb on.

Snow Fun….

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We don’t get much snow here in Port McNeill so when we looked out the window this morning (02/22/2014) we were very surprised. I think Jagger could have stayed out in the snow all day. ~ Warren

Breeder’s Note: Jagger is from a litter produced by Bubbles (which was sired by Boomer). A repeat mating has been done, and the pups are due to arrive any time. (Click Here) Bubbles will produce only blue pups; and when mated to Boomer the pups will all be smooth coats (just like Warren’s Jagger).