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Meanwhile In Colorado

~Family Means There Are Four Fur Kids

My brother’s family is visiting, and so we have the whole family together here in the Colorado Rockies.

Many hikes have happened to the delight of all 4 dogs.

Above is Luey and Shiny afield–and then
Shiny enjoying the cool tile.

We took all 4 dogs to the dog park.
Hope you are all staying safe and well!💕
Julia van de Ven & Shiny

Breeder Comment

What a great time being together as a family –and all four dogs were enjoying the adventure with you. Shiny seems like a happy camper. Thanks, Julia

Two Blue

~Colorado Boys

Shiny and Luey

Hello and Good Morning from Colorado!

Here are the two fabulous OwyheeStar blues that I live and work with–meaning we compete from time to time. We got Luey first, and later I decided on the Blue Longhair. If anyone ever wondered– here they are side by side.

Shiny with his ribbons

Luey NACSW Nosework

Breeder Comment

Thank you, Julia, for thinking of us—and for everything you do with your OwyheeStar Weims. You are one of our licensed Vet Tech’s who has the Weimaraner from us. We know how demanding the job it, yet–you manage to Title, walk, and dote and the fur kids. You rock!

Titles Earned

Hello there from the snowy Rocky Mountains!

     ~ Julia and Shiny–Nosework

IMG_3688A couple weeks ago, Shiny earned his second title in nosework from the NACSW (National Association of Canine Nosework). He was tested on 2 different odors – birch and anise, as well as his ability to distinguish between converging odors in interior spaces, exterior spaces, on vehicles and in containers. To attain the level 2 title, he had to search perfectly in all 4 of those challenges. He performed beautifully!! And was given all the most delicious treats his heart desired!! 56236783715__8EF6683F-C7D1-43DF-A0F7-4D6F48711259He was very tired at the end of the day.
Thank you for such a wonderful dog and best friend!!

Breeder Comment

Julia, with your Weimaraner experience as well as you being a Licensed Vet Tech, we are honored by your compliment. Of course, we are thrilled that Shiny is doing well with the Nosework. (Haha) We appreciate your concerted effort to take your experience with Shiny to new heights. Thanks for everything you, and especially for remembering us. We truly appreciate it.


In Perfect Harmony

Today is THE day that we have worked toward and practiced for since we became a team almost 3 years ago!!

Today Shiny and I melded together in perfect harmony to run 7 miles…on leash. No pulling, swerving or stopping to sniff.

In perfect step with each other – even though we were on the well traveled (and breath taking) Glenwood Canyon trail.

It was if he was owning his “job” regardless of bicycles, tourists, and other dogs.

“I am running with my Mom. Don’t bother me.”


And it was Beautiful!!!!                ~Julia and Shiny

Breeder Comment

There are no adequate words to describe our admiration and appreciation. You and Shiny are doing amazing things together. This running with purpose (and in unison) is one more area where we see the fruit of all your consistent labor. We look forward to hearing more about Shiny–maybe next time it will be another bit of Nosework news. Thanks ever so much for this update.

Featured Weimaraner — Bentley

Bentley 2 Time Flies By…

I can’t believe it has been so long since we made the trek to pick up Bentley.  I have been meaning to give you an update on everything but we have been so busy moving and with the wedding that it has always seemed to escape my mind.

We relocated …Bentley 3

Bentley is doing wonderfully, he loves his new acre yard and constantly runs around the trees.  He is stubborn as ever with training and likes to defy me but he is definitely getting better.

Bentley and AaronHe is sweet, powerful, and complex….

He loves attention and loves to cuddle with anyone.  He is 58 pounds and very strong. His favorite game is tug of war and he tends to win a lot. He also has massive amounts of energy and him and Aaron could go hours playing.  We have a pond in front of the house but he is still not sure about it, he has never been too sure about water.  It is actually pretty funny with the water because he will go to retrieve something in the really shallow end and I don’t think he understands how to breathe and hold his breath because we see lots of bubbles and he shakes it out. :)Every time I get on the computer (even now) he likes to lay his head on my hands as I type.  He also LOVES kisses. 🙂

Our family has grown...

benny and kateHe has recently gotten a sister and we are still working on introducing. His new sister is a Springer Spaniel named Kate.

I will you a deal. If you don't believe these stories about me, I will overlook your faults too. "Woof"

I will you a deal. If you don’t believe these stories about me, I will overlook your faults too. “Woof”

bentley 4

Breeder’s Comments: Many experts say you should not let the Weimaraner win at tug-o-war, because it gives them the impression they are the Alpha Dog.

Swimming and water-work takes a knack to achieve in most instances. With a little patience, a lot can be achieved. Some take to the water quicker than others. It should be noted that while some Weims dive, the vast majority never get their head under the water. They carry their body far above the water to retrieve. This is a video of Diva during a practice duck search shows how she swims easily through the water and searches. Unfortunately, when the camera was running she didn’t find the duck. The next trip out, she netted the duck too!