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Remembering Storm

~She crossed over the rainbow bridge May 18, 2016

Many of you have this iconic Weimaraner in your pup’s lineage. She passed on (May 2016) at 13+ years of age. She and Dusty produced the surprise Longhairs–if you remember the story that neither lineage had any known Longhairs, but the DNA had been traveling through for generations. It takes two carriers to produce any Longhair pups.


-It Has Been a Year

Henry turned one in December– we got him a year ago in Feb. He’s huge. And loving, very clever and hilarious. He’s such a wonderful pup!

We met some friends who also have one blue and one grey weim! How funny!! Haha And of course, here he is looking beautiful and ready for Christmas. One more fun fact about Henry!! He is SOOOOOO vocal! He sings and talks when he wants things! Is he part husky! Haha

Then there are other laughable as well as adorable moments–we captured some of those here.

Breeder Comment

We cannot thank you enough for this fabulous update on Henry. He looks to be thriving, and what we notice the most is he is integral to all things family. From all appearances, the resident Gray boy accepted the new OwyheeStar Blue Boy. What a cute pair they make.

Remy Blue

~ Our Snuggle Bug Rides

Here are some photos of Remy Blue in the car. She enjoys sitting in the car regardless of whether or not it is moving. 

It seems we are in a season of challenges; there are so many of our friends and family who are going through difficult times. We’re keeping both you and Cliff in our prayers. Please give Cliff a big hug from us. Remy Blue especially would be there to snuggle close to him.

Blessings to you and your family,

Breeder Comment

We are overwhelmed in a good way –by the generosity, love, care, and your response in our time of need. We are delighted to know that Remy is thriving and an integral part of your life. Thank you for this update. We are sure everyone will enjoy seeing Remy. Might we suggest you click here to read the last blog featuring Remy Blue?!?

Birthdays Happen

~Like this One for Ducky

Dear Ducky–it is hard to believe it has been five years since you left OwyheeStar to live in sunny California. The last update was about a year ago–click here if you want to read it.

There were a lot of other OwyheeStar Weimaraner birthdays on Facebook. I would try to list a few here, but I will let their humans do that if they wish. Otherwise, I would for sure, miss a few. Happy birthday–Ducky!


~At 6.5 Months

What a delight and challenge our boy is. It has been 12 years since we had a puppy in the house and even longer since it was a “big” puppy… Our current pet family consists of two cats, two senior mini dachshunds, a horse, and our newest addition, Knobby. He is 6 1/2 months now and growing like a weed. He loves toys especially his jolly ball and his piggy. The doxies are still out on their new brother but the do enjoy the snuggle time they get when he’s asleep (about the only time they like him). The kitties have a love hate relationship with him, he likes them, licks their heads and wants to play with them but they are not fond of his style of play, chasing.

Knobby is clueless to their indifference, he loves them all including the horse. In fact, he pretty much loves everyone he meets. 

He attended puppy socialization class and excelled, he’s gone on multiple camping trips and truly loves the forest. He’s extremely smart. Unfortunately he’s learned how to open doors and the sensor touch trash can. 😳What an absolute character, we love him so much. 

Breeder Comment

Thank you, Darlene for this great update on Knobby. A puppy is always a challenge, but a Weimaraner–well that is a lot more challenging.

Shed Hunting

~ Brandon With Toby

Toby is going to be a good one. He is doing amazing at the Shed Hunting. Our hours of training paid off.

Breeder Comment

The Weimaraner is listed as one of the best Shed-hunting breeds. Shed Hunting is a fast growing sport, but much of what it requires for hunting upland game birds, will crossover to training a good shed hunter. The nose and the love of the finding the sheds are the foundation. Want to find out more–check out these links!

Shed Hunting Weims (this is an older post– some links might not still work)

How to Shed Hunt with your Dog

Starting Your Dog Out the Right Way

Shed Hunting with Dogs

Thanks to Brandon for remembering us with this photo and the news that Toby is already a successful shed hunter. Good job, Brandon.

Angels Assist with the puppy exit

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Dear Shela and Cliff,

As you know, we agreed to bring an extra Weimaraner pup to Portland. Allison picked up her little Stella about hour an half ago. I just wanted you to know that the transition worked out. We kept her overnight for Allison, and we were sorry to see Stella depart. Nonetheless, all went well on the ride back to Portland yesterday (Saturday April 18th). The puppies slept all the way. We had to wake them up when stop for lunch and when my Doxie had to stop. And then they would potty.

20150418_193113They woke Joel up only 1 time to go potty last night. Not bad at all. Joel hated to see them separated. But he admitted he only wants one dog. That 2 would be to much for him. And Luna will always be able to play with Matt’s (two OwyheeStar) boys.

When we got home and told Matt that you came, he was sad he didn’t go. He really wanted to meet you. He was home working on repairs on the house.  It never just 1 thing that breaks or goes wrong.  And to fix 1 thing right you have to do something else 1st. So he has a long list that has to be done this spring and summer.

Well take care. And thank you so much.  We love what you and Cliff do to give people like us our 4 legged family members.  We do love them. Thank you.

Breeder’s Note: It is always grand to hear about the pups. Knowing that people’s lives are enriched, and filled with all the Weimaraner brings is great joy for us. We appreciate the two families who assisted someone who needed a puppy transport. Finally, we meet the most awesome people ever. Many of these folks stay in our lives for years, and even decades. The connection is one that is special. We can thank the Weimaraner for bringing us together.