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It Was A Long Drive

~But We Made It Home

We slept great! He snuggled me all night lol!! He has been amazing!!

My kids are in love and so are we. We named him Nixon. Our other Dog’s name is Linken. And we call him Linky Lou. So we now have Linken Lou and Nixon Blu.

 I am a photographer so when I get my real camera out the poor guy will be overly photographed lol! You are welcome to use our stories and pics. When we got home we had 3 elk in our yard so had to do a good check of the fencing to be sure they didn’t ruin it lol.

Breeder Comment

We appreciate you making the drive–it was fun to meet you. We look forward to hearing about your journey–and all those photos you want us to share. Everyone will wait breath abated, my friend.


~And Mesquite

Well Mesquite has been living in Prosser for two years today. She is celebrating by getting a bath! She doesn’t like it but she lets you do it. She sure likes to prance after she gets out of the tub. She wants you to know how nice she looks.

She is doing well! Can’t wait for her morning walks, especially if she can find a cat or Quail.

I am taking her to Montana hunting in October. I am sure she will go for that. She has become a darn good bird dog. What I like about her she isn’t ramie, she doesn’t chase the birds off before you get there.

She has her annual check up next Wednesday.


Breeder Comment

We are beyond happy to hear that Mesquite is doing well. You did great to teach he to hunt–she comes from a good hunting lineage, but we could not guarantee anything. And, thank you for giving her an excellent Golden Year Placement.


~ Bernie X Boone 2019

~Just wanted to update you on our not so little anymore Ashe!

We just back from the vet earlier this week and weigh in was just at 30lbs!

She is certainly growing into her own and has no lack of personality. 
She’s not the most graceful pup, she tends to barrel through just about anything and falls down constantly but she has no fear and we love that about her!

She loves her brother Chase (Australian Sheppard) so much, and he is finally warming up to her and playing with her. 
Hope all is well over at OwyheeStar!

We are loving Ashe more and more every day, even when she won’t leave one of us alone ☺️. 

Much Love,Jett and Chauntel

Breeder Comment

People like you make what we do a joy! We truly appreciate you taking time out of your busy schedule to share these photos and some insight into your life with Ashe.


~ From the Tri-Cities

And Shela Needs to see me because?

I wanted you to see our Sky–and to thank you, for a great Weim. ~ Guy

Breeder Comment

We appreciate knowing that Sky is doing well, and that she is much-loved. Thanks for the photo–tell Sky I am sorry she had to endure having her photo taken. (Haha)

When You Are Home

~and figuring our the lay of the land

We are home and doing awesome. Our little one did so well our trip back to Tumwater, two potty breaks and some water and slept the rest of the way. He is meeting his new siblings and played in the yard. He’s napping with dad on the floor currently. 

Thank you for everything! 

Matthew and Darlene

Breeder Comment

I can only imagine what the little Weimaraner is thinking–and probably plotting. They are so amazing. They can learn to run the show in short order. (Haha) We have the highest confidence that you are on the right path–starting the journey together. It remains to be seen what you can become together.

The Head-Turning

~ Luna

I thought to give you an update about our Luna. It has been nearly a month and a half since we brought her home. She has fit into our family perfectly and changed our lives in many ways. She is so expressive, smart, goofy and sweet. She became fast friends with our alpha male resident cat — they play together constantly and sometimes cuddle together in a rare moment when they are both sleepy at the same time. 

Luna is adored by many and attracts a lot of attention everywhere we bring her. She is a blue beauty. We have been socializing her as much as possible and she is doing great around other dogs and people. She has an endless amount of energy that keeps us on our toes. She loves to chew, and we’re trying our best to keep her from chewing on the wrong things. Potty training and crate training have been an interesting process — she has made improvements slowly but surely.

The crate is not her friend, and I think it’s because she doesn’t like being left alone (she is truly a velcro dog). But she has improved, and now only barks for about five minutes after going in the crate, instead of the thirty minutes she started out with. Since she is crated during the day with a break from our dog walker, we let her sleep with us at night, and she loves to cuddle. We are looking forward to starting training classes with her in a couple of weeks which will hopefully curb some of her bad habits such as jumping up on things/people, biting, and barking excessively when she doesn’t get what she wants (such a “terrible twos” thing to do)! She weighed in at 25 lbs yesterday at the vet, a 10 lb gain from three weeks ago! We are looking forward to taking her camping and hiking this summer.

This gem has completely changed our lives! We spend every moment with her and can’t imagine life without her. You can follow her Instagram at @luna.and.monty 

-Amanda and Cameron

Breeder Comment

Keep working with her–you’ve got this. Her life sounds pretty darned nice to us.


I’ve been intending to write for a year now….


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Above are the two photos I could find to send to you. In the first, she has she’s brought her bed up into my bed; she is a stick girl. We sometimes call her Mys. Stick

Nicknames are Important!

Mystic (aka Crazy Beast) is wonderful.  Everybody loves her. Really. My biggest challenge is not letting her be completely spoiled. My daughter calls her “my supermodel dog”.  They all say “I love this dog!”  More than one person has asked if she’ll have pups. I always refer them to Owyhestar. I should carry your business cards with me.

Beach Time is Important… 

She gets at least an hour on the beach every morning. The one problem we had was when I had a 8 month job that was about 10 hour days, 3-5 days a week. She chewed up the molding in the sunroom that is now her room. We don’t leave her unattended other than in her room or her crate. She would chew on things…  Do you have any good ways of breaking that habit? She still sleeps in her crate at night because otherwise she’d take over the whole bed.


In terms of training, we are a little spoiled bc the beach by our house is off leash and since she stays close it’s been so easy. However, when I do put her on a leash…. She tries to cooperate but we have a ways to go. I am going to do an adult pre agility class with her in order to train both of us and then potentially continue with agility for fun.

She is happy and healthy! Thank you so very much for such a intelligent, sweet and loving girl.

 All the best to you and yours, Jennifer, Juan and family

Breeder’s Comments: We appreciate the update, even if it took awhile. We are thrilled that she is doing well, and is much-loved!

On the topic of chewing the sun-room molding, it as, we have written on many occasions. Once a behavior begins it is difficult, and nearly impossible to change. The best approach for those raising the Weimaraner is not to allow an opportunity for the chewing to happen in the first place. That would mean not to leave the Weimaraner in the sun-room without supervision. Doing so (especially early-on) gives the opportunity to nibble, rather it is due to teething, anxiety, or boredom. It doesn’t matter the cause, but once the pattern forms the concrete-thinking Weimaraner believes it is the norm. Some people have used things like bitter apple with mixed results. We have been told the proper way to achieve the maximum benefit is to drench a cotton ball in the nasty-tasting stuff, and to force in the cheek of the Weim. That gives them a good taste, and an instant dislike for anything bitter-apple. Then, supposedly, they will steer clear of anything treated with this deterrent.

On the topic of training, Cliff and Jan Magnuson do a lot of Weimaraner training. Both these experts encourage folks to achieve loose-leash compliance. The reasons for wanting to achieve this level of obedience are many; it can save your Weim’s life. That alone makes it important! Here are a few recent blog posts related to the topic of gaining a proper relationship, and achieve the loose-leash heel.

Finally, if you happen to live near Des Moines, WA, count yourself fortunate. Jan Magnuson has been raising, training, and working with Weimaraners for more than thirty-five years. She teaches an obedience and good manners class. Taking part in this opportunity will be life-changing, and set you up for success beyond the very small training commitment. Click here to learn more about her, and her next opportunity to participate.

Jan and Willow (an OwyheeStar puppy)

Jan and Willow (an OwyheeStar puppy)


Arliss soon to be seven years old…

This is my Goofy Arliss with his white face!

Whatcha looking at?

Whatcha looking at?

He will be 7 this Dec.  Maybe all the girls in this house give him these gray hairs.

My boy Arliss

My boy Arliss

I have been working lots of hour with Pear season in full swing.  But they all are waiting for me to leave the house, so they can get their treat.

Arliss Running

Arliss Running

Sometimes I can not get my shoes on fast enough for Arliss.  He is always the first one out in the garage waiting for his treat.  It also helps me go out that door knowing I will be gone a min of 12 hours.

Arliss at the beach

Arliss at the beach

Love reading your post daily. Arliss is my Goofy Gray Guy and yet very Striking. My aging boy will be 7 this Dec. Ah, how time flies by….