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~ A Good Report and Life Continues

As you probably remember Ellie’s nose had bumps. After a bunch of testing and biopsy, we still don’t know what was going on with Ellie’s nose.   It has healed and is a lot better now.  You can still see the somewhat discolored skin, but it’s not that noticeable now. 

The good news is that it’s not cancer, and Ellie is doing great.  She loves to go to foothills riding shotgun in my truck.  She found a deer leg that she didn’t want to give up (but did eventually) and loves to rest in the backseat on the way home (it was hot, though were was lots of water in the streams).   We do have to keep a good eye out for rattlesnakes.

Breeder Commentary

We are thrilled to hear that the biopsy was negative. (Yeah!) We are thankful that she loves spending time with you–those trips are special for the both of you.

Boise Foothill Adventures

~Cat Tales and Whatnot

Ellie is still having adventures in the Boise foothills (she’s good at finding chukar and quail for fun) and she loves kayaking/rafting trips.
She’s the queen over all the cats as well.

Breeder Comment

We are happy to hear that Ellie is still doing well–especially that she is the Queen over all the cats–despite what they report.

Featured Weimaraner — Ellie

I need rest after the cacti experience...

I need rest after the cacti experience…who knew there was a booby trap?

Yes, Ellie has been doing really well except when we had our first off leash experience, and she didn’t understand the concept of cacti. Ouch, other then a few sore pads she’s fine and we picked out the big and the small thorns I guess it is just a wake up call to get rid of the wild hidden cacti around the house. Oh well, I guess it was a lesson well learned.

I love their idea of crate training....

I love their idea of crate training….

Thanks for the emails I enjoy reading them.

I hope you have a great summer–as for me, on the other hand, it is short lived seeing how I have to take algebra 1 and 2 (luckily it is only a few hours in the morning). Then when studies are completed, there will be Ellie and me time. By the way, I introduced her to stair step aerobics (Just kidding); however, she does chase the laser up and down the stairs.

I'll be waiting when you are done....

I’ll be waiting when you are done….