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Luke turns 2; Clyde will be 12

Luke turns 2 – here’s a few shots of the boys!

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Clyde has miraculously sprung back from his back injury in November. We are so happy he is himself again and are trying to get him to slow down a bit. He will be 12 this year..

Who thinks I’m not smart? Look at me………


Our Clyde proves once again how smart he is–as are all Weimaraners. I came back to my room and he had promptly taken my place at the book.

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Here’s is another shot of the boys patiently waiting for me to come in from the deck; and one of them living it up on the deck. They have settled in quite nicely. We are all a bit anxious about how Luke ultimately will do when he is solo some day. I guess he will adapt. Either that or time for a long hair….

Thanks for all you’ve done to make our experience so great. ~ Cal

Breeder’s Note: We appreciate folks like you that take such good care of their Weimar family members. No one can say what will happen. We all want the ultimate. The one thing we can agree upon is that each day is a wonderful gift.