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~Celebrating Two Years

Our sweet boy, Knobby, turned 2 this past week! We had a quiet day as he’s recovering from his neuter and gastropexy from March 4th but he thoroughly enjoyed his “pupcakes” and  ice cream.

He even shared with Gabby,  our mini dachshund.  We did remove his donut and recovery suit for the pictures, haha! ~ Darlene

Breeder Comment

We are delighted to see these lovely photos of ‘Knobby’ on his second birthday. Thanks for taking such excellent care of him, and for sharing with us.

A Decade of Colby

So Much Happiness Shared

Can you believe Colby is 10? It seems like we just brought him home! 
The last decade has brought us so much happiness.  It’s hard to think about everything having a weimaraner has done for us and sum it all up.  But if I had to sum it up in 3 words, I would say best. dog. ever!
These days, Colby prefers lazing around the house and snuggling.  He doesn’t ever hesitate to tell me when it’s bedtime.  Most nights, my husband comes to bed after me. So Colby takes his place and often nudges his face in my shoulder until daddy comes and kicks him out of his spot.  
As he develops more gray around the muzzle, I realize that our time with him is slowly becoming more limited.  Still though, we will continue to enjoy every moment we can for however many more years we are blessed to have him.  

These are some favorite photos of Colby over the last 10 years along with a video celebrating his birthday. We celebrated his 10 years with a little bit of home made (doggy friendly) ice cream and some peanut butter. He was a happy boy. 

Breeder Comment

Jenn, thanks for remembering us with this lovely update. You have been faithful to stay in touch all these years and give us photos, funny stories, and newsy reports. We do so appreciate it. While being deployed, you sent that great video of you Skyping with Colby–you are the best. Thanks ever so much for everything –and especially for your service.

Ava Blue

~ 12 Candles

Hard to believe it has been 12 years since we picked up this bundle of love from you!!!

Ava Blue (Megan x Blue) turned 12 and spent the day lounging next to me.

Breeder Comment

Happy Birthday Ava Blue–thanks for being such a sweet girl all these years.

Bella’s Birthday

Miss Bella turned 6️⃣ today 🥳🥳 July 14, 2020

I made her a doggie friendly cake 🐾 🎂 (peanut butter, carrot with coconut yogurt frosting) and popcorn as decoration 😂. She loves popcorn 🍿!
Happy birthday sweet girl 👑🎂🍿🍉

She is sweet, get along with other dogs but she likes to bark at neighbors from the window 😂 also at any delivery guys 🙄😂.

Popcorn is her fav treats!!! We spoil her, she sleeps on our bed and on my pillow! 🤷‍♀️😂

Breeder Comment

What a life Miss Bella enjoys with her family. I can tell you that I have never had such a birthday celebration in my entire life. (Wow!)

Colt; birthday boy extraordinare

Celebrating another Birthday….10531114_781726225195018_2102090676_n


Breeder’s Note: We have known Colt’s parents for a goodly number of years. We consider them seriously addicted to the Weimaraner virus.

Remi, Sadie, and Colt

Remi, Sadie, and Colt

They currently live with three OwyheeStar Weims–Sadie (the older silver-gray girl), Colt (the blue boy featured here), and Remi (the crazy gray longhair). I mean crazy in the best of ways. We cannot thank this couple enough for all they do for these three Weims. They lead extraordinary lives of a special sort. Here are a few photos snatched from the library we have collected. We hope they make you smile. They gave us several smiles ❤

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