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Bella is Good

~Challenging times because her fur sister is 13

I know it’s been a while, but we’ve been busy trying to take care of Levi, the senior dog–she turned 13 in July. Bella is doing awesome other than the look you get when you awaken her from her beauty sleep.

~What is a Bella Bag?

I made her a new Bella bag which if any of you that has a dog that loves to be covered up, take a king-size( King size is perfect for these lovely large dogs, and you get two blankets out of it or cubbies whatever you wanna call it. I Call it a Bella bag.)

Bella loves her fuzzy blanket–(I don’t know why but a regular blanket just didn’t cut it for Bella. She has to have a fuzzy one. LOL) I the cut the blanket in half, fold each half, and knot the sides up Bella loves hers. Don’t mind the dirty sheet on top of my bed to keep my bed; oops, I mean Bella’s bed clean. It’s been raining, and Bella brings a lot of mud in on her big feet (LOL). It gets removed when we go to bed😉

I do read your OwyheeStar Weimaraner News blog every morning with my cuppa coffee. With everything going on in the world, it is the best part of the morning. I genuinely enjoy hearing about the farm, and the puppies make me want to get another one. (LOL) 😉 You guys have an awesome day.

Breeder Comment

Debbie–it is so good to hear from you. I can see you are quite challenged with Levi’s issues–you had her quite sometime before you acquired Miss Bella. We appreciate that you have stayed in touch over the years. This Bella Bag is a cute idea–innovative. Thanks for the update and the tip.


~Loves that I Work the Nightshift

I work night shift, which means 12 days per month, I sleep during the day. It’s the one thing I don’t like about my job, but the one thing Henry loves!!! He doesn’t sleep with us at night, Kevin’s hard rule since we got him 3.5 years ago.

Like all Weims, routines are gospel, Henry knows when I walk in the door at 8 am that we are about to have some serious snuggle time, he stands right by my side while I make myself a little breakfast (of course patiently waiting for me to share something), and then I say the magic words, “you want to go to bed?” Henry runs up the stairs and straight to his blanket on the bed. Every once in a while he wakes me up, but most of the time, it’s Kevin waking us both up with coffee and opening the curtains. Hen is just as reluctant as me to open his eyes and get going. 

I don’t know why Weims are a labeled as the crazy always energetic dogs, Henry sleeps all night, and happily settles in for another 5-7 hours with mommy!!!

Breeder Comment

The Weimaraner indeed loves to sleep–, especially with their humans. They can settle in for an afternoon of television and popcorn, too. It always amazes me that Stackhouse has been up less than an hour and he is crashed on the floor snoozing away. I guess beauty sleep is a Weimar thing too.


~On A Saturday Morning

Saturday morning bed snuggles with Juneaux (Timber’s sister)- she is such a great part of our family, and has become such a great family dog. She loves her daddy and worries a bit when he’s not here:)

Breeder Comment

We appreciate you updating us on your family–, especially the OwyheeStar’s lifestyle. Thanks for making them an integral part of the family. These photos speak volumes.

Oh, the places we have gone!

Charlie Mae and Murphy–Part One

     ~ Home For the Holidays

Again, Shela, I am Wrapped up for Christmas

It’s been TOO long since my last update to you!  We are having a wonderful Holiday Season at the Spight house.  Charlie Mae and Murphy are doing great and have fully taken to their roles as our Fur Children!  Charlie is now 6, and Murphy is 5.

Shared Covers

They sleep with us EVERY night, Murphy prefers to be full-on under the covers (usually rotates to have his face sticking out at some point).  Charlie likes to rotate between being partially under the covers and out of the covers (I think she gets too hot).  The movement back and forth drives Jill a little crazy, but she still likes to snuggle with them throughout the night also, so they remain as permanent bed companions it seems.

Happy Holidays and lots of love to you all! The Spight Family

Breeder Comment

We are ever so happy to know your Weim-loving family. It is fabulous to know that both Charlie Mae and Murphy are doing well–at least doing Weimar type things. (Haha)

We loved seeing your annual Christmas Tree Lighting with Charlie Mae. I saw someone copied you–it was a Facebook post a few days ago. Don’t worry Charlie Mae–they cannot be considered the same as you–a Christmas Poster Girl. 

Have you seen a Weimar Taco?

We had not either

                        Warning this could happen to you…


Winchester and Opus

Melinda writes–We splurged and bought a sleep number bed. The dogs have proven worthless ever sense. We now see “Weimeraner tacos” regularly.