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~ Finally She Claims This Bed

For 6 months no interest in a bed whatsoever. Have no idea what changed her mind but she clearly enjoys herself now. Her trust is incredibly moving.

Breeder Comment

Flo didn’t learn to love a bed–but I am going to be honest, Stackhouse (until very recently) refused to use any bed we put out for him. Weims are truly weird–if they get an idea, it can take a long time to come around to a change of mind and heart.


~Survival of the Fittest

With a graveyard of destroyed beds littering the living room, I’m hoping Mr. Fellig will like this new one enough not to kill it!

We bought this one from a fancy online store called ‘made’ it was expensive and supposedly handmade free trade. It certainly cost enough! My sister has the same bed and Fellig loved it so I bought one!

Breeder Comment

Beds tend to go by the wayside all too quickly for some Weims. The first is a lovely bed–the fuzzy sort you would think they would nestle down and enjoy. But then the nibbling lead to a hole. The second was too delectable to pass on–and was unstuffed. We sincerely hope bed number three is not a tasty snack any time soon.

We have seen what they call indestructible dog beds, but we have no experience with them. We find that if a Weim starts a behavior, they continue it. They are very concrete-thinking. This concrete-thinking thing is both wonderful, and at other times it is a nightmare. It depends upon whether the behavior is wanted or not. Some Weims don’t have beds for these reasons.

Do You Have One?

Maize Does

Down with the Down Comforter

Nightly Rituals

Do you have one? Of course, we mean with the Weimaraner. The bedtime ritual seems to be a theme. The routine established is hard to undo. Keep this in mind as the fun begins. Will it be fun for you five years from now? Who can guess? Disappointing the Weimaraner is not readily embraced. Their stare-down look. The pout.

The rituals or routine activities are the Weim’s life. There is no going back.

Linda (Maizie’s Mom) writes, “This is a nightly ritual here.”

Maizie started this and now she expects this every single night when we are ready to get into bed!  Often Jerry is too tired, but the happy gleeful look on her face with a toy in her mouth and wagging tail is too much to ignore‼️😉.

Breeder Comment

What could we add here? Nothing!

High Standards for Luna

Define Spoiled

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I have people tell me that my dog is spoiled, I say “How so?!”
I don’t know many dog owners that don’t have a bed for their dog …
Or even one in each room for that matter!
And I’m fairly certain that many dog owners build a special insert for their vehicles so their pets have a place to rest in the car …
And who doesn’t get pet-icures together?!
So I think I’ve proven my point, besides she’s actually pretty helpful; right now she’s draped around my neck so when my neck gets tired i have a neck pillow ready to go! And she’s very helpful shredding junk mail & opening packages
All joking aside, yes she’s spoiled but I actually do expect more from her obedience wise as well as companion wise than most people would of their dogs. I am a perfectionist and my standards for my spoiled dog are very high … She exceeds almost every time! At five months old she is 49 pounds, sits, stays, downs, heals, doesn’t jump on people (most of the time!), retrieves and we’ve started playing a “use your nose” to find things game … Just to mention a few!
                                                                                       Love her!!! ~Nancy