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Jeanne Writes!

   ~ at the beach with the Weims

Adria and I were thinking of you today while we walked on the beach. I think it’s wonderful how friendships can develop with the help of our dogs! What a coincidence that Adria and I met in a field with Zeus and Gatsby and found out that they both had come from you! Now we walk together quite often.
Gatsby & ZeusToday we took them to a beach close to Adria’s house. It was the first time there for Zeus. They had so much fun running on the sand and through the shallow water. Zeus has also developed a taste for starfish, unfortunately.
We thought you may enjoy a picture of them romping together and having fun. I’m certain it makes you happy to see them living a good life after they leave you. They are both such good and lovable boys!
Thank you for such a wonderful dog and for the friendship that became of it because of the fantastic work that you do! 🙂
I hope that you are doing well and think of you often! 
Jeanne & Zeus

Breeder Comment

Thank you, ladies, for thinking of us. It is fun to see them having such a great romp on the beach. It is heartwarming to know that they are much-loved, too! We appreciate this update. It could not have come at a better time.


It’s Amazing

     ~Jorja Remembered

Jorja is loving up on her “interim” Mom, Emma.  Arleen and Emma took care of her until she could make the journey to Belgium.  She hasn’t seen Emma since she was 16 weeks old, but she remembered her.  Jorja was a trouper, she made the 8 hrs flight from Brussels to Chicago, hopping into her crate with ease. Through customs in Chicago, back into her crate after a drink and potty break for the 6 hr. flight to Portland, OR.  She was happy to see cousins Arliss (Arleen’s Blue), Auto and Izzy.  She seems to have a crush on Arliss.

At Home

Jorja is happy and loving her new home 🏡. Her new favorite word is beach.  She and I have started walking with a ladies walking group. She loves to run, greet people as well as other dogs. One lady calls her the new LB greeter. Not to forget the birds–she still loves them too.
I am thrilled with her approach to the water. She also hasn’t been in the water since at Arleen’s when a puppy, but she is in it now! It is going well. We are home near family, she has adjusted. We are doing well.
PS: Here are our some of our very special friends

Breeder Comment

We were so happy to hear that Jorga was safely stateside; however, the picture you paint is beyond amazing. What an excellent traveler.
It sounds like she slipped into her new life. She loves the beach. She loves the people. She loves everything about her life. Isn’t that fabulous? Thank you, Eileen, for the share. If you live near Long Beach you might meet Jorga, she will be glad to make your acquaintance.

The Early Stage

Our Maelee

~Enjoying Life


She loves playtime with the kids, fetching & retrieving every day. Introduced her to the sheds, though we’ll wait a little longer due to height and she can still be a bit clumsy at times.

She is very smart & likes to test us (repetition is key); we’ve used hand signals along with voice commands throughout her training (helpful for hunting later on, we prefer this method over whistle training). Overall she is very loved, happy, healthy and has made her place in our hearts. We look forward to every new adventure, and with our very active family, she has much to look forward, too!

3116Training is going great! 1st time playing in the sand this week, too!

Breeder Comment

We love the photo documentation. Thanks for that! We love seeing she is working at the Versatile lifestyle thing–all terrain Weimar.


Zelda is the Greatest

   ~California Weimar Girl

Stephenson's Zelda_1476
Two years ago we received a beautiful blue female Weimaraner from you folks. We met Cliff in Burns Oregon, we are from California. Zelda is what we named her. Stackhouse was there when we picked her up. Her docked tail has a very notable flip to it. Everyone loves it, as she trots, most friendliest to everyone, except cats and raccoons.
Stephenson's Zelda_1479

Eye on the Sky

We live in a pretty normal Weimaraner home.  Zelda has been very vocal these days, I can only guess what all the bumbling is about, urban raccoons and skunks.

Dog Park Star

Star of the dog park is Ms. Zelda. As most know, when puppies run into the park the other dogs come over to check her out, sniff, she runs over to the dog’s parent who seems to bother her the most, and plants herself between their legs, they become taken by her and protects Zelda.  LOL LOL!  Zelda leans into pet parents, they think she loves them. She is very sociable there, everyone knows her by name.

She is a Standout

We have come across two other young Weimaraners.  What separates her from the other weims is temperament and physical appearance, her tail flips up as she moves around, she is outstanding.

The Beach; the Ocean and Miss Zelda

This is Zelda doing one of her favorite outings. Carmel by the Sea is where this video was taken. Her parents are Stackhouse and Livee, she was born July 12, 2016.

Love sharing

Breeder Comment

We are delighted to hear from you. The videos are fun and the photos delightful. It is good to know Zelda is doing well–that she is living a perfect Weimar life. Thank you, for thinking of us, as well as for all you do for your OwyheeStar girl.

Our Longhair


Chloe will be 2 in September and has been doing so well lately with obedience- the key seems to be exercise and planning for variety in her routines. She definitely is prone to the concrete thinking so we make sure to mix it up.
Photos: Chloe trudges through any river, puddle or lakeshore she encounters- but does not freely swim. She can swim and will if we are also in the water but she seems to mostly prefer wading in up to her chest. And at the Oregon coast-Chloe’s happiest place on earth. She will run for hours chasing birds on the beach and especially enjoys climbing rocks.
We’d really love to add a puppy before Chloe gets too much older and too set in her ways.

Breeder Comment

We are glad you love Chloe so much. Well, I love being at home. Nevertheless, if I am able to escape for a vacation let it be the Oregon Coast. We look forward to working with you again soon.

At the Beach

With Bella and Company



Bella spends more time traveling than most and she loves every moment.


There are times when I long to escape life and one of the best places to accomplish that for me in the Oregon Coast. We have made many trips over the years–but it is never enough. The only thing that is possibly better is to be at the beach with the Weimaraner. I think you might agree. Debbie has Bella and her Levi, too. You might remember them for a while back, but they also sent a couple of fun videos, don’t you agree?

Bella and Levi_20171226_152407148Click Here to read the previous blog post, if you missed it or wish to remind yourself of their most recent news.

Breeder Comment

Thank you, Debbie, for the great videos and sharing your experience. We truly appreciate. We hope you are doing something equally fun on the fine January Sunday.


Modeling for Terri

Extreme Fun at the Beach

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No, I will not get back in the car!

My family had a wonderful trip to the pacific beach back in August.  All 3 of my fur babies were modeling for Terri. As you may have noticed,  he loves to travel! He also LOVES his tennis ball and his sister!

Breeder’s Comment

Hollee and Melissa have become great friends. They meet up and take their two longhairs out for fun. This trip was unique because Hollee’s Mom (Terri) was the photographer. She always does such an excellent job at capturing these moments and the unique character of those involved. They had so much fun no one wanted to leave the beach. Once in the car it looks like they were pretty exhausted. Thank you, everyone, for sharing these photos, and for the comments from you Melissa. Click here to learn more about Terri’s photography.

Sometimes You Gotta Getaway

Mom and I at the Beach

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Mom and I do a lot of Stuff Together!

Yup–sometimes we are the best of friends–the kind that means the most. Ya know what I am saying? ~ Tripp

Beautiful Friends Begin Here


To say that we value those folks who share our passion would be an understatement. So many of you who bring home the OwyheeStar pup make them an integral a part of your family. We see the Facebook posts. It warms our hearts to know that all the work we pour into the process makes a huge difference.

We have included a smattering of photos we saved. Some were sent to us via email. Others were Facebook posts–some of which you had tagged us in the post. The OwyheeStar might be found on the sofa, on the bed, and in at least in one instance on the piano. We understand Gibson is challenged as a support artist. They can be found staring out the window anxious awaiting somebody’s arrival or making sure there are no interlopers. They frequent boats and are at home in and around the water. More than anything they want to be ultra close. You make a great pillow if you can just stay still long enough for them to get a nap. For your information, the two pictured using their master’s head as a pillow are not the same Weim. Another place you might encounter the OwyheeStar is on the beach. More often than not we are speaking of the Oregon or Washington Coast. Some of these Weims live at (or near) ocean front locations. Some, like Rupert and Wendy, visit the coast often.

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Thank you for sharing with us via email, Facebook, and in other ways. Our hearts are forever joined by one or more of these wonderful creatures.


I’ve been intending to write for a year now….


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Above are the two photos I could find to send to you. In the first, she has she’s brought her bed up into my bed; she is a stick girl. We sometimes call her Mys. Stick

Nicknames are Important!

Mystic (aka Crazy Beast) is wonderful.  Everybody loves her. Really. My biggest challenge is not letting her be completely spoiled. My daughter calls her “my supermodel dog”.  They all say “I love this dog!”  More than one person has asked if she’ll have pups. I always refer them to Owyhestar. I should carry your business cards with me.

Beach Time is Important… 

She gets at least an hour on the beach every morning. The one problem we had was when I had a 8 month job that was about 10 hour days, 3-5 days a week. She chewed up the molding in the sunroom that is now her room. We don’t leave her unattended other than in her room or her crate. She would chew on things…  Do you have any good ways of breaking that habit? She still sleeps in her crate at night because otherwise she’d take over the whole bed.


In terms of training, we are a little spoiled bc the beach by our house is off leash and since she stays close it’s been so easy. However, when I do put her on a leash…. She tries to cooperate but we have a ways to go. I am going to do an adult pre agility class with her in order to train both of us and then potentially continue with agility for fun.

She is happy and healthy! Thank you so very much for such a intelligent, sweet and loving girl.

 All the best to you and yours, Jennifer, Juan and family

Breeder’s Comments: We appreciate the update, even if it took awhile. We are thrilled that she is doing well, and is much-loved!

On the topic of chewing the sun-room molding, it as, we have written on many occasions. Once a behavior begins it is difficult, and nearly impossible to change. The best approach for those raising the Weimaraner is not to allow an opportunity for the chewing to happen in the first place. That would mean not to leave the Weimaraner in the sun-room without supervision. Doing so (especially early-on) gives the opportunity to nibble, rather it is due to teething, anxiety, or boredom. It doesn’t matter the cause, but once the pattern forms the concrete-thinking Weimaraner believes it is the norm. Some people have used things like bitter apple with mixed results. We have been told the proper way to achieve the maximum benefit is to drench a cotton ball in the nasty-tasting stuff, and to force in the cheek of the Weim. That gives them a good taste, and an instant dislike for anything bitter-apple. Then, supposedly, they will steer clear of anything treated with this deterrent.

On the topic of training, Cliff and Jan Magnuson do a lot of Weimaraner training. Both these experts encourage folks to achieve loose-leash compliance. The reasons for wanting to achieve this level of obedience are many; it can save your Weim’s life. That alone makes it important! Here are a few recent blog posts related to the topic of gaining a proper relationship, and achieve the loose-leash heel.

Finally, if you happen to live near Des Moines, WA, count yourself fortunate. Jan Magnuson has been raising, training, and working with Weimaraners for more than thirty-five years. She teaches an obedience and good manners class. Taking part in this opportunity will be life-changing, and set you up for success beyond the very small training commitment. Click here to learn more about her, and her next opportunity to participate.

Jan and Willow (an OwyheeStar puppy)

Jan and Willow (an OwyheeStar puppy)