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~Reports on his Camping Adventure

We just got home from the best camping trip ever. I remember this place from when I was little mom and dad took my last year when I was just a puppy. But now that I’m bigger it was so much more fun.

We dug in the sand for clams and I got so dirty. I jumped in the water to clean myself off I loved the water. We even ran on the beach. There was water there too. At night when mom and dad are sleeping I love to jump into their cots and hog all the bed. I can’t wait til we do it again.

Love Winchester 

Breeder’s Reply to Winchester

Dear Dude–what a fun place to go camping. At the dirt, the water, and the fun combined to make it a memorable trip. I appreciate you dropping us a note and getting someone to snap the pictures of you, too. You write really well–I should find out where you studied. (Haha)

Exhausted Weimaraner

~First We Had So much fun

We took Zeus to the coast today for his first day trip. He steered clear of the water but loved the sand and wide open spaces to run. He loved it! Then slept the entire way home! 

Breeder Comment

We are so happy to learn that Zeus is doing well–and how we would have loved to be there for the trip to the Oregon Coast.


~At the Beach

Lily spends this time of year at the beach. Sometimes we have to travel for our son and our dog sitter takes all the dogs to the beach. Lily was scared of the ocean last year, but she has worked her way into the water. She absolutely loves her time with our dog sitter.

The whole family runs the dog sitter service. Their two kids help and Lily is so loved. It is so comforting to have a place for her when I have to travel.

The best part, I get back a happy, exhausted Weim. We all know a tired Weimaraner is the best! She is such a blessing to us. She fills our heart with love and our days with laughter.

Breeder Comment

It looks like Lily is the perfect kind of tired. With your life-demands we can see how this is the perfect solution. Thank you, for loving her so much.

Remy Blue

~ part two

Trips to the “holistic” vet have been fine. No issues with the titer testing, in fact, our vet was quite pleased with your protocol. Remy Blue did fine. Next big milestone is spaying sometime this summer.

Remy Blue took to initially swimming in our pool. She is much more adept at the water than Riley, our last Weim.

Car rides are fun, but Remy Blue becomes sad when my daughter, Evi exits the car for her activity. The tears of a Weim are so heartfelt. She also likes drinking my coffee; she seems to want me to stop at Starbucks for another.

Beach walks are fun for Remy Blue. She seeks out other dogs and wants to run and catch the water. I thinks she likes being a California Weim.

Breeder Comment

It is so great to see Remy Blue in her element and to hear how well she is doing at the Vet Visits, traveling, and enjoying the beach. Yes–she is a California girl.


~A Few Days

Today (May 23rd) Bart is fully recovered from his travels and has come out of his shell.  He has discovered every nook and cranny of his new home and has become quite confident.  Everything he does is now at a hundred miles an hour.  He can jump up on the bed, he kind of slides to get down.  He can hop on and off of the couch. Anything with corners is a “target.”  Bart needs a long play date with Charlie.  We will take him for a walk in our immediate neighborhood this afternoon to burn off some of his energy.  We’ll keep his nose out of everything and wash his feet when we get home.  Bart is going for a walk on the beach tomorrow.  Not off leash yet though.

Everyone thinks Bart is incredibly cute and very handsome.  They didn’t know about Longhair Weims until our postings on FB. 

Bart just started a new indoor game.  Our house is shaped like a U.  On one side there is a long hall.  He walks down this hall to my bathroom then turns around and runs down the hall as fast as he can.  Sometimes he makes a left turn and runs and jumps onto our bed.  Funny stuff.  He needs a walk.  Dan will be home soon so we can take that walk.

He is so smart!  Potty training has been easy because Bart knows which door he has to go through to get to the back yard, no messes into day 3. He is sweet and head strong at the same time.  Very curious about everything!  We love having him in our family & home.  We’ve gone from an old senior to a very young toddler.  We’re going to have to catch up.  We’ll keep you posted.  We all had a good nights sleep last night, no midnight play.


Breeder Comment

We could not be more delighted to hear that Bart is adjusting and getting you trained. Oh, I meant that he is getting trained. (Haha)

The Ocean

~Willow Makes a Splash

We wanted a water dog & we weren’t disappointed with Willow. She’s definitely claimed Ventura Beach and isn’t afraid to jump in. She’s also an avid ball chaser. She cracks us up with her stealthy fetching skills. At 10 months, she’s grown into a gorgeous Weim, and such a love. We couldn’t be happier with our new baby. 

Breeder Comment

We are glad that Willow didn’t disappoint. We appreciate all the Facebook posts featuring Willow. So, we have known you for a very long time–our connection is through the Weimaraner. First, it was Roxy and now Willow. Thank you–for your loyalty and keeping us updated.

Jagger is a lover and not a hunter….

Hello form Port McNeill

Think We Can Hitch a Ride?

Think We Can Hitch a Ride?

Here is quick update on Jagger.

Jagger Bubbles X Boomer 028Gone are the days of his little orange collar and the stuffed lion. Jagger has grown so fast, he tips the scale at 68 pounds now. That was his weight just before his operation.

Yes, we did the fix,,,

I had him neutered July 25, a little later than planned but I was really struggling with the decision. Jagger Bubbles X Boomer 031Seeing him still affected by the anesthetic and slowed by the pain didn’t help things. I wasn’t sure that I had made the right choice. However after 2 days he had bounced back and was at full speed again. The only worry was the need to protect his stitches.

Jagger and I follow the blog 

I read your posts every day, often with Jagger right by my side. The pictures and updates are a lot of fun. I take pleasure in reading about some of the distinctive behavior. It often makes me laugh out loud. I also take the opportunity to learn from it and try to present Jagger with challenging experiences.

Don't believe was the neighbor's dog!

Don’t believe it….it was the neighbor’s dog!

Toilet Paper, random holes, and well…

I have encountered some of the same problems as others. Toilet paper rolls started getting shredded, thank you Sunny for teaching us that one. Of course I can’t leave out his quest to shape the backyard with randomly placed holes. Miss Emma Blue you’re not alone. On more than one occasion I had to threaten him with the Return Policy. 🙂

Jagger is not a natural waterdog…

Jagger Bubbles X Boomer 013So far he has really been apprehensive about getting in the water. He can tolerate his feet getting wet but that’s about it. I took him out to a resort the other night for some exercise. A lot of people were admiring him from the beach and asking questions, mostly about his hunting and swimming abilities. I answered the same to everyone, “he kind of hates the water and is a bit of a weenie” and “he’s a lover and not a hunter”.

The Weimaraner has the last word…

Jagger must have been listening, as soon as I let him off his leash he ran off into the water chasing birds, came back in and tore up the beach. First time really in the water and I hope it’s a sign of things to come.Jagger Bubbles X Boomer 033

Breeder’s Note: Jagger sounds like a happy-go-lucky boy who is living the good life. For those starting off at the beginning we would like to suggest you work on the retrieving. Keeping the retrieve alive, and ingraining the love of it is important. Too often, in the midst of all that must happen, the retrieve gets overlooked. Jagger Bubbles X Boomer 049Sometimes the Weimaraner gets the notion that retrieving is beneath them. Cliff says, making sure you keep that love alive is important for many reasons. One of those reasons is this is the key to getting the Weim to swim. It still may take some patience but when you have a retriever that wants to please you, the Weimaraner will learn to water retrieve. Of course, the place you are training them, and the type of water is important. A pond is ideal–especially one with a shallow end (or a gentle slope).

The best way to avoid bad behaviors is not to let them start. Your relationship is also important. When they want to please you, they are less apt to dig when they know displeases you. First, it is important not to give them the opportunity. The same principle applies to recreational-barking, chewing the house siding, and eating their bedding. If they are chewing up their bedding, they may need to go without it (any bedding) until they can prove they are not going to destroy it. Furthermore, consider the fact that ingested items can lead to serious (and life-threatening) intestinal issues. A blockage, or internal puncture is an emergency situation.