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~ Dog Park Chance Meeting

Tango arrived at our local dog park on Wednesday, and immediately spotted a long-haired Weimaraner. There are very few Weims in our area, so we took an immediate interest.

We soon learned not only that they were both Owyheestar pups, but that they were the same age as well. As her “parents” described getting her as an older puppy two months earlier, I realized that this was the famous Addie, who had been featured on the Owyheestar blog on a couple of occasions. Now that the smoke has cleared in the Valley, they were in town on a late camping trip, and had made a visit to our neighborhood haunt.

I tried my best to get a good photo, but Addie was very focused on her ball, and Tango was soon focused on one of his gal pals, Susan the Samoyed, who was featured in a prior Tango update. They were just visiting our turf, but we’ll be sure to keep an eye out for them once camping season rolls back around.

Breeder Comment

Hello Tom–thank you for getting this newsy update that included Addie. I know everyone is going to enjoy it as much as we did. We love that Tango is such a friendly boy.

Meetings of a Special Kind

I wanted to let you know,  that Matt and Joel went to the dog park,  and ran.  into another one of your puppies.  I don’t know the guys name but the puppy was 6 months old a silver male name Burnside.  I stayed home to clean out the refrigerator.
Just wanted to say hi. We think of you often.

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Breeder’s Comments: Chance sightings and meet-ups happen—Weims and their owners are attracted to each other. You might see the pair of Portland area longhairs who frequent a local dog park. We think they love all Weimaraners; however, it is quite possible they are a bit over-the-moon-crazy for the Longhair variety. Who knows, you might have spotted them in the Pacific Northwest, or on Facebook. We get a hoot out of reading about their antics, and adventures. Below are the two co-conspirators that you might happen to meet. We think they cause quite a spectacle–we are sure you agree. You might note that they do share the same father–OwyheeStar’s Stackhouse. 

Goldee and Jax

Goldee and Jax