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Arliss in the News

Bark in the Park


Arliss Bird 2

Arliss and Arlene at another event not so long ago…

Just wanted to share this with you.  This weekend is DogPaw’s big event “Bark in the Park” which is in one of our five off leash parks here in Vancouver.  We have been promoting and was able to get the news to come out and film yesterday.  It was fun, Arliss enjoyed it too.  We are going to have all kinds of games for dogs and humans too.


It’s going to be fun for all and for a good cause!!  DogPaw; All Volunteer non profit that maintain the Clark County’s off leash dog parks. 


Dog Owner’s Group for Parks Access in Washington county  ~Arleen  

 Watch for Arliss in the bowling segment………–268952881.html <==See Arliss on the news!

Note:  Arleen is dedicated to making things better for dogs in and around Vancouver. We appreciate her dedication. 



Arliss with the Blue Runner Duck some time ago

Arliss with the Blue Runner Duck some time ago

Arliss went to Vet yesterday for shots and I asked Dr Burton to look at lumps on his flanks. They have been growing and I’m worried if they get any bigger will they interfere with his leg movement.  Dr Burton agreed with my concern (they can attach themselves to the muscle which could cause a problem).  So sometime this summer he will have surgery. They all seem to be fatty tumor but one he is a little worried about.  Each flank has at least 2 that I see and feel, one is large, but it is above the flank area plus he has a small one on the rib cage.

I was wondering also if it was diet or environment that was the cause. Annabelle (my Terrier) had one in just about the same place as Arliss’s large one. She just had the one and we where keeping an eye on it. It was larger then Arliss’s. With her coat you didn’t see it and her hair was still growing on it. Arliss has lost his hair on his. They do say that the Weim’s are prone to them. Again is it just because they are easier to see on the Weimaraner?

Arliss and the Birds

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Arliss could not take his eyes off that bird, during the Humane Society walk.

Breeder’s Note: Fatty tumors, for the most part,  are not life-threatening; however, there are exceptions. Lumps and bumps should be checked. Cliff and I do not see many of these, but our Weims do not get a lot of treats. They are a modern vaccine protocol–we vaccinate for protection, and that does not require every year. We stick with the same food for everyone, and possibly these measures contribute to fewer of these non-cancerous tumors. Deli is 13.5 years old, and she has had a single growth removed a couple of years ago. There is nothing significant view-able to the eye.

Benign tumors usually require no treatment; regardless, they may need removed for various reasons. Failure to do so (in some instances) can lead to the loss of life. Sometimes benign tumors will attach (unseen) to a vital organ, and in turn take a life. The vast majority of people who have an older Weimaraner, report seeing a goodly number of these on their Weim. We read where another Weim recently had an issue with a couple of fatty tumors. It seems like a good topic. There is a lot that is unknown about the cause.


Arliss surrounded by Terriers

Just wanted to drop in and say hi. 

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We are all doing good after the loss of our Annabelle. (Click here to read the previous blog about the loss.) We did have a little hick up with Abigail my 12 year old Welsh Terrier she came down with “Doggie Vertigo” Old Dog Vestibular Syndrome.  She is doing much better now.  It was just so scary because again it happen soo fast and out of the blue like Anna.

We are overrun with Terriers…

Also my younger sister has moved in with her two Carrins, poor Arliss yes more Terriers. But I’m sure he will miss them once they get their own place.

We had snow this weekend and they all had fun playing in it even little Abigail enjoyed it. I hope you enjoy this video. 🙂

Snow in Vancouver, WA

For me I just can’t wait for those SUN rays to fall from the sky.

We are wishing you sunshine too! ~Arleen, Abigail and Arliss (Feb 11, 2014)

Breeder’s Note: Arleen is an exceptional mama to her family. She takes very good care of each one; and they are a joy to her. Arliss is a fortunate boy!

Arliss soon to be seven years old…

This is my Goofy Arliss with his white face!

Whatcha looking at?

Whatcha looking at?

He will be 7 this Dec.  Maybe all the girls in this house give him these gray hairs.

My boy Arliss

My boy Arliss

I have been working lots of hour with Pear season in full swing.  But they all are waiting for me to leave the house, so they can get their treat.

Arliss Running

Arliss Running

Sometimes I can not get my shoes on fast enough for Arliss.  He is always the first one out in the garage waiting for his treat.  It also helps me go out that door knowing I will be gone a min of 12 hours.

Arliss at the beach

Arliss at the beach

Love reading your post daily. Arliss is my Goofy Gray Guy and yet very Striking. My aging boy will be 7 this Dec. Ah, how time flies by….