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The Cone

~ For Bart

o Bart had his surgery today to fix his umbilical hernia and be altered. He does not like the cone, in fact he hates the cone. Overall he is doing tremendous. He is whining because he is not getting his way, but does not seem to be in pain. Still peeing and pooping post surgery. It’s going to be a long 10 days with a cranky Weimaraner. 

Breeder Comment

We are happy to hear Bart came through the surgery–we have since read he is coping better than expected. Hurrah! When possible, we like the bite-note type of situation instead of these cones. This cone looks to better than most.


Neutering Happens……

………….a change for the best!

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Opus last Wednesday–Jun 16, 2014

Altering (Spaying/Neutering) your Weimaraner

Remember When????

                 Opus and Winchester last Christmas.Rosario Family with two OwyheeStar Weims