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~From Wrangel, Alaska

My husband and I bought a long haired weim from you in 2012 from Millee & Stackhouse’s litter. She is a beautiful 8 year old who is a huge part of our family. We also have another 9 year old husky mix. We unfortunately lost our 14 year old short haired Weim last year and it was a very sad time for our family. We are now ready to add another beautiful little weim pup to our family of five. Our three children, my husband, and I have fallen in love with this breed and appreciate how thorough and great you were to work with in the past. We would love to purchase another pup from you. 

Our current 8 year old weim, Millee, had a little more energy from the get go but is such a lover. They are such loyal, beautiful dogs. We look forward to adding another Weim to our family.

Breeder Comment

We are thrilled to see Millee (named for her Mama) is doing well. We look forward to working with you again.


In Alaska

      ~introduced Sage to the kayak


Sage loves the boat and her cuddles

Quinn's Sage Plus2The dogs just love going on boat rides and they both like to have their own seat. As for sage cuddles, I guess she just needed some extra attention. She does not know what to think about the kayak yet.

Quinn's Sage Summer 20171

Breeder Comment

Life in Alaska is good for Sage–she loves the snow as well as her water sports. The Kayak is new; however, we are confident with the consistent exposure she can come to love the experience. It warms our heart to know she is doing so well and is much-loved. Thank you, both for the lovely update–the videos and photos are excellent.

Happy Mother’s Day

What is more memorable than becoming a mother. No matter how many times it happens to you, it is indescribable. Each experience is unique. While siblings rival for the top position, all mother’s know there is no such thing despite how it might seem.

Quinn's Sage

The celebration of birth is not only for our human children but all our critters as well. Most of our subscribers have experienced Puppy Fever. Wow–how fast the pup grows into an adult-looking juvenile behaving wonder. That is a topic for another blog. The photo above is of the hormonal Sage in Alaska. Colin writes —

She has gotten so big. Where did the time go? We Miss the little puppy. Now she is going through her life cycle.
Parents never forget the arrival of their children–fur or human. We wish we could hold on to them. We’d like to keep them safe from the world’s dark side. Nevertheless; the cycle of life has its way. Today, we celebrate mothers and all they give us. Mothers celebrate the gift of life and all that their children bring to their life.