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Your Weim’s Age 

      ~ in human years



Dusty at 12.5 Years still looking cute

We’ve all see the charts that convert the canine companion’s age to the equivalent in human years. Recently, the last couple of days, I received one in my Email from the Farmer’s Almanac. You would think they would have it right; however, I knew it could not be accurate because they lump all dogs into the same chart. The AKC has a chart that breaks out the age according to the breed size–anything over 50 Lbs is considered Large Breed. Without a doubt, the Farmer’s Almanac is based on a small-sized dog. Here is the chart showing how to convert your dog’s age to human years compliments of the American Kennel Club (AKC).





Dusty and his littermates–Cesar’s Mom shared this with us.

Time flies by so quickly. It is hard to realize they will only be with us for a decade or more if things go well. (OMG) A few Weimaraner live to see sixteen years. I believe this is due to the luck of the draw and extraordinary care. Nonetheless, sometimes things don’t go as planned. We just learned that Dusty’s brother (Cesar) passed on in 2013 due to an issue with his spleen. I have heard of this happening in other breeds (mostly with the German Shorthair Pointer), but it could happen to any dog. I am going, to be honest, I am glad I didn’t know about this before now, for I might have worried way too much. That is a silly thing to do because all the pups in a litter are unique.


We all hope for sixteen years. It is not realistic. A few will get the extraordinary gift of sharing their lives for more than 14 years. What can we say? It is hard to talk about this topic and to realize that to love eventually means to let them go when the time comes. It is beyond painful for the reasons you understand. I am hoping Dusty will be around for a while longer.

I also learned that Cesar’s Mom was able to get a female (that they call Daisy) from Dusty’s lineage from a Midwest breeder that we have worked with over the last decade. Sometimes life is kind even when things don’t go as expected.

Featured Weimaraner — Winchester

Staying Connected with OwyheeStar

Blanket Binky

Blanket Binky

I just want to drop a note to stay in touch. Winchester is just great. We’re approaching his third birthday. He’s sitting next to me sucking on his blanket, glad to have mommy home. He’s such a good boy.

photo 1

Bruno at 15 Years Old

Bruno turned 15 in February. 

Everyday is a gift. Most days he just sleeps and then has goofy bursts of energy. I’ve sent a photo of the two taking over the bed when my husband is out of town. They just know.

Winchester is a Snuggle Bug....

Winchester is a Snuggle Bug….

We talking a bit about getting another Weimaraner.

It’s a bit difficult because I love my old guy so much. Winchester has his Chicago cousins on town to play with but it’s not the same. When I leave for work, Winchester is kenneled and Bruno lays down next to him on the floor.

Two Weim Brothers

Two Weim Brothers

I know when the time is right things will fall into place. For now all is well.

Breeder’s Note: We met this wonderful family when they are pretty sure Bruno’s days were numbered (and all too few). Like Weims do, he bounced back. No one knows the number of days they and their beloved Weimaraner have to share. Melinda is correct–each day is a gift. While some may say Bruno is living on borrowed time, we choose to believe each living creature lives their assigned number of days. It is truly important to embrace the moment. We appreciate this family’s dedication and commitment to stay in touch. They like so many OwyheeStar clients are more than someone who bought a Weimaraner from us. 🙂