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Life with Our

Two Weims

     ~Dharma and Simian

32787129_10216017789744619_2339904109915668480_nDharma loves me so much she gave me a dead bird for my birthday😏

This photo was taken in our back yard. If you look close, Simian has a rock in his mouth, that is a not so fun game he likes to play. “Mom… DON’T try to take my rocks”. Dharma however will try to take anything she can from him. Another note about this photo, look close at Dharma’s thigh muscles, she is about 25 pounds lighter than Simian, but eats the same amount of food as him. She brings the energy of the Weim to a whole new level she is so fast, muscular, and svelte. We are so happy to have them. Simian is quite mellow, so we have hope that as Dharma gets a little older she will mellow a little. If not, I guess it is good for me, because our walks get longer as the days get longer( good for me to have an exercise partner who is always ready to go)

Simian is an excellent frisbee player, I will try to get you a video. Dharma is getting better, but she often tries to catch the frisbee with her front paws

Breeder Comment

Well, rocks bring shivers. Mr. Dusty has swallowed a rock two times. The first was nearly the undoing of him–major surgery. I was out of town–in Colorado. I will never forget what I found upon my return home. It took a long time to get him back to his friendly demeanor. He didn’t trust people he didn’t know. The experience left him forever reactive to Veterinary scents. We changed Vets not too long after this incident. Rocks are hard on the teeth also. (OMG) The Weimar antics are fraught with danger it seems.

Dharma is a pocket-rocket type of Weimar. Simian is more mellow than Dharma. We think this scenario makes for a good balance. I am sure she will mellow some; however, there is a good chance she will always have two speeds–on (full speed ahead), and off (momentarily plopped down to regain the zest to go again). I guess you could say she is full of life. The Weimar antics are entertaining if nothing else.

Featured Weimaraner — Gob

Kari's Gob 2013

Gob at 7….still a pup in so many ways!

Well I thought I would give you a little write up. Gob will be 7 this summer and it still feels like he is a pup! His mannerisms haven’t seemed to change, he still has his moments that I like to think of as “blonde moments”!

Gob in Agility

Last year we started taking agility classes in Eagle, ID, just to play around and get him out of the house. (Click here to see two videos and to read more about Gob’s agility success.) Gob took to it so fast! We are learning a whole lot and our dynamic has never been stronger. I love that he is more prone to ask me for direction rather than just do what he wants ( there are still those times though too). We will probably be competing in July over in Caldwell just to see what happens. Our trainer is amazed at how “old” Gob is and how quick he is learning and moves. I have had to take notes from a top level border collie trainer to figure out how to stay ahead!

Note: Kari and Gob agility train (with Mary Hunter) at Dogs A’ Flying in Eagle. For more information, call Mary @ 208-938-2300.

Kari's Gob 2013 Cut on ChestGob is a trooper

Just recently Gob got cut on some barbwire when we were hiking. He didn’t yelp or slow down one bit! He had to be stapled up (I love Snake River Vet), he kept a great attitude the whole time he was to be quite.

Gob and Kurt --March 2013. Kurt has gained ten pounds, and stands three inches taller than God in the last two months.

Gob and Kurt –March 2013. Kurt has gained ten pounds, and stands three inches taller than God in the last two months.

Kurt the Doberman Brother

This winter Gob got a “little doberman brother”, Kurt. However Kurt is now much bigger than Gob, but is really great at taking chain of command. Gob is super patient and has really shown Kurt the ropes.

Gob — All around good-guy

Again, I can’t say how much I appreciate this dog! He is a great pace setter for my running, guard dog, nanny and all around good guy. Weimar are a special treat to anyone who gets one and I can’t imagine not having my big beautiful blue boy.

Gob and Kurt share a rare moment of snuggling together.

Gob and Kurt share a rare moment of snuggling together.