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Dyson’s Big Win

It’s not your typical hunting dog brag but Dyson won a cover photo contest for Oregon, Washington and Idaho Weimaraners Facebook group with this double derp picture.  He was waiting intensely for a ball to be thrown.  He’s such a lovable clown. 

Cheers. ~Mardo

Breeder Comment

Mardo–thanks for sending this along to us. What a fun and funny photo capture. Way to go, Dyson. You are a winner!

Willow continues her winning ways…

Congratulations to Jan and Willow.1391635_10202051213145168_667224894_n[1]

Willow has matured and continues to do well in competition. Jan and Willow didn’t stay for the entire show this time but still came home with some nice ribbons. You might remember (a much younger) Willow earned Best of Show in January. Click here to read a bit about the previous achievement. In addition to her show career, Willow has other areas of responsibility. She assists Jan at work, and during her obedience classes: this includes a lot of community outreach. Willow is kid-friendly. Visit Jan’s website where you can see Willow featured on her home page and read more about the amazing achievements.

Blog ReadyRecently, Sucia, another OwyheeStar girl attended Jan’s class and graduated. Willow and Sucia are great friends. Thank you Jan for your help when we need it, and for all you have done, and will continue to do with Willow. We are glad she is a blessing to your heart.