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Chess Anyone?

Christian Teaches Grievious Chessimage

We haven’t sent you any news on our Topper X Boomer pup (General Grievious) we got from you a couple years ago. We are happy to tell you he has been a great addition to our family. He has really bonded with our 9 year son (Christian). The two are inseparable and enjoy walking, playing in and out of the house. We go to the beach often and there favorite thing to do is running and playing on the beach.

Breeder’s Comment: We realize how much effort it requires to raise one of these wonderful creatures. (Even when we have raised a Weimaraner before), we often forget the struggles until we are embroiled in the process once again. Then too, no two Weims are identical. Preconceived ideas can get a person into trouble. Nonetheless, it warms our heart to hear of Christian and his best friend. What is more encouraging to the soul, than a boy and his Weimaraner? 

We liken the chess match to the raising of the Weimaraner. You need to figure out a strategy to keep you ahead of the manipulative, cunning, and clever Weimaraner. More than one dog-savvy person has been duped by a Weim. Jokingly we would say it is probably not a good idea to teach Grievous the game; however, then who would join Christian. It is nice to have an ever-present, and an available friend who wants to join you.