Waiting At the Bus Stop

     ~and Whatnot

image-10-03-18-09-04Just a quick update on Remy. She is doing so great! She has a very sweet personality, and she sure is smart. She enjoys getting out for little walks and is getting much better at walking on the leash. Every day she waits with me at the bus stop for the kids to get home and she now starts her excited tail wagging as soon as the bus rounds the corner. She has so easily fit into our family.
image-10-03-18-09-05She is still doing great with potty training and being in the crate. She has also learned to sit, stay, come and even shake. We haven’t worked with her much yet but she picks up the commands quickly. She is getting better with the biting, a few times we have used a little spray bottle to spray a bit of water in her face to stop her, but she usually can be redirected with a chew toy. I cannot believe how much she has already grown! She has a big appetite.😀 She is a joy and such a beautiful dog. We are so happy she has joined our family.
I hope you are all well and we’ll stay in touch!

Breeder Comment

Thank you, Haley, for remembering us with this update. We realize how busy you are with the new puppy and the young family. It means a lot to us. It seems like you are doing well–even with the puppy biting thing. Keep up the consistent training and the relationship building process. You’ve got this!

Two Blue Gems

Troy and Macy

     ~(March 9, 2018)

Meyer's Troy and Macy_1773

Here’s a photo of Troy and Macy today!


I just wanted to see how you guys were doing since I haven’t spoken to you for so long. I also wanted to let you know how much we love Troy!  When we first got him from the guy in LA in 2009 I was sure it wasn’t going to work. But after keeping to Cliff’s advice of letting him learn from the other two dogs – he melted right in with our home, and into our hearts!  Just wanted to touch base with you. God bless!

Breeder Comment

It is nice to hear from longtime OwyheeStar Weimlovers! Brad has been a faithful fan for more years than we can remember. Troy was his third OwyheeStar. He took the risk to pick him up when things went sideways with his original family. Typically, we don’t do that kind of thing–ask for help. Nonetheless, everyone needs a bit of help from time to time. This rehome situation seemed like something that might be a win-win situation. We are so happy to hear our assessment was accurate. It is outstanding to get this photo and to learn they are doing well. Thank you!

2018 Weekly Synopsis

Greetings From Far Eastern Oregon

At OwyheeStar

We sit waiting and monitoring the girls we mated in hope of getting a spring litter. Predictions can be fickle like spring weather. We still hope to have babies born. In the meantime, we are doing repairs to the grass as well as to anything else that catches our attention.

This Week on the Blog

We hope you enjoyed this week’s posts. It seems there was quite a bit of variety. More than sometimes. Once again, I am running a bit low on updates. I am confident it will all come together. I could dig around on Facebook. Many folks only post them there. :O)

Sunday—March 4 — Busted (Maizie)
Monday — March 5 — Talking About (Longhairs, Again)

Tuesday — March 6 — Gone  (Devo)

Wednesday — March 7— The Celebrated (Reznor)

Thursday – March 8 — We All Know Her (Jan Magnuson)

Friday — March 9 — Are You Wondering (Coat Color Info)

On a very personal note


Cliff has gotten the greenhouse functional. Ashley and I are going to work on sealing up some of the gaps, etc. Tractor work is calling Cliff.

Ashley and I did shop for seeds. We spent some time planting a couple of trays–tomatoes, peppers, etc. We also planted a box of leaf lettuce. More lettuce and greens are slated to go out in our raised beds. First, we have to find the old raised beds and get them ready to plant. I think they were taken apart when we moved two years ago this coming May. We have some other building materials stashed that we can use for new beds. We will need more that is for sure.

Cliff had another blood draw on Wednesday we await further news. I am still doing the same–I continue having some spasms every day. Regardless, we are thrilled to be as healthy as we seem to be. We feel like we are 20 or 30 at heart, but we realize that is just a pipe dream. Nevertheless, we work harder than a lot of folks half our age. We don’t feel that is a bad thing. One day, though, it would be nice to work a little less. Anyhow, life is sweet!



Are You Wondering?

The Weimaraner Coat Color…

        ~Sometimes folks ask

Can you tell me the difference between the blues, grays, and silver color?

The coat color for the Weimaraner technically (according to the breed standard) is either Gray, Silver-gray or Blue. People are sometimes confused. A part of this confusion might come from unscrupulous breeders who identify their pups in terms that they believe will net a sale. More than one person has written to us saying they have a Silver-Gray Weimaraner and the photo they sent along was of a Blue. What’s up with that? A breeder should know the coat colors — even at birth, they are easy to identify.

The Weimaraner’s coat can take on different hues. The time of day, lighting, and surroundings seem to reflect on a gray or silver-gray coat. Colors can be either darker or lighter than they would typically appear. We have used several methods for our photography. Natural lighting and a good photo box. We have our cabinet that uses auxiliary lighting. At times, it challenging. Just know that we attempt to get our photos true to color, but as I said–conditions affect the final product.

Now down to the nitty-gritty!

Here are two litter mates at three weeks of age. You can easily see the pup on the left is a blue and the one on the right is a silver-gray.

Color is somewhat subjective. People see it differently or describe it in their own terms. It varies in different settings and best seen in the outside light. Nonetheless, you can easily see that there is a vast difference between a young gray, silver-gray or blue Weimaraner.
In our opinion, color is not the most critical factor. Your preference might be one of the three colors. Nevertheless, the color choice pales in comparison to health, temperament, and other such factors.

All Weims are beautiful. There are pros and cons to coat colors. These tend to be all but minor unless you a Show-Person. A blue does seem to get hotter in the field during the heat of the day. A blue shows the cuts and scars and often has white hairs where the accident happened. A blue can be called a “tire screecher”. More than one person has reported a car screeching their tires when spotted roadside. This scenario can play out with the Silver-gray or Gray Weimaraner, too! Regardless of whether you prefer the blue or not, the gray and silver gray are equally lovely. The gray as we see the color is more a taupe color than actual gray. Of course, many old-time diehard Weim folks are all about the gray or the silver-gray. They have no use for the Blue.

Wikipedia notes:
Taupe (pronounced /ˈtoʊp/) refers to a dark grayishbrown color. The word “taupe” derives from the Latin name for the European Mole, Talpa europaea. For more from Wickipedia Click Here.

We all Know her

But Do We Really?

~Can We Comprehend the work she does? Probably not!


Jan and Willow we know them. Willow’s official Name: UKC Best-In-Show and High-In-Trial Champion Sunstar Willow of OwyheeStar, AKC Canine Good Citizen, AKC Novice Trick Dog, UKC Rally Obedience I, UKC Agility I, Therapy Dog International certified!

When Jan isn’t showing Willow, she can be found out and about the community where she works for Des Moines Police Department as an Animal Control Officer. In her spare time, she teaches obedience classes, visits her mother at a care facility, and volunteers. We are honored to know her and to call her a good friend. Our Weim business has factored into our relationship. We have joint-ventured on a couple of things. All of this might be of interest to you, but did you know she is a local town hero? I am sure she would blush at that description–forgive us Jan. The only bigger hero here is Rex, the German Shepherd. What a heartwarming story. Thank you, Jan, for your service. We are all blessed indeed to share the love of the Weimaraner with you.

Q13Fox News Reports

Click here to read the whole story.

The Celebrated


Hello Shela & Cliff, sorry it’s been so long since the last update. Our sweet Reznor is a little over 2 years now & is a healthy happy big goofy boy. We are so happy you brought him into our lives. He has been through 2 road trips down to California to visit with his extended family & does great on the road. His favorite thing to do is go to Marymoor Park which is a Disneyland for Dogs. He loves to be there to swim, play catch, run around ask humans for treats & pretty much ignore all the other dogs;)

Our Weimar Calendar

We decided to make a Reznor calendar this year as we got tired of not enough Weimaraners on other dog calendars & certainly not enough Blue Weims!

So now we get to enjoy his face every day/week/month of the year😍
We hope you guys are doing well & I’ll try not to wait so long until the next update. Thanks, Anthony, Michelle & Rez

Breeder Comment

We are delighted to learn Reznor is doing well. The calendar is awesome. I always dream of making an OwyheeStar Calendar. Maybe one day. Getting enough current (and excellent photos) of the Weims we want to feature. We don’t always have the opportunity to carve out time. We tend to focus on what is at hand. The necessity of the moment dictates what we do. Ah, too often the fun project eludes our grasp. (ha!) It is so lovely to see this project. Thank you, again, for sharing your love and devotion–and the calendar. We are positive others will enjoy it and follow your example.


Dog Park in the Sky

~pass the kleenex

20180219_121115This is still very surreal for us, but I thought I needed to let you know that Devo has left us for the great dog park in the sky, where he will hopefully have tennis balls and sticks to play with until the end of time.


20180221_085019He was not feeling well Tuesday night, and first we thought it was just because he had gotten into something, but by 5:30 in the morning yesterday I could tell that something was seriously wrong, and took him into the only emergency vet in town.  He was having problems breathing and was very cold, and by the time I got there, he could not even move.  I was hoping it was bloat (treatable), but soon was given the news that it was much worse – a pericardial effusion, which likely meant cancer.  They performed a Pericardiocentesis, to relieve the fluid build up and waited for the cardiologist to do a more detailed exam.

After the initial procedure he seemed to be doing better (got up to greet me, tail wagging), so I went home to wait for the news.  A few hours later, the cardiologist called me and our worst fears were confirmed – he had a tumor in his heart (hemangiosarcoma).

And the fluid (blood) kept filling around his heart, so there was no point in even attempting treatment.

Surrounded By Those Who Loved Him Most

We pulled Montana out of school and went to go see him for our goodbyes.  He was surrounded by the people that loved him most on this planet, and we will miss him so terribly that it makes our hearts bleed too – but we know that we did the best we could for him, and I am happy we had him in our lives for 9+ years.



With grief and gratitude, ~Christine

Breeder Comment

We have spoken a few days back. There are no words to cover Sweet Devo’s departure. We are saddened to hear of the loss. Our heartfelt prayers extended your direction. Oh, Devo, you were much-loved.

Talking About

The Longhair

        ~Part ThreeStackhouse-4964-2 11.08.45 AM

To sum up our previous two discussions in a few words is difficult. We talked about the DNA factor. How it requires both parents to carry the fluffy coat (Longhair) DNA marker to produce Longhair pups. We talked about how difficult it is to see the difference at birth and the DNA testing we do to ensure we have the pups labeled accurately. Finally, we discussed the feathering and showed you a decent photo of what you might expect. What else is there to talk about? Read on to hear what others say about the Longhair Weimaraner–sometimes called the other Weimaraner.

W.W. Denlinger (*)

        ~In Regards to the Longhair

The ideal hair length is between long and shorthair in the range of the original coarse. It should be smooth and thick with a water repellent undercoat, resistant to weather and thorns. At the same time, it should not be too sensitive to dirt and burrs.

The long-haired Weimaraner has been described as conforming to the Standard for the short-haired dog in every respect except for the length of coat. At birth, the coat of the SH Weimaraner is inclined to be rather crisp, with definite stripes which disappear within a short time.That of the LH Weimaraner is soft and wooly at birth, and has no stripes. The coat of the mature dog, no longer wooly, has a silky texture, and is straight or slightly wavy. On the upper part of the body, the coat is tighter than on the SH dog; on the lower part, it is not so tight. The outer sides of the ears are covered with long, soft, silky hair. The tail, which is not docked as is that of the SH Weimaraner, is heavily feathered so that in the field the dog appears to have a graceful plume-like flag.There is soft feathering on the backs of the legs, and between the toes

*As reported for the Weimaraner Club of America by Deborah Andrews
Weimaraner Club of America Liaison to the German Weimaraner Klub e.V.
Denlinger, W.,  The Complete Weimaraner, p. 183, retrieved from (


Sunshine Calling

        ~Or What’s a Girl To Do?

LaBash's Maizie So Busted_3288
What’s a girl to do when sunshine is streaming right into the guest room window…right onto the guest bed…and I’m not permitted to have all 4 legs on the furniture in this house…and my masters are not paying attention….BUSTED Maizie!

2018 Weekly Synopsis

Greetings From Far Eastern Oregon

At OwyheeStar

Pearson's Remy Arrives

Yesterday afternoon was sunny and pleasant. All too soon, the temperature dropped dramatically. I made quick work of winterizing the hose and the washing system. Ah, the ups and downs of March are a reality.

We are receiving news from those who recently picked up their OwyheeStar Winter puppy. It is always heartwarming to get a good report. If you are a faithful reader, then you know that two updates were on the blog this week. How fun is that? Meanwhile, we prepare for Spring pups. Of course, we have not a clue as to what will arrive. It is the always the same. The frustration for us as well as for our folks who Wait patiently for a puppy is palpable. Can’t you at least give us some idea they ask? These folks have no idea the complexities of such a prediction and how little control we have. (OMG) Honestly, it is inexplicable.

Preparation includes checking our supplies and making sure the whelping area is sanitary. There are Whelp records to be created. Longhairs expected in at least one of the projected litters. Therefore, it is essential to have the DNA testing kits on hand. That is an expedited process. Without the materials to take the samples, we would be at a loss. Finally, looking outside, I need to get some grass seed sowed in the yards to see if we can fill in where the pups stomped out the lawn. If not, then we will have to purchase some turf. There is no turf available yet. We hope the seed comes up and flourishes before there is the puppy feet stomping scenario. It is likely we will need sod sometime between now and summer.

This Week on the Blog

skyeemmaDid we say how much we appreciate these updates? If not, please know they mean more than you could possibly know. Our readers are somewhat addicted to living vicariously through others. How often can you add the Weimaraner to the household? Indeed–it is not practical and getting them acclimated is a lot of work. Even when things go as expected, there are challenges. Thank you, for sharing your experience and for keeping us apprised.

Sunday—February 18— Our Mantra (Freedom Earned)
Monday —February 19— Skye and Haze (Part Two)

Tuesday —February 20— How Important is It? (the Fetch)

Wednesday —February 21— Skye and Haze (Part Three)

Thursday –February 22 — Life Changing (Velcro Dog)

Friday — February 23 — Introducing (Bear)

On a very personal note

IMG_9811Cliff was out working on the greenhouse as the sun was preparing to set. After dinner, we took a look together joined by Cliff’s flashlight. I am loving the progress. I dream of being out there working and enjoying my fill of seeing the seedlings develop. I ordered horseradish. I have never grown it before. It is on the list of garden additions (which also includes a spiral herb garden). It arrived much earlier than expected. I found a container and cut off the top and planted it a couple of weeks ago. It seems it is going to thrive. It looked like nothing upon arriving here; however, it already has the sign of being prolific.

IMG_9820This week was special. We had been trying to get together (since before the February 18th birthday) with our son to celebrate his 48th years. Life has been challenging on his side of the fence, too! Finally, we were able to make and keep the date on Wednesday evening. He and his friend joined us at Brewsky’s Broiler. The meal and the time of sharing were outstanding. It was good to spend time together rather than opting for a gift of another sort.

We continue to tend to little upgrades and repairs in the old farmhouse. I bought some organizers to see if we could improve the kitchen situation. Cliff put them up. I love the difference they made. Making the most of the space we have is essential. I am nowhere near done with the process, but each improvement helps.