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I arrived not too long ago–and ever since then I have been working my way into their hearts (It didn’t require much. You Weimars know what I am talking about. I have a lot of other work to do–like any new Weim. The resident Weimaraner had to be won over, you understand.

More Importantly

I have to entertain my hoomans, and their friends. So, here you go–

Breeder Comment

Murphy, it is so fabulous the way you take care of your family–we know your Mama (Sylvia) pours a ton of love on you, too. You are a lucky boy. Well, the truth is you have your Mama by her tail–turning her head every which way. You are a very fortunate boy.

From Jan Magnuson

We all need to give our dogs interesting, enriched lives and keep their minds and bodies in shape. We like to say “a tired dog is a good dog”, so lots of daily exercise, in addition to training of course, is very important. Providing entertainment like toys is fun for them too, and there are many types of quality dog toys that we can get for our doggies. Folks sometimes say to me “my dog has SO many toys but seems bored with them”, so here is a simple way to make them fun again: rotate! I have a “jillion” toys for my dogs (no surprise ��) so I give them a few each day or two, then put those away and give them a few different ones…it makes me laugh how those toys now seem brand new and novel to my dogs, try it and you will see! Here is Willow with her “new” favorite today, the squeaky pink flamingo!

Jan Magnuson~SUNSTARAll-Breed Dog Training
P.O. Box 98072Des Moines, WA 98198206 241 2908

Breeder Comment

Thanks Jan, for passing along some pointers. We appreciate it. And, we always love hearing about Willow.


~We Are Back For Another One!

Our OwyheeStar Weimaraner is just over 12yr old and we were really hoping to bring a new Weimaraner home soon. I am meaning while our dog is active enough to help the new pup learn from his great domineer and mannerism.

We love ours so much that we are hoping some of his characteristics will pass to our new member. That said, we are willing to wait for God’s timing, whenever that may be.

When we contacted you, we had heard the phrases of “very active” and “velcro dog” and we were sold. We didn’t realize until owning that they are much more than that. They are SUPER LOVING humans trapped in a dogs body and they don’t realize it. They are like loving kids. Going on hikes, bike rides, climbing, scent tracking, etc… lights them up and they want nothing more of a reward than some good loving touch afterwards. On the “negative?” side, they are incredibly stubborn and intelligent. This required a ton of effort to properly train him in the beginning. I say negative because it narrows who should own them but it’s positive because it creates a super loving, intelligent obedient member.  

Breeder Comment

We look forward to working with you again. Thanks for the update on Rocky. It is great to see how much he is loved.


~Never miss a mud puddle –bath tubs are evil

I’d give you an update on Miranda (Bettee x Manfred, 2019).
It’s hard to believe she’s already 10 months old,  but still very much all puppy! She spent her summer camping with us and now comes to expect morning and evening hikes in the woods.  Fortunately we worked on recall with her all spring so she was able to frolick along with us,  meaning up and back countless times as she is always checking in.  
She is  proving quite the water dog.  And this means ANY water:  lake, stream, muddy road crossing, puddle…anything but bath water!  Our biggest challenge is with loose leash walking. Having to share the road with other walkers or those big scary cars is just too overwhelming for her right now.   So we just keep working on it in a quiet setting every day. 


Breeder Comment

Miranda is lovely–and what adventures you are sharing. Lake, stream, muddy road crossing, puddle….anything but bath water!


~Reducing exposure to TSP (total suspended particulates)

Hello from the smoky Willamette Valley boasting the worst air quality in the world.  To help reduce Porsche’s exposure to TSP (total suspended particulates), this simple fix should work.  Take a six inch coffee filter cone (a vacuum cleaner HEPA filter would be even better); cut enough off folded edge to miss eyes; open large part; stuff it inside a well ventilated muzzle; voila, you have a doggie mask.  Porsche is not thrilled with it, but it allows her a bit more outside time.  We are blessed with the ability to let dogs out right into the kennel for business.  If someone has to walk their dog, this might help.  This is a home remedy, not a scientifically tested filter system. 

I worked 15 years with the American Lung Association dealing with air quality issues, and feel this will help.

God Bless you all; stay safe.

Breeder Comment

Thank you, JuneAnn, for this information.

Sunday Faces

~Honestly, can we get too many looks?

–going with anything is better than news, and puppy faces are a welcome relief.

Hello From OwyheeStar

~Cliff, Shela, and the Weimaraners

September 12, 2020

Sunrise October 21 2017

I was born in Oregon, and for the most part, I have always lived in Oregon. For a few months, we lived on the Idaho side because, in 1956, there was no single desk left in a classroom when we arrived in Ontario. My parents enrolled me in the first grade in Fruitland. My parents toyed with the idea of moving to Denver before they settled here in Ontario. Oregon is in my heart and soul–and I am beyond sad to see what is happening to our beautiful state. Cliff was born a few miles from where we live, and he has never lived anywhere but in Oregon.

The fires have decimated our forests and burned small communities. I was beyond sad to see that Blue River and Vida were gutted–my earliest memories were there–and along the MacKenzie River. Please pray for all the displaced people–those who have lost everything. And as if COVID 19 and the Rioting has not caused enough issues, now entire communities are being burned. Let’s remember the firefighters who are bravely fighting against overwhelming odds.


Henrietta’s babies are two weeks old, and most of them have their eyes open. I think you can agree that it is impressive how much the pups have changed in no time.

The photo on the left was taken of the same pup a week earlier.

This Week On the Blog…

Thanks to our faithful OwyheeStar contributors–they make this all possible. We sincerely hope our readers enjoyed these updates as much as we did, too.

Once again, we find our supply of blog material running low again. If you can help, send me a note. It would be greatly appreciated.

If you have a story that you will let me share–I need at least three sentences and a decent photo. I prefer to receive it via email. (FYI–we only use stories that feature the OwyheeStar Weimaraner).

Sunday— Sept. 6 — Julie’s Willow

Monday–- Sept. 7 — The Beloved Mesquite

Tuesday – Sept. 8 — Nicki and Annie (part one)

Wednesday — Sept. 9 — Mr. Wilson

Thursday –- Sept. 10 — Nicki and Annie (part two)

Friday — Sept. 11 — Porsche Happily Groomed

On a very personal note

Last week you probably remember Cliff was working on the middle pantry cupboard. He got the trim up and the bi-fold door installed. Then he installed a pocket door across the way into our whelping area. It is all quite useful and lovely.

Beyond that, he has got Ambrosia, our new Freeze Dryer, up and running. We will start the first proper run today–so far, so good. Honestly, there is no way I could have gotten it up and running. It takes a bit of knack and mechanical ability. (OMG) The door had to be more than adjusted–but he got it right. If you don’t get it fitted correctly, it will not pull a vacuum–not run. Also, the plexiglass door, in some cases, has shattered or crazed from the adjustments. We got it done. Here are the photos of her much-celebrated arrival (after the 11.5-week wait).

This nice man said he had recently delivered two united to Payette and one to Weiser. Our unit arrived in excellent shape–unlike some people who have had freight damage.

Porsche Happily Groomed

~ Fire, Smoke, Ash–Covid, riots, Antifa what’s next?

On Thursday JuneAnn wrote--We are about 5 miles from the fire burning 37,000 acres to the East of us.  Still, we are getting our share of ash and smoke.  One thing nice about a gray dog, you don’t see the ash on her coat.  You can feel it.  Porsche seemed to especially enjoy a good grooming.  JuneAnn,

From Cliff and Shela

Many OwyheeStar Friends are directly affected by the Oregon fires, driving some people from homes and burning our beautiful forests. A lot of you are doing what you can to intervene and help those who need assistance. Who is tired of the 2020 Woes–COVID 19, Social Unrest, Antifa, Riots, and now it is as if entire areas are being consumed by fire. Let’s pray and do what we can to help each other.

Nicki and Annie–part two

~ Road Trip–when are we leaving?

This last winter we took both girls to Diamond Lake, we were concerned because Nicki gets car sick every time she goes in the car.  Bob and I placed bets of when Nicki would get sick on the way.  She made it a little over an hour before she vomited which is longer than either of us expected.  She did very well the rest of the way and all the way home.  We took them twice and Nicki does not get sick anymore.  She did not get motion sickness it was nerves. 

As soon as she would get in the car she would start shaking.  We are both very happy that she does not get sick anymore so we can take her everywhere with us.

Annie went Antelope and Deer hunting with Bob, she was so happy that she had dad to herself. Nicki is such a cuddle bug; she snuggles with me every night.  She is mom’s girl.  Annie is dad’s girl.  We love the girls so much and enjoy them.  Thank you for the best dogs ever!

Breeder Comment

Well, it is extraordinary that you each have one of your own. Many folks struggle–wanting to each have their own, and the Weims are not cooperating. So, you have that. And two females, each wanting to be in charge, can prove challenging. They have worked out co-existence, and probably each Weimaraner has their realm where they rule.

Mr. Wilson

~We call him that because he is just that special

We call Wilson Mr Wilson because he is just that special Very very smart so he keeps us on our toes! He belly’s up to our bar like a person and can reach most anything wants. We don’t know how much more he will grow because his hips are 3” higher than his shoulder and his shoulders will catch up!

We feel very fortunate to have Mr. Wilson in our lives! When he plays with toys, his favorite is most anything bigger than him or at least 2 toys! Thank you Shela and Cliff for another amazing Weim ♥️♥️♥️

Breeder Comment

I am not sure how you discovered all those years ago, or why you initially chose us, but our relationship spans several Weims and more than one decade. We are blessed to share the love of the Weimaraner. Thanks for your loyalty.