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2019 Weekly Synopsis


    ~February 9, 2019

Sunrise October 21 2017

The February Fickle weather (as I call it) is a thing. Yesterday, snow arrived. Well, as this kind of thing goes, I hardly think we can call this snow. It is more of a skiff which is windblown to bare spots here, and there. It is hard to believe that a couple of days ago we were running around without a coat–because it seemed like Spring. Of course, we knew it wouldn’t last forever.


We were blessed with little helpers this week. I cannot say what it means, but there is no doubt it makes our process even better. We are thankful for our Granddaughter (Ashley) who takes the time and effort to help us–and this includes her bringing the little ones along–Evangeline and River. Their cute faces and personalities light up any room. The pups adore them.

Below Evangeline holds as many as it was possible.

This Week On the Blog…

Our OwyheeStar faithful know and love Dusty–even if they never met him face-to-face. His genes run through many of the well-known lineages. We started the week honoring his 14th birthday –celebrating all he has brought to our program.

Thank you, Dusty, for being a good sport!

We want to thank Whitney for making such an effort to help us with the Blog– everyone enjoyed her update featuring Winchester in the snow. It was great to hear that Ohren made a move to Florida –and adjusted well. Pepper is off to great start, too!

Sunday— February 3 — Milestone (Dusty @ 14)

Monday–-February 4 — Every Breath You Take

Tuesday — February 5 — Snuggling

Wednesday — February 6 — Pepper

Thursday –- February 7 —  Our Girl

Friday — February 8 — What’s This?

On a very personal note

My friend, Lynda, making a lid for the pet urn she is creating.

There has been little time for anything extra–we have the basketball games, my pottery, and the farm stuff. A lot of what we would like to do is not possible with the winter weather. Cliff has been cutting shop wood–a fire is still a must most days.

Basketball will run almost to the end of February. We try to make all the games possible–sometimes when there are two games we get to both. I won’t get as much pottery made this term. I have needed more time on the homefront–and once I made something, then I have to get back in time to trim. So, a couple of times so far it has meant missing. There are only four more weeks to work–and then this term is done. (OMG)

What’s This?

~out of the ordinary

Winchester woke up like it was any other day this morning until he went outside to go potty. There was this strange white cold powder covering the ground. He was unsure what to think about this so he slowly walked into what he learned to be snow. Winchester realized the snow was fun so he started running around in it. Mom even tossed a couple of snowballs at Chester he had so much fun.

Now he is warming up on the couch curled up next to his mommy taking a nap.

Breeder Comment

Whitney–thank you, for thinking of us with this special update. It is greatly appreciated.

Our Girl

~In Florida with us

I see updated and thought I would share one about our girl. We recently left Nevada and now she’s enjoying the Florida weather. She catches the lizards that enter the pool area and thinks she owns the vet office! We love her and she’s doing great!

Breeder Comment

It is fabulous to hear that Ohren is doing so well. Thanks for keeping us apprised, and for letting us know that you now reside in Florida.


She’s Growing

Just an update on our girl! She’s growing like a weed and learning new commands every week. We decided to bell train her for potty time and shes mastered that pretty quick! Currently working on “leave it” and “stay.” She’s making lots of people friends and her and her older brother (6yr Yorkie) play a rowdy game of Tug of War almost daily. If she’s not playing you can usually find her lounging on the couch or sleeping on someone’s chest. 

Happy updates, Angel and Jake

Breeder Comment

Dear Angel and Jake–we love hearing how Pepper is adjusting. Also, it is fabulous that she is making a lot of friends, Thank you –for remembering us.


~On A Saturday Morning

Saturday morning bed snuggles with Juneaux (Timber’s sister)- she is such a great part of our family, and has become such a great family dog. She loves her daddy and worries a bit when he’s not here:)

Breeder Comment

We appreciate you updating us on your family–, especially the OwyheeStar’s lifestyle. Thanks for making them an integral part of the family. These photos speak volumes.

Every Breath You Take

~ Sounds Like

I often wonder how we do it. You know–raise a puppy. We bring the little bundle home and hover over them. It is essential to do the hovering thing–otherwise, how can you accomplish the housebreaking, etc.? But this obsession with our new fur baby runs deep–some of this never goes away.

Their every sound–a rattling, a snore, a hacking sound is cause for alarm. We watch breath-abated wondering if we need to run to the Vet. Ah–it is hard to know sometimes. We always suggest you wait and watch a bit–possibly take their temperature. Remember that a pet’s temperature is much higher than ours–typically around 101 degrees. Anything above 104 degrees is emergent. Of course, if you were monitoring their temperature and it was 102 degrees and then within an hour 103 degrees, there might be cause for alarm. Always err on the side of caution–but rushing to the Vet for everything is probably not necessary. In fact, your alarm will be internalized by the puppy increasing the stress-factor. Try to stay calm.

A lot–and I do mean a lot, of our concerns, are for nothing. Puppies can cough, they snort, the sneeze, they can reverse sneeze (something we recently learned), they choke, and create a myriad of noises. Many of which are concerning. Most of which are in the end nothing at all. Thank goodness.

Keep your eye on them. A pup can ingest something in quick order–so despite saying not to overreact, there is vigilance. Recently, Henri went under my recliner and came out with a packet –that must have been attached underneath the chair. We didn’t realize it was there, but Henri found two–probably toxic packets. Oh my gosh–it is good we heard the crackling sound and asked what she had. We retrieved each package and tossed them in the trash. Thankfully they were not broken open.


Happy Birthday Dusty

Yesterday, February 2nd, 2019, (Groundhog Day) our Dusty celebrated 14 candles. Well, he didn’t actually get the candles, but he would gladly eat birthday candles. (OMG) Cliff says the pictures look photoshopped–they were not. (Haha) The hat is too small–but cute.

Thank you, Dusty, for all you have done for so many. We are blessed to have had your company for so many years.

2019 Weekly Synopsis



    ~February 2, 2019

Sunrise October 21 2017

The last few weeks we have talked about the mud. Typically we would be frozen, but we are not. Even though we have sandy soil we have not dried up like usual. More rain is slated –considerable amounts I should have said. So, I don’t think the mud situation is going away any time soon.


We have been busy with the puppy thing. What a delight they are to raise and to hand off to someone who dreams of a relationship.

There is a considerable amount of work that goes into each puppy. It begins before they are born–the prenatal care thing. Right up until they go out the door we are busy facilitating the preparation. It is our joy to do this for you.

This Week On the Blog…

Willow was busy finding something and Jan captured her for us–as you read on Sunday’s blog. We love that photo and the hole she dug in no time at all. Over the week we have a lot of variation with the updates. We sincerely hope you enjoyed our posts.

Damon and his two OwyheeStars–one a blue and the other the traditional gray ghost updated us. What a great post it was too. Then too, another repeat client (Dionne) Penny’s Mom shared her fabulous story–from Pendleton to British Columbia. Thank you, every one of you, who gave us an update. We truly appreciate you!

Sunday— January 27 — Looking For a Find

Monday–- January 28 — Not All That Long Ago

Tuesday — January 29 — Our Penny

Wednesday — January 30 — My Two OwyheeStars

Thursday –- January 31 —  Expert Advice

Friday — February 1 — Remy

On a very personal note

It has been more of the same –basketball and the puppy thing. We have not seen our Great Granddaughters for some time. They have been plagued with January sickness. We hope they can come next week–we need to love their faces.

Two of the Three

Cliff is still busy building on the Weimar Annex–haha. Nothing moves fast around here. I am back to the Art Department. I have three pieces ready for the bisque fire–it is scheduled for Monday. Then, I will be making something else one Tuesday as well as glazing the bisque pieces. So, as you can see we continue with the typical kind of thing.


~ Our Prima Donna

Hope this finds you and Cliff well. Attached is a picture from Remy’s birthday last month. The kids insisted that she get a special doggie cannoli from our local pet store. She is obviously spoiled.
I have been working a ton on her leash training and she’s doing much better. She is still scared of other dogs but overall we are making progress, tons of positive reinforcement and she isn’t lunging anymore. The only time we have a problem is if a dog is off leash and approaches her on the leash, but that is understandable at this point. I am hopeful that we can get past the aggressive behavior and I’m seeking some 1:1 training with a professional.

We had a scare – she was spayed last month and there were complications. The surgeon nicked a vein or something and she lost a lot of blood. They sent us home but we were concerned that she still had internal bleeding and took her to urgent care. Glad we did because she probably wouldn’t have made it. Poor thing, she did not need additional surgery luckily and had a rough recovery, but is fine now.
Anyway, until next time 😀

Breeder Comment

We are sorry to hear you have issues. To us, this sounds a lot more like a territorial behavior (which is a Weimaraner thing) mixed in with some fear. Who can guess what brought it on? There are a lot of unknowns. Here are some links that might be useful.

Critical Fear Periods

Dogs Go Through an Adolescent Fear Period

The worst thing to do with FNS is to force your dog to do something he’s frightened of. It’s also not a good idea to soothe or praise the dog’s fear in this situation. That can unwittingly reinforce the dog’s fearful behavior, while using force may lead to a permanent fearful response. The best approach is to be patient, be jolly, remove your dog if possible, and know that adolescence is just a period—and it’s my fervent hope that it’s short-lived.

Canine Fear Periods

There is some useful information in these articles; however, like every bit of dog-related advice–it is essential not to overreact or make something into more than it might become. I am always cautious when labeling a dog as aggressive–especially in a situation where they don’t like another dog in their space or even humans coming at them. This issue seems like a fear –but territorial behaviors are also a bit issue with this breed. Don Wilbur (a long time Weimaraner breeder /expert) said of them, “they may be the most territorial of breeds.”

Territorial behaviors may express in many ways — protecting their crate, their fence line, a corner of the room, etc.

Caesar on Territorial Behavior

Territorial Behavior in Dogs

Dogs and Territorial Behaviors

Quite possibly the most successful way to deal with this behavior in our experience is to remove the trigger and not to force the issue. I think we expect that we will be able to do everything with our fur family member and sometimes it is not possible. Seriously, every environment is unique. We each have different leadership skills–and worst of all when we are disappointed or frustrated our Weimaraner picks up on the cues. This information may help someone. I think it is essential to realize there is any number of things that can occur. There is not always an easy solution. Thank you to Remy’s family for all the hard work and making her life special. And Happy Birthday Remy!