2018 Weekly Synopsis



    ~December 1, 2018

Sunrise October 21 2017

Hello December!

We have not yet had snow, but it cannot be too far removed. They say it could visit the valley floor today. Our friends in the mountains are celebrating its arrival. For others the snowmobiles are being tuned up, skis are being waxed, and the gear gathered for winter fun. 


Now the Freezer needs some extra attention

We are doing the puppy thing–photos and whatnot are keeping us busy. Application replies, as well as other computer-related activities, have been our focus. Well, then there was the banana squash –we have more than a dozen gallon bags in our freezer ready to serve. Oh, there was plenty of sampling, too!

This Week ….

Did you need your glasses?

Thank you, again, to all of you who thought of us during a busy holiday week. We loved hearing from everyone–the pie incident was perfect relevant –we all can relate. Jacie dropped us a cute note, Milly’s first hunt, Berkley and Chester all made us smile. We were also glad that some of you were excited about Annie’s snowsuit. We hope you can make something you love.

Sunday— November 25 — Pie Anyone

Monday–- November 26 — From Atlanta (Jacie)

Tuesday — November 27 — Birdy Girl (Milly’s First Hunt)

Wednesday —November 28 — Photos (with Chester)

Thursday –-November 29 — Berkley 

Friday — November 23 — Think Snow (Annie’s Snowsuit)

On a very personal note

We have a little holiday decorating complete. Our year-round trees are decked with Christmas ornaments. We have the nativity up, too. It is starting to feel a bit like Christmas. I think every day should be a bit Christmas-like. 

We have the Weimaraner that Bob and Idelle sent us many years ago. I love this wonderful gift.  I think of them every year when we pull it out of the box.

Brad–#31 First Varsity Appearance
Waiting To Check In

Beyond the holiday decorating and seasonal spirit, we have been indulging in a healthy dose of basketball. We made the trip to Nampa, Idaho last night for Brad’s first Varsity Game–it was a non-conference game. Brad did well; however, the scoreboard was sad. The loss disappointing for the guys.

The Art Department’s Pottery Sale is today. I am heading over as soon as I have completed the essential morning business. (Haha) No, I don’t have anything in the sale. I don’t know if I will purchase anything, but I want to make an appearance. Cliff has been hunting again–the birds were sparse but the fellowship rich. 

Think Snow

I made Annie’s snowsuit and used Pattern Maker.  I adjusted the pattern to fit her measurements and doubled two layers of material.  One was a soft fleece and the other was a quilted rainproof material and sewed reflective strips on the outside.  I attached the pattern I used in case they would like to make one for their dog.

We got tangled up

Nicki is growing like a weed and both her and Annie are doing well.
Happy Holiday Season Shela and Cliff!

Breeder Comment

This snowsuit is old news. Someone was looking on our blog and noticed it and wrote us saying it is (exactly) what they were trying to find. I wrote Annie’s Mom to ask about the jacket. She was kind enough to share this information. If you are wondering–Annie is the Silver Gray Girl and Nicki the Blue. 


     ~ Talks about Life

Is this what you are looking for?

Sometimes humans need help. Woof! There is all that housework. Then too, they cannot find their stuff. Speaking of stuff–they cannot seem to keep track of their glasses.

I recently read a post where a Weimar back East was involved with the glasses thing. Yes, I help find them. Sometimes we contemplate the complexities of life together. The biggest job I have is keeping a confidence–I think that is sometimes called a secret. I keep all kind of private stuff private. I am really good at listening –I never judge my humans. 

Breeder Comment

We understand that taking care of a family is a big job. What more can we say? Thanks for all your hard work, Berkley.


    ~ With Chester

Kisses for Mama

Recently Brandon, Chester and I went down to have some family pictures taken so we can make Christmas cards. We had so much fun and Chester was so well behaved. After anxiously waiting we got our pictures back and they turned out so great I thought I should share a couple.

Seasons greetings from Brandon, Whitney and Chester.

Breeder Comment

Dear Whitney and Brandon–thank you for your inclusion and the celebration of Chester. No matter what happens–children, life changes, etc. I hope he will always be included. He believes the universe surrounds him. (Haha) Thanks for everything–and for always for thinking of us too!

Birdy Girl

First Hunt

     ~For Milly

Nose Working — On Point!

Just wanted to share some pics from Milly’s first hunts as requested.  Her first hunt was at a release sight, and she did fantastic.  Pointed a few, didn’t range too far and listened well.  She had her first wild bird hunt this weekend and did amazing.  Pointed several birds, worked methodically, and most importantly had a blast.  

Look What We Got Today

Chris and two others hunted behind her and both couldn’t believe how well she performed, especially for being so young. Chris and his hunting companions are looking forward to many more hunts behind this extremely birdy girl! 😊

Breeder Comment

We are happy to get this update with the photos. Thank you, ever so much for taking the time and effort to record her first hunt. You are off to a fabulous start. We could not be happier. Go, Milly!

From Atlanta

It’s Jacie

While my mom stepped away for a moment, I thought I would send you a quick update.  She planted a bunch of carrots this year and guess who got to be the taste tester.  All is well here in Georgia.  By the way, I overheard my dad mention I need a sibling.  I may have to print our your latest “new arrival pics” and put them all around the house.  ssssssssssshhhh don’t tell them I know how to type and use the printer.  Was sending these in a hurry so they aren’t all rotated.  

Breeder Comment

Jacie, it is so exciting to hear from you. It has been a long time. Carrots–yum. They are good for you. Did you know pumpkin and sweet potatoes are also good–no sugar and spices. (Haha)

Ah, a sibling. Wow! That would get exciting. We send you a hug sweet girl. Oh, and Jacie– I think our program straightened your photos for you. 

Pie Anyone?

Maybe you noticed Nancy’s post regarding Luna and Tikka’s clever pie snatching –or maybe I should say sampling trick. It is too good to not borrow, so I asked Nancy for her permission. (Haha) It seemed like a good Sunday post.

Nancy writes, “When I got back in my truck and checked the pie (that I had hidden under the blanket) “Oh good, the lid’s still on!” “Good girls!” … Upon closer examination, I realize that they weren’t good girls, just clever girls for somehow getting the lid back in place!”

What To Do?

Upsampled Pie Squares, of course!

“Here’s what you do with pumpkin pie that the Weims have sampled.”


Breeder Comment

Well, Nancy, this is perfect example of so many things Weimar related.

  1. How the Weimaraner can find a way, to get their way.
  2. How on the surface things look okay until you find it is not.
  3. How the experienced Weim-person figures a way to make something positive out of what is left. (Haha)

I seriously expect that Tikka and Luna had the  pie leftovers. So things worked out for them. I think it is amazing they didn’t eat the whole pie. 

Tikka says it was mostly Luna–look she has the horn to prove it.

2018 Weekly Synopsis


    ~NOVEMBER 24, 2018

Sunrise October 21 2017

Thanksgiving came and went. Some of us needed to let out our belt. (OMG) The colder than usual November temperatures seem to stick around. It did warm up a bit the last couple of days. All the while, snow is arriving in the mountains to the west and north. I don’t know if Bogus Basin is getting snow, but probably.

Mr. Sunshine on the last November Saturday

Christmas, if you subscribe to the holiday is in full swing. For all the talk about it not being politically correct, where we live it is a thing. People still say Merry Christmas. At the same time, I don’t believe most folks mean it a dose of meanness–it is more about the joy of proclaiming it. 


We are pedaling as fast as we can to keep up with the Dixie X Boone litter and the folks slated to bring a puppy home next year. Cliff patched the siding–Winnie and Gladys went to work on trying to destroy it. This chewing thing is how we know about the Weimaraner behavior issues. When given the opportunity, the Weimaraner will nibble on blankets, furniture, sheetrock, and even the house siding. (OMG)

Last Saturday we met a couple of folks near Pendleton, Oregon–the roads were dry and dusty. They were not all that friendly though. The driving in the left lane thing was a big issue. We made light of it–the silly drivers blocking traffic were everywhere. (Haha)

This Week ….

I find myself ever so thankful for folks who took the time and effort to update us. We trust that everyone got through Thanksgiving without an incident. We have not received news of anyone needing the emergency Vet services over the Thanksgiving holiday.

Sunday— November 18 — Turkey Talk 

Monday–- November 19 — Taun & Bacchus

Tuesday — November 20 — Macy

Wednesday —November 21 — Pushkin

Thursday –-November 22 — Greeting (from Cliff and Shela)

Friday — November 23 — Winston

On a very personal note

Thanksgiving morning, Cliff went hunting with our grandson-in-law, and two grandsons. They came back with birds. Everyone got at least one bird. That was excellent.

I rode up to the Petersen’s Hill Top home with Cliff. It is here we gathered for Thanksgiving. While the guys chased birds around the hills, we prepared for our meal. Oh, and I danced with the two Great Granddaughters. I could not keep up with them–wow, they know how to dance Roaring Twenties Style. What a couple of gals!

Nick waiting for the rebound

We will be driving to Nyssa again today to see a couple of Nick’s Middle School Basketball games what fun it will be.

On the home front, I plan to add the ornaments to our all-season trees by the fire. The pepper swag I made is a beautiful red color–it is drying nicely. The bears guard things fireside. Oh, how we love our warm spot. Backing up to it after being outside in the cold is excellent. We know you love the feeling as well. Winter temperatures have arrived all too soon.


It’s been about a year since I last wrote and man, has it been a hectic year for Winston.  Last November, he got sick and after being rushed to the vet, underwent an emergency exploratory laparotomy as his tummy was full of lots of gas and bile and they believed something was causing an obstruction.  In the end, they did not find anything but relieved the pressure and some of the ickiness that was in his belly.  He recovered very nicely, but it was a major surgery and really hard to see his body put through so much.  The entire family slept downstairs on an air mattress for 2 weeks to avoid the stairs in our house as he healed.  I think the biggest effect of the surgery was the psychological toll it took on myself and my husband.  For about the next 8 months, if Winston would so much as burp weird and wake up in the middle of the night, we’d find ourselves stressing overly much about it.  Thankfully, that hyper-awareness has really mellowed out and we worry about him a more healthy amount.
We’re expecting our first child in early May of next year (strange time to be looking for a puppy, I know!), but what we finally decided is that there is no perfect time to have a Weimaraner puppy join your family – they’re always a ton of work and drive you near insane sometimes, no matter what.  We figure it’s better to get a puppy before we have a toddler also running around the house, destroying things.  One bringer of destruction at a time!

Our Year in Pictures

The first trimester was very rough on my body and I was bed-ridden for most of it. Winston was a great snuggle companion but had to wait for his dad to come home for walks.  He didn’t always like the wait and found this subtle way to remind me that he usually gets a lunchtime walk as well as his long evening walk.

Winston is no worse for wear after his surgery, Winston still loves to romp in the park.  Even if you examine him really closely, you can barely see the incision scar.  The vets did an amazing job with him.

My husband got me a pregnancy panda bear to help cheer me up during my weeks of bed-rest, however, an unintended consequence is that Winston hates the bear as it takes a small portion of my attention occasionally.  

For Winston’s 9th birthday, we spent the whole day doing Winston-friendly things. He’d never had one of those silly doggie beers, but we decided to buy into the kitsch and get him one at the pet store when we went with him to get a new birthday toy and he actually loved it.

Breeder Comment

Thank you for thinking of us and especially for taking such fabulous care of Winston. With you move to the UK looming large, we sincerely hope all things go according to your plan. 


From Cliff and Shela

Happy Thanksgiving

Cliff, River, Evangeline, and Shela –at the Nielsen Farm Summer 2018

Wishing You All The Best

We want to take this Thanksgiving holiday to send a note of appreciation to you–our clients, our readers, our followers, our friends, and our family. The OwyheeStar community would not be possible without you. It doesn’t matter that we put our heart and soul into the process — it would be for nothing were it not for you.

We are honored to share something special. Our lives are joined by this sharing. For many, it has been a decade or two we have stayed in touch. Some of you have had several OwyheeStar Weimaraners join your family–each time having a unique idea of what we should provide in your new addition. Everyone has a preference–sometimes this is a mixture of coat colors, sexes, and even coat lengths. We do our best to accommodate you as it is possible. 

Finally, we are each made better by the Weimaraners who come through our heart and home. Some are easier than others–well, we are talking about the Weimaraner, right? This isn’t about them being easy. This is about something that is difficult to explain in a few words. Some folks who can be found looking in will never get the whole Weimar-thing. That is okay. We don’t care. For us, and those who are like-minded, we share this addiction. Yes, we share the craziness. Sometimes we encourage it–when possibly we should not. They make us feel alive. They accept us and seem to understand us in a way many of our humans cannot. They make us better in some many ways, too. 

This relationship thing is what I am talking about. Cliff and I are thankful and honored to share something beyond words with more than a few of you. Thank you, for being a part of our lives.